EnglishLads: Dan Broughton & Patrick O’Brian

Dan Broughton & Patrick O'Brian at EnglishLads

Dan Broughton & Patrick O'Brian at EnglishLads

Watch Dan Broughton & Patrick O’Brian at EnglishLads

Since his first shoot Paddy has been one of our most popular models; he started with a solo, ventured on with larger and larger toys, was manhandled with a massage and today lets Danny be the first guy to suck his cock! Straight guys can be so un-predictable and today even Paddy admitted his fantasy ran wild once the blind fold went on! So safely blind folded Dan is playing the fantasy role of “sexy kitten Sam” and looking at how Paddy responds to gentle touches, body kisses, teasy squeezes then Paddy is well into his fantasy! When Dan tries to get Paddy’s boxers off it is quite a challenge to unhook them from such a hard a erection and when Paddy’s cock gets gobbled up in to Dan’s mouth Paddy’s cant hold back and fires off a couple of cum shots in the process. So we start three times, Paddy still gets hard to Dan’s supreme cock sucking and before long he blows his final load down Dan’s throat; Dan so turned on he gobbles it all up, whips out his own big uncut monster, stokes quickly a few times and unloads his cum all over Paddy’s hairy legs! Wow; now where can you take us next time, Paddy?!

Watch Dan Broughton & Patrick O’Brian at EnglishLads

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  • Beowulf

    Just BJ, and Mr. O’Brien has to be blindfolded?! Super-boring. Dan’s cute though, well-deserved title.

    This is just as good a time as any to ask: what are all the comments about Paddy’s thumb are about? I can never tell from the pics.

    • elmtree

      I wondered the same thing about the thumb and also could never tell from the pics…

    • Beowulf

      Sorry for the bad grammar…

      I think I see it now. His thumb protrudes outward in an odd angle. Either it was a birth defect or a previous injury – frankly it doesn’t bother me. It’s a very minor detail on a very hot guy… who unfortunately “holds out” like some Victorian era virgin.

      The only video I’ve seen of him is his RB solo. It was a good one – hairy, sweaty in the sauna room, and he cums buckets. This “cumming 3 times in Dan’s mouth” business sounds very fishy, I agree.

  • elmtree

    How interesting. After all this wait for Patrick to do something other then solo shoots, we get these pics which show NO actual proof there was cock sucking. And per the write up, Patrick cums down Dan’s throat. Wonder if there is evidence he actually came?

    Patrick is indeed hot but vid may be too little, too late…

    • jazz

      Watched the video and there is a substantial amount of cocksucking, though it is a boring video IMO. And yes, his thumb is rather off-putting in the vid. To me, he is definitely one that looked better in “enhanced” pics than in video.

    • elmtree

      Ah, thx Porndog…

    • elmtree

      Uh, I mean “jazz”…sorry bout that

  • pubert

    One of his thumbs is either deformed or has been sewed back on. It’s pretty gross.

    • manu

      In order to become that bitter and obsessed , you must be ugly as shit yourself XD You ve posted this comment about his thumb on every single update of his.
      I ve seen 3 videos with him , I have yet to notice anything wrong with his thumbs.
      You should watch the movie “Tatie danielle” – see yourself in a few years …;)

    • pubert

      Actually someone else posts about his thumb in every update. That’s how I noticed it in the first place. It’s like a toe thumb. Anyway, carry on…

    • pubert

      Oh, and fuck off.

  • dio

    so hot. It’s only a matter of time before Paddy/Patrick does full-on, and I find this wait to be quite a throwback to the old top-only performers yore who when they were finally fucked it there was much fanfare. I think this whole teasing thing Paddy/Patrick’s been doing is a calculated move on his part to garner more attention beyond just being ANOTHER throwaway g4p performer.

    LMAO @ all those that are fixated on his janky thumb… talk about reaching.

    • HKguy

      I agree with u and he is fucking hot as hell, and that accent! Can’t wait for some real action, baby steps I guess. .

    • @HKguy I have the same accent with him ;-)

    • HKguy

      @halfeatenpeach. Call me lol

  • Frankenthumb. Ew. He should be pleasing the other guy because he looks better. So goodbye.

  • von schlomo

    Not sure how those who actually watched this scene failed to mention how Patrick is almost completely limp the entire time. Epic FAIL!

    These days in these parts the crowds are tough enough on G4Per’s who just sit there and get blown, albeit here blindfolded, but when they can’t even maintain a hardon, IMO, YOU DO NOT EVEN HAVE A SCENE. Who’s interested in seeing shame?

  • fyrefly

    patrick is sexy as always. whether the cocksuckin is an illusion or not, and regardless of the thumb (i dont/havent actually noticed it), he’s one of the sexiest guys in gay porn, and sharing what God gave him with us perverts lol is appreciated.

  • Dixster9inch

    Pretty sure that Pat will be fucking Dan soon…if he hasn’t already done it. Dan likes straight cock and when I was a member a few month’s ago, it was mentioned to stay tuned.

  • Dixster9inch

    And yes, in the picture vid episode, yes, EL does a picture vid then a different video…the video was done later, Dan sucks Pat to three explosive cum soaked loads and he eats the last one but Pat must have the vinegar spooge taste because Dan’s face he made when he tasted it wasn’t one of satisfaction but he shot his 8″ dick’s load all over Pat’s left inner thigh. Ah, to be British in Wooton.

  • Daniel

    Patrick has a smokin hot body.

  • moondoggy

    I couldn’t see thee thumb deformity, but I’m sick of EnglishLads. They have even less business on here than the straight vids. This softcore bullshit is played out — they literally show less than I could see on Cinemax. At least THEY show naked asses.


    Have been a member twice of this site films are ok, but to many solos and not enough interaction between the ‘straight models’. Good pics though.

    Love Paddy though, hate his accent and needs to get fucked, but will it happen who cares…

  • Phillip

    Hello, old friend Frankenthumb.