SeanCody: Paul (III)

Paul III at SeanCody

Paul III at SeanCody

Paul III at SeanCody

Paul III at SeanCody

Paul III at SeanCody

Paul III at SeanCody

Paul III at SeanCody

Watch Paul at SeanCody

Paul considers himself a “professional chiller”. I am not too sure what that entails but since he is an aspiring musician, I think it might require a lot of time with a guitar, a pen and a piece of paper. But, he does find the time to hit the gym between his chill sessions.

He wasn’t always a tall, built, 21-year-old stud. He claims he was actually a bit of a “chubster” when he was younger and he ended up playing a few particular farm roles in some school plays that had him in some interesting costumes.Those days are long gone and his dedication in the gym have really paid off!

I did notice something interesting in my time with him. He really seems to get off on pulling and playing with his balls!

“So I was noticing yesterday that you like to pull on your balls,” I commented. “You pull on your balls when you jerk off?”


“Tell me why.”

“Gets me harder I guess.”

“Do you like when people suck on your balls?”

“Ummm… yeah,” he replied with a huge grin!

Watch Paul at SeanCody

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  • LikeWhoa!

    Should probably read “Professional Pothead”.

    • darkthunder1983

      And why is that?

    • Even if he is, how is that bad?

  • Hot! Love his dick!! I’m pretty sure he won’t be returning though. :(

    • Mykons

      Finally “GOOD TASTE” Torrie returns!! You def. need to stay around more often!!!

    • @†orrie For once I agree with you, I love everything about him, yet I don’t think we will ever see him again.

  • adowhat

    wow, dude is hot! i’ll take one to go please. k. thx. I hope he comes back, i would definitely love to see more.

  • jinger

    Not impressed

  • dio

    mos def a good-looking dood, with a killer smile and nice rack, but I am SOOOO fucking done with the shaved head syndrome. Come the fuck on.

  • Colby Parr

    HAWT. Bring him back please.

  • ranbi

    omg kichigai fukkatsu shgiteru uzeeee

  • Beowulf

    Tall, buzz cut, long legs, taut abs – very nice. A few tattoos too many. Hopefully they won’t shoot him from certain angles.

  • Southbay

    Wow I love this guy. Gorgeous smile, dick and body

  • porndog

    A beautiful man with a killer smile. He’s one I would love to return, which may happen if I believe he’s an aspiring musician in need of cash.

    • von schlomo

      Really? I was totally expecting you to affix the porndog stamp of just another perfect, Sean Cody clone-bot here, nothing to see, please move along. LOL

    • porndog

      Hahaha! You know me too well. I actually thought about saying exactly that. Then, I thought, I’d be nice and keep it to myself. Also because at first, he reminded me of Rudy from way back.

  • PauloD

    I thought maybe we had a gay one here but I saw pics at another site and he throws a football around. WBB, stop confusing me…you need to show all the pics so SC’s stereotyping isn’t wasted.

    • von schlomo

      LOL! And he doesn’t throw like a girl?! I was watching the Conrad, Cash & Kaden Active Duty video, an oldie, BTW, and Conrad didn’t look like he knew how to throw a football. hehe

  • Druso

    Hmmm…nothing about his sexual likes. Sadly he´s very handsome, thus probability is high that he just does this one solo and vanishes.
    What´s with this weird naming policy? Paul III! Aren´t there any more names available, for heavens sake? This sounds like the papacy already!!!!!!

  • kinezo

    we have a star, a porn star

  • Fazz


  • jag2power


  • I’m not impressed by him at all. He looks awkward in some shots. I see a geeky kid who got a gym membership and a couple of tattoos for edginess. I don’t want him back tbh.

  • Daniel

    Nice body and cock. But I think SC is running out of names to allocate.

    • tyler

      yeah, pope paul would have been better. love the veins in his delicious cock

  • humanoid

    he’s adorable and i wish to see him getting plowed in the ass senseless!

  • josh69

    A musical note tramp stamp?

  • WiwiUnnie

    he looks so daddy… but hot one… i love his dick!