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AmateurCollegeSex: Cameron & Scott’s Bisexual Adventure

Cameron & Scott's Bisexual Adventure at AmateurCollegeSex

Cameron & Scott's Bisexual Adventure at AmateurCollegeSex

Cameron & Scott's Bisexual Adventure at AmateurCollegeSex

Cameron & Scott's Bisexual Adventure at AmateurCollegeSex

Cameron & Scott's Bisexual Adventure at AmateurCollegeSex

Cameron & Scott's Bisexual Adventure at AmateurCollegeSex

Watch Cameron, Scott & Ashley at

Cameron and Scott are in bed with Ashley – and Scott is the center of attention. Cameron sucks his toes as Ashley kisses him. Scott gets his shirt off. Cameron kisses Scott’s nipple, then sucks Scott’s fingers.

Ashley and Cameron kiss. Cameron gets Scott’s pants off. Cameron and Ashley take turns kissing Scott’s legs. Ashley kisses Scott’s cock through his underwear. Cameron kisses Scott, grinding his cock against Scott’s.

Cameron pulls Scott’s dick out and sucks it. Ashley massages Cameron’s cock through his jeans. She goes down on Scott. Cameron strips off his pants and feeds Scott his dick.

Scott sucks the head and licks the shaft of Cameron’s cock. Cameron sucks Scott’s fingers again, then moves into a 69 with Scott. As the guys suck each other, Ashley jumps in and take turns on Scott’s dick with Cameron.

Ashley plays with Scott’s nuts while Cameron blows him. She pushes Cameron’s head down so that he chokes on Scott’s cock.

Scott sits up and chews on Ashley’s tit, then goes down on her. As Scott eats Ashley out, Cameron kisses her. Scott drives his tongue deep into her pussy.

Cameron eats out Scott’s ass. He jerks Scott’s cock as the buries his tongue into Scott’s hole. He licks it, getting it nice and wet.

Scott slides his cock into Ashley. Cameron kisses her as she gets fucked. Ashley tells Scott to “Fuck me like you want to get fucked.” Scott’s up for the challenge! He starts pounding Ashley hard.

“Oh yeah, take that dick,” Cameron tells her. Then Cameron stuffs his cock into her. The guys kiss as Cameron fucks Ashley.

Cameron tells Scott to lay on his back next to Ashley. Cameron goes down on Scott as he’s fucking Ashley. Scott moves up to let Ashley suck his dick.

After getting fucked at both ends, Ashley wants to see Cameron drill Scott’s ass, too! She holds Scott’s legs up so Cameron can stick his cock into Scott’s tight hole.

Scott and Ashley kiss as Cameron rams his cock into Scott harder. Scott leans against Ashley as Cameron shoves his dick back inside Scott’s ass.

Scott blows his load all over his abs. Cameron continues to ram his cock in and out of Scott. Cameron pulls out and shoots his load all over Scott’s ass.

Then to finish off, he shoves his dick back into Scott, giving him a creampie dessert at the end of their bisexual adventure!

Watch Cameron, Scott & Ashley at

  • darkthunder1983

    And the updates just keep on coming!

  • Neobamboom

    And yet again cameron’s best asset goes unused.

    • baz

      That’s exactly what I thought.

    • Ditto, If I ever handed a bum like that I would eat it all day long!

  • jinger

    Finally something worth watching…

  • muffintop

    You know, you can really see how plain Scott is when he’s standing next to Cameron.

    • Daniel


  • HKguy

    Scott has grown on me. He’s a cutie and yes this shouldve been a flip. Camerons luscious ass should never go unused!

  • Southbay

    Love Scott! The creampie at the end is hot. Never thought I’d see it on the regular site. Usually it’s on the PPV site

    • elmtree

      This looks pretty hot…minus Ashley. And I was thinking the same thing regarding the nice creampie ending.

  • dio

    Scott looks so hot getting fucked, and OMG @ the arch of Cameron’s back and his a$$ in the sixth pic of the stills… O_O so fucking hot. I can’t.

  • Ottothezombie

    That waste! That waste the cameron’s ass, I would see more to Cameron like botton! Flip flop flop please!

  • Dave

    Ditch the fish and they’d have a great scene.

  • pubert

    Another update ruined by that skank.

  • Bradster

    Scott is so hot.

  • Dixster9inch

    Scott gets cum up his ass….hope he cleaned his hole out afterward’s!

  • moondoggy

    There is enough hot bareback sex elsewhere without my having to subject myself to their mind games. At least the condom trick didn’t require me to have to watch them fuck a girl before fucking each other. And I actually like really good straight sex, but this is not really good. Really good straight sex is Rocco Siffredi, who has fucked more raw holes than I will see in ten lifetimes. THAT is straight sex. This is manipulative garbage, and until I see a regular, vag-free, condom-free update, I’m not even clicking on their updates anymore.

  • humanoid

    cameron could be an ugly kid from VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED!

    • Mykons

      What do you mean could be? LOL

  • Patrol

    I wonder if creampies will become a semi-regular feature on ACS, with this update and Kenny/Phillip’s two weeks ago. Of course, as @moondoggy said, the way CF presents creampies as, like, A BIG DEAL and with strings attached is laughable (one reason I signed up for CM).

    I actually don’t have a problem with Cameron topping or bottoming. I think he has the personality of a top but is born in a bottom’s body. (And to think of all these tall, macho guys who are bottoms.) Lately Cameron’s performances have become a bit silent and generic. I miss those early days when it seemed anything could come out of his mouth at any moment.

    Also curious if this was meant to be Campbell and Scott’s tag team? Now that it’s revealed Campbell is Aaron Klein who worked for Michael Downs, I really want to give him another chance.

  • twinkemopunk808

    really like cameron’s body here but his face and stuff has had better days

  • Mykons

    Is Ashley the only girl on the payroll?

  • Carl

    This is a 23-minute video, and Scott is drilled for approximately 100 seconds. Wow, I’m hard … NOT. WTF?! It’s a total ripoff.
    That being said, the cream pie was welcome–and unexpected.