SeanCody: Raymond & Pavel

Raymond & Pavel at SeanCody

Raymond & Pavel at SeanCody

Raymond & Pavel at SeanCody

Raymond & Pavel at SeanCody

Raymond & Pavel at SeanCody

Raymond & Pavel at SeanCody

Watch Raymond & Pavel at SeanCody

You guys both have pretty hairy asses!”

I was hanging out with Raymond and Pavel and I couldn’t resist bringing it up. I think hairy asses are really sexy, but most of the time when you compliment a guy on it, he gets embarrassed like it’s something to be ashamed of!

They both laughed. I knew Pavel wasn’t going to be phased by my comment. He’s a total exhibitionist and he embraces his hairiness.

Raymond, on the other hand… well, I’m getting to know him bit by bit. He doesn’t really wear his emotions on his sleeve so it’s a slow process. Thankfully, Pavel is the type of guy who can bring people out of their shells, so the three of us shot the shit. It was fun!

Then, out of nowhere:

“Man, I am ready to do this!” Pavel said.

He was excited. And so was I! Two muscular studs ready to fuck… talk about a meeting of the titans!

Pavel was great… he really gave Raymond’s ass a workout…

I’ll let you watch the movie to see for yourself, but by the end Raymond’s hairy crack was dripping with lube and sweat!

Watch Raymond & Pavel at SeanCody

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  • Beowulf

    I was liking Pavel’s beard. Wish he’d keep it. Not into Raymond.

    • jinger


    • bloody mary

      Everything I wanted to say, Ms. Beowulf.

    • solidus4

      I agree beard ftw! Anyways still a hot update Pavel is still Pavel just missing that final umf.

    • TheAceOfMen

      Raymond looks better than Pavel.Raymond is hot.Raymond would look so much better without hair.I saw his bodybuilder pictures.He looks awesome hot when he is totally shaved.Muscle men are made to be shaved.Not only muscle men.Any hot men are made to be shaved.Shaved men are just the hottest.

      Most men from today shaves and trim their body,pube,cock,ect…Thank god for that.

      Raymond is supposedly gay.Which make it even better.

    • Yoshida

      I agree! He looked way hotter with the facial hair.

      @TheAceOfMen: I totally disagree with you, 100%. I find hair hot. Guys who shave their bodies excessively, particularly chests, look less manly to me. Men should have body hair if they can—it looks a lot hotter.

      And I also disagree with your ‘fact’ that most men today shave—they don’t (unless you can provide a source?), it just seems that way in porn. And I find that unfortunate.

      And on a post related note: in typography it is expected to have a single space after punctuation/between sentences… I would have thought you already knew that.

  • darkthunder1983

    What a way to start off my morning!!!

  • klaxxio

    F@CK!!!! That’s it!!! booking a flight too California now!!! hunting this guy down :D

  • dio

    Pavel looked 100% better w/ the beard and thicker body hair, what’d he do go get a full-body shave? o.0

    and yay, Raymond is back… :-/ Cannot say that I’m a fan, but from the neck down dood is CRAZY hot.

    • pubert

      Yeah, body and body hair is nice. Not crazy about neck up.

  • Pavel looks a bit like Jess. :O

    • And you are becoming a looney, if everytime you saw a guy you thought he was Jess. Just face it †orrie, Jess had left the building for quite a while.

      P.S Jess informed me about the restraining order he filed against you.

    • Man, YOU are fucking crazy. This is the first time I’ve compared a guy with Jess… and Pavel DOES look like him.

    • Mio

      Agreed, actually. The first photo really reminded me of Jess.

    • 007james

      I also see Jess-like characteristics in hair and expressions.

    • VegasRich

      OK I know you have a thing for Jess but Pavel looks nothing like him. Pavel is muscular with hair. Jess was skinny and smooth. But if telling yourself that they are similar helps with your Jess withdrawals. So be it. :)

    • elmtree

      Hmmm, I have to agree with Vegas. Pavel looks nothing like Jess imo…thank goodness!

    • @VegasRich I was talking looks wise not body wise.

    • @VegasRich And no, it doesn’t help me with my Jess withdrawals one bit. I still want him to return.

  • HKguy

    This looks a hot and the new guy on bottom already. Looks good to me, they both seem really into it

  • Fireball

    Bearded and bottoming Pavel is the only Pavel I love.

    • porndog


  • Sushi

    Every update now either has to have Pavel or Pavel? Sigh.

    Raymond does have a nice body, pity about the face though. Damn its been ages since I was REALLY excited about an SC update. I see they’ve upgraded the look of their site, and added Brandon to the banner. Now if only HE came back!

    • I love Brandon’s picture on the banner, he looks insanely cute.

    • Sushi

      That was supposed to say…..Pavel or Jarek. Duh.

    • brandon85

      Lol Pavel and Jarek are my favorites. I would love a repeat where Jarek tops the entire time

  • anoir

    Oh hell yeah… finally 2 hot, dark haired, hairy, handsome, hard cocked hunks…..Gonna cum hard to this…

  • ranbi


    • Carl


    • HKguy

      Ya don’t say

    • takanori


  • SC needs a better photographer. Such weird angles. I can’t put none of this shit on my blog. Such a shame. I like Pavel, too.

    *Click username to find Res1’s tumblr* :)

    • darkthunder1983

      Man, that pic you have of Brent Everett and that mini-collage of Robert from SC with (I’m guessing) Pavel is hot. That pic with Cain and whomever he’s fucking is hilarious, though.


    Both guys are hot Raymond very nice….

  • elmtree

    Pavel is becoming a regular fixture in SC updates. Not complaining cuz this looks like a really hot pairing. Raymond has a hot body and looks good as a power bottom.

  • kdogg24

    SC used to be such a hot site. Oh well.

  • KURT10677

    I I really didt like Pavel in his solo update, but lately he has been looking real fine.That thick brown wavey hair yum yum,, after that flip flop with Jarek I was hooked on him

    • darkthunder1983

      Same here. I still haven’t gotten a chance to see the video with him and Ryan, though.

  • Info

    Stop looking at the pictures and watch the update. It’s crazy hot, even though beard and bottoming are missing.

  • Daniel

    Raymond’s face… Sheesh

  • 007james

    not into either, a little too hairy and just shy of being apeman to me. Glad some of you like it. Me,–i’ll pass.

  • jazz

    Yeah I want Pavel to get the beard back. For me, he’s more tolerable that way.

  • VegasRich

    If Pavel was going to take a razor to anything it should have been his ass! I want the fur and beard back. Raymond is hot yet uninspiring here. Once again piss poor editing and overdirection has ruined what could have been a nice update.
    It is crazy annoying to hear those out of sync moans.

  • muffintop

    Pavel is awesome, as usual, though I wonder if this was filmed before he grew the beard or after he shaved it off. Raymond brings this down. He’s soft through the fucking and he doesn’t even cum while getting fucked. As great as Pavel is, I’ve never gotten really excited about any of his partners except Ethan but that scene wasn’t exactly their strongest.

  • whitestealth

    I found all the kissing at the beginning a change from the usual, and hot. The guys seemed to be really into each other. I’ll take Pavel with or without the beard. And Raymond has quite the body. Maybe his face is not beautiful, but not ugly. And he makes up for it in enthusiasm. All in all a great vid.

  • kinezo

    dunno what you all see in pavel…he has a drag queen face in my opinion….

  • porndog

    Both guys look pretty hot to me. While I don’t find Raymond to be esp handsome, he has other qualities which make him hot. I’m someone who likes furry guys, but smooth ones are fine too. I just think guys should be natural. I once worked with a guy who was hairy who either used depilatories or shaved his body hair; I knew this because his hands and forearms were bare of any hair. He happened to be gay, and I thought how dumb is that? For me, having to shave is a chore; I can only imagine what it must be like to have to shave all that as well. For those who insist on smooth, that’s your choice of course. It’s just unnatural if you’re a hairy guy. I like Pavel because he’s my idea of a sexy, virile looking stud.

    • brandon85

      A little hair is nice but you can be too hairy. My ex had back hair and we had to have a talk about that.

    • porndog

      LOL! Okay, you got me there.

    • scottnyer

      i had an ex who used electrolysis on his arm hair and i think his chest. I was shocked. I mean, that’s what I dig seeing is the arm hair. Besides, i think it was growing back in anyways.

      Each to their own. But I dig hairy dudes. Smooth dudes are great as well. I admit that too much hair and hairy backs are a little much for me.

    • porndog

      Not gonna lie. That hair on Pavel’s ass; how it comes up almost to the top of his cheeks blows me away. I find it very difficult watching any of his vids all the way thru. And don’t get me started on his long torso. Okay, I guess you could say I have a ‘thing’ for him.

  • Helluva Bottom Carter

    Whoever told Pavel to get rid of the beard needs to be talked to. He’s simply not as hot.

    This update doesn’t look too bad though, especially the riding shots.

  • jeremyrain98

    Oh gee, here we go again with the “judging the book by its cover”. Seriously, can we gay grow up from this shallow, judgmental thing? I agree that neither Pavel nor Raymond is the best looking SC’s model. But if you only see the pic and not watch the video, then you just missed the whole opportunity to have the best jerk-off in your life. These 2 are SUPER into each other and they really enjoyed the sex. Trust me, download the video, I don’t care if you do it illegally or not, but just watch it, and you will do the same like me: trying to hold your cum 3 times for 25 minutes so you can shot like crazy at the end…

    • TMI…

    • jeremyrain98

      @Torrie: This is a porn site. Don’t come here and claim you are Virgin Mary. Pot called kettle back…Yeah right.

  • Will

    Raymond looks really good bent into pretzel shapes. I like his body, hair, and face (at least in some of the profile shots he looks kinda like Sean Maher).

    Pavel was much hotter with the beard, but I wouldn’t kick him out of bed over it.

  • Aries16

    DAUMN!!!!!!!!!!!! PAVEL IS JUST GROWING ON ME IN A GOOD WAY now fliflop with LIEV!!!!!!!!!!! and a redo with Ethan as a bottom!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guy

    I agree that Raymond’s face is not exactly gorgeous to put it diplomatically, he has a great body and clearly loves getting fucked. Pavel is EFFIN HOT, though I prefer him hairier and with the beard. He can fuck me any time.