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Christian Thorn at RandyBlue

Christian Thorn at RandyBlue

Christian Thorn at RandyBlue

Christian Thorn at RandyBlue

Watch Christian Thorn at RandyBlue

Christian Thorn is one of the most adorable men around. Of Asian descent, his small frame is packed with tight muscles and his stiff cock is absolute perfection. This smooth muscular jock is adorned with lots of body art. Sexy tattoos wrap around his thick bicep and decorate his rippled chest and abs. He runs his hands all over his body, pausing to squeeze his hard nipples before he slowly feels his way down to his raging boner. He runs his hands over the perfectly round globes of his ass before he teases his hole with his finger. You cant look away from his perfect ass as he rubs his hands all around it. You just want to grab both of his hips and ram you own cock deep into his hungry hole but you know there is plenty of time for that to come. Just wait until this horny guy gets rammed in a hardcore video, or better yet, a gay three way. But for now his breathing increases as he stokes his dick and gets it nice and hard. Finally he shoots a thick load of creamy hot spunk all over his smooth tight stomach.

Watch Christian Thorn at RandyBlue

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Southbay says:

Wow very nice! I like the change in scenery too

Peach says:

OMG finally!! Asian hunks are so hawttt…!!!! Could really do without all those scary tattoos though.

clusterfuck says:

Ooh an Asian on RB? Fit and uncut is nice, but not really into the overdone tattoos and the wannabe mullet.

humanoid says:


sliderboi says:

He looks like a lot of fun.

Beowulf says:

Uh, no. Looks like he could be an extra in the movie Gran Torino.

solidus4 says:

Get off my lawn boy! Actually he could play one of the hot gangstas in Gran Torino.

jinger says:

He’s gorgeous, I hope he’s gonna top

solidus4 says:

Lol at the picture with the awkward smile. Besides that he has a hot, smooth, caramel, body I wanna lick. Just look at those glistening abs and those legs mmmm. And for some reason the tattoos don’t look so bad on him. I wanna see him in action!

dio says:

he’s no Cory Koons, that’s for sure. But, i’ll wait and see how he performs before I check him off.

darkthunder1983 says:

While I miss Johnny (Angel), this guy isn’t that bad.

Colby Parr says:

Johnny >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> this guy.

Sushi says:

It’ll be interesting to see what he does next. Lots of tats, but they all sort of work on him.

porndog says:

As much as I think some Asian dudes are hot, they’re not a sexual turn-on. Christian, is def the exception! I’ll even overlook the tats. Handsome face, beautiful body, and luscious lips. Me likey!

wilkerson393 says:

asians at rb??? gasp!
this guy is really cute, but i’m not a fan of that little wispy mustache….shave it and he’s perfect!

ChicagoBoyRN says:

Nice to see a fellow Asian here. Looking forward to his project IF he comes back.

ranbi says:

asian asianうるせえ。どうでもいい

Patrol says:

I really, really like the opening shots showing the entire building and Christian looking out the window. Too many filmed-on-cardboard-sets updates feel like they take place in a vacuum. It is refreshing to see an update that establishes perspective. (Quick, someone ID this building in LA!)

I’ve been repressing my memories of Christian. His introductory live show had a low turnout (not sure if folks were turned off by his ethnicity, tattoos, or other factors – for me it’s the tats), and he didn’t cum. I was surprised to find here he actually has a taut, well-proportioned body and, in this video at least, a cock that stays hard and shoots big.

About 6 minutes of this 14-minute solo is Christian turning his back on the camera and showing off his butt. Not fingering of an erogenous zone, just running his hands all over his ass with the occasional slap, which I thought was… too long.

lovelivelife says:

This guy is hot. I love his ass.

Daniel says:

This is the hottest Asian they could get? Tai Lee was much better.

tomtomson says:

i’m not into asians per se, but this one I like… and all the tattoos he could be in the 暴力団 (yakuza), which makes him more sexy and dangerous… ;)

hotdickcum says:

Definitely a Filipino. Look at his Philippines tattoo in his left chest.

ChicagoBoyRN says:

WOW! I didn’t even noticed that tattoo of the Philippine islands on his right upper chest. Thanks for pointing that out.

ChicagoBoyRN says:

Plus the word FILIPINO going down his right side!

twinkemopunk808 says:

his sexy face & ripped body does it for me..

jeremyrain98 says:

Look at those full beautiful lips. So kissable…

Neo_ says:

Where did Johnny Angel go?? I wouldn’t mind seeing this guy getting rammed tho.

goldenboy says:

Nice balls, nice cock-head :-)))

teenybaby says:

OMG. This guy has been circulating all around tumblr and for the longest time I was wondering who he was and now…I know. I kind of don’t want him to be a porn star…he seems to innocent and I want him to keep that T.T

christhorn says:

more video of him please…
he’s hot…:)

christhorn says:

tattoos of him- Philippines Island and the word “FILIPINO”

bestpnoyever says:

i wanna see how he does on bed