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BelAmiOnline: Mick Lovell (Pin-Up)

Mick Lovell (Pin-Up) at BelAmiOnline

Mick Lovell (Pin-Up) at BelAmiOnline

Mick Lovell (Pin-Up) at BelAmiOnline

Mick Lovell (Pin-Up) at BelAmiOnline

Mick Lovell (Pin-Up) at BelAmiOnline

BelAmiOnline brings you the hottest boys in the world and today we have something even more special. Meet our newest Exclusive model from the USA Mick Lovell. Mick is a stunning young stud that has it all. His beautiful blue eyes will melt your heart but his hot muscle body & big cock will bring you to your feet. Mick is the total package. Get to know him all month long exclusively at!

Watch Mick Lovell at BelAmiOnline

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  • Fazz

    His eyes are like blue emeralds, so expressive and emotive. Absolutely gorgeous fella. And btw. wow, a cut bloke at BA!? I’m through the roof. And Omg his dick is big as well.

    This man is a 10/10. Not even going to go on; there is no need to. Just perfect.

  • Aww…There he is, my prince,
    And away to his castle I’ll go,
    To be happy forever I know.

    The contact lenses are a little too light and unrealistic, they make him look a bit evil in extreme close up. Other than that everything is perfect, esp. the last few close ups, so gorgeous!!!!!

  • FeydRautha

    Yes, he’s very… pretty. Hopefully, this latest “American” (by way of Bratislava if his accent is any indication) isn’t a dud.

    • insipid

      I think he’s just a guy that picks up on accents easily. His first documentary didn’t show a trace of an accent. But i can see where you’re coming from especially when he said “I kiss boys” when asked what he does for a living. He sounded pure slovak.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      That definitely sounded like a deliberate vocal affectation, for whatever reason. He shouldn’t do that, as it will understandably make some people who haven’t seen his earlier video suspicious of his true origins. In that earlier video, with Alex Waters, he definitely sounded American — not a hint of that Eastern European accent or speech pattern.

    • insipid

      I’ve found myself accidently picking up inflictions in the past. Last Christmas i spent with a black family and i found myself adopting their dialect somewhat. I consiously stopped myself because to me it sounds phony, but i can definately see how you could begin to sound Slovak if you’re surounded by them.

  • HKguy

    Aww isn’t she pretty

    • insipid

      I’ve never seen a “she” with a build like that or an 8 inch cock.

  • Southbay

    BA is lucky as hell to have Mick. He is so perfect. That dick is mouth watering. His are mesmerizing as well. Can’t wait for future updates of him

  • Colby Parr

    Love everything except that haircut.

    • Geoff

      Yeah. He’s pretty, as others have said, and that haircut pushes him into fem territory. He needs a more normal haircut to butch him up a bit. At least for my taste.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      I think the haircut’s OK. Not the best, but OK. As for the rest of him, I’d say “above average” (especially by porn standards) but nothing spectacular. Dolph is cuter. Mick does have nice eyes.

  • tyler

    gorgeous stud

  • porndog

    Yeah, he’s pretty. But the white, blonde hair/blue eye’d Nordic-look obsession on this blog is pathetic. In a few years (if he lasts as long), none of us will recognize him, he will have changed so dramatically, and we’ll be saying, he used to be so hot.

    Sorry, not feeling very giving today.

    • Sushi

      Bah humbug!

    • Colby Parr

      haha. So true, but this will never change. I gave up trying to educate people.

    • insipid

      You could of said the same thing about Dolph four years ago. He still looks as hot as ever.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      @insipid – True. Interesting how some guys get even hotter with age (to a point lol), while with others it’s the opposite, i.e. the “wow” factor diminishes pretty quickly. It’s all over the map as to which direction different guys head in, and how fast.

  • Sushi

    Gorgeous. Love that he’s circumsized. Can’t wait to see him in action.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Yes, glad to see a cut BA boy. Haven’t read all the posts yet, but I’m surprised I haven’t seem some dumb remark about mutilation yet.

  • CarlosEduarc

    He lost his appeal for me already. He was super hot the first 5 times i saw him.
    And yes nothing can beat that dick!!!!
    And he is not that pretty. Weird chin and lips ew…

  • adowhat

    i’m in love. Mick Lovell is pure perfection for me. he’s beautiful from head to toe, nothing wrong at all. beautiful face, those eyes!, great muscular build, smooth in all the right places, amazing cock and ass. he could be a fashion model, interesting that he chose porn, but im not complaining! dude is hot and i want to see more. the only thing wrong is that he’s not mine haha.

  • dio

    he’s def. a looker in the face dapartrment, but I’m not a fan of his dick and the lack of ass shots leads me to believe he’s lacking it that area. :-/

  • sliderboi

    BA + cut = wrong.

    • Daniel


  • Rebel

    Another clone from BelAmi stable.
    Amazing eyes, but haircut…
    I hope he s a shooter at least.

    • insipid

      I’ve been a fan of BA for over a decade, i’ve never seen anyone looking like him.

  • jinger

    Needs to change that hairstyle

  • jazz

    I love EVERYTHING about him! BA hit the jackpot! Would love to see him fuck Brady and Julien and then do hot flip flops with Dolph and Kris Evans!

  • Redboy70

    These pics have been hustled all over town but I still *love* them. That log cock looks like it would hurt so good.

  • 007james

    hubba hubba. (who’s got the look…. mick does)

  • He has Peter Pan syndrome. Not for me; not stuck on pretty at all.

  • Timah

    That haircut needs to go, not feeling the Bieber-pixie look. Hot body, but his features are a bit to feminine for me.

  • elmtree


  • Ryder25

    Why on Earth is someone this beautiful doing gay porn? He should be on billboards.

    • jazz

      A lot like D.O. Men this beautiful should be in every GQ spread.

  • jag2power

    I must’ve died and gone to blond blue eyed heaven!

  • Thank goodness he’s circumcised!

    • darkthunder1983

      Nothing is wrong with being uncircumcised. It’s more natural than being circumcised.

  • pejman1998

    its very bad that he hasn’t website he should have one .he should share too many pictures but about him about head he has a pretty face but his hair are short imagine him with medium hair at least i think if he color his hair to black he will be an angel because his eyes are blue his chest is hot his abdomen is beauty his hands are strong and sexy and the best area his ass he has the best one look at it it is better than all pussies look at that great brown hole i want to lick it i can smell it i think it doesn’t need Vaseline and his ball are great his cock like a cruse phantom i wish he be a bottom that fuck up in orgies he have been raped before.

  • kaka2cool

    wish my bf was hot like him