ChaosMen: Heath & Kent (Raw/Dildo)

Heath & Kent (Raw/Dildo) at ChaosMen

Heath & Kent (Raw/Dildo) at ChaosMen

Heath & Kent (Raw/Dildo) at ChaosMen

Heath & Kent (Raw/Dildo) at ChaosMen

Watch Heath & Kent at

I had been noticing Kent was enjoying bottoming more. He sometimes is a little bewildered that guys think his cock is big and struggle to initially take it.

I figured Heath had about the same size equipment so that Kent could get a feel for his own measure. He did bottom for Parker, but that was his first time and he basically just “got through it”

Kent adapted pretty quickly this time. He even declared after the shoot that he didn’t care about about topping or bottoming anymore. Whatever we needed was fine with him. I guess he figured if he could take Heath’s steely rod, he could handle anything!

Got a cool angle where Kent sits down on Heath’s cock. Love it!

Also, I thought I would switch up the ending a bit. Sorry, no creampie, but I wanted to re-visit the double ended dildo thing. I know Heath can cum from being fucked, so wanted to try to ease Kent into that mindset.

It worked pretty good, but I think the dildo fell out as Kent nutted so not sure it really counts.

Heath, on the other hand, ramped up and came within minutes of Kent unloading.

So no one is trading loads on this one, but I think it has an out-off-the-ordinary ending!

Watch Heath & Kent at

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  • CarlosEduarc

    CM must repeat the double ended dildo idea with Solomon and Tobin! It would fucking awesome.

    Kent is cute.

  • moondoggy

    I don’t care for the dildo, but the pic of these two guys’ huge cocks piled on each other (3rd down) is insane.

  • Daniel

    Stupid dildo ruined it.

    • Jay

      Yep. But it was something a bit new. But here… it wasn’t needed. These two are hot enough.

    • asswipe

      Yeah it did ruin it. Double ended dildos scenes go back to the 1980’s where you were not any good back then.

  • muffintop

    Cock>Dildo. The dildo probably should have been used as foreplay instead.

  • Southbay

    Yay another Kent update. Love Heath too. 2 lovely big dicks

  • Ryder25

    Dumb. Chaos has got to stop using the same guys over and over.

    • Zee Brat

      Someone says this about every single update from every single company. The world is not full of nice guys (that get along with the crew), with big dicks, that are in great shape, that are willing to have gay sex on camera for money.

  • shaman36

    oh boy. chaos men seriously needs to stop with that whole slow motion for me nonsense.

  • manu

    OMG!!!!! I love double headed dildo scenes !! It’s the sexiest thing to have two bottoms having fun together , however I don’t like these models at all ….

    Thanks you :)

  • tadnarsa

    Two unappealing guys that are not at all pleasant to look at. I will pass on this one.

    • Paschal

      So how long you been on crack, dude??

  • elmtree

    Not sure I understand Bryan’s rationale for posting back to back Kent vids. Also the dildo is not really my thing so, while I like both models, I’ll have to pass on this one…

  • PornJock

    Well, it is creative. However, like someone else said, the dildo would have been better for foreplay to finish with. However again, it could come in handy again for models who have trouble taking bigger dicks. For instance, maybe we can get that long awaited Taylor-Vander rematch where Taylor finally bottoms with Vander, albeit with the double-headed dildo!

    • PornJock

      Correction to my own post: the dildo would have been better for foreplay THAN to finish with.

      Also, the double-headed dildo would be great if they pair up two voracious bottoms.

      Finally, Waybig, you didn’t post an entry on CM’s Simon solo update from 12/20/11!!!

  • moondoggy

    Look at the second and third pics from the bottom. It’s easy to forget how hung these guys are when there are so many other things to focus on. I’m not fixated on size, which is why I roll my eyes when people make snippy remarks about cock size on otherwise seriously sexy men. But when it’s there, no reason not to celebrate it.

    Especially with Kent, I don’t immediately think about size, but look at that cumshot pic — he could easily use two hands, and probably should because it would be hot to see him do it. That’s the kind of thing a veteran porn star (or director) would think of right off, but we no longer live in the “studio” age where the careers of people like Jeff Stryker are so carefully choreographed that every minute they spend on camera has been carefully choreographed. “Amateur” porn has its charms obviously, but it’s not like these sites really are amateur anymore. Some actors are better than others at playing to the camera without appearing to do so. Sorry, this litany is only barely related to this update, but it’s been on my mind.

    • moondoggy

      I didn’t mean to say “carefully choreographed” twice! Someone must have slipped me some decaf this morning because I don’t feel like I’m driving on all cylinders.

  • FeydRautha



  • dio

    is there anything more pathetic than 2 guys perfectly able and willing to fuck (is Heath ever NOT ready?) each other but instead opt for a double-ended dildo… so stupid.

  • WiwiUnnie

    I Love Kent!! he’s really my type of guy!