CorbinFisher: Chandler (Hits It Big)

Chandler (Hits It Big) at CorbinFisher

Chandler (Hits It Big) at CorbinFisher

Chandler (Hits It Big) at CorbinFisher

Chandler (Hits It Big) at CorbinFisher

Chandler (Hits It Big) at CorbinFisher

Chandler (Hits It Big) at CorbinFisher

Chandler (Hits It Big) at CorbinFisher

Watch Chandler at

I think you’ll like our newest freshman, Chandler. This cute, enthusiastic young man has a lot to offer!

Chandler looks like a typical guy next door – tousled dark hair, adorable eyes and a lean, athletic body. He’s also smart and personable, as well. Chandler lights up when he talks about school (he’s studying to be a chiropractor) and food (he loves to cook).

But you’ll light up when you see the enormous dick this guy is packing! I mean, we saw the photos when he applied. But seeing a photo – hell, even seeing it in the video – just doesn’t give you the impact of how big Chandler’s cock really is.

So until technology gets us to the point where you can reach through your computer screen to feel it, the all I can do is show you as much of Chandler’s huge cock as I can!

We’ve had some big cocks before, but Chandler’s is definitely one of the biggest. And better than that, Chandler knows how to use it. And it’s clear he enjoys using it.

Chandler rubs his hands over his underwear, teasing the outline of his huge dick. Once he lies on the sofa, he rubs his balls as he strokes up and down his shaft with both hands. He smacks his cock against his stomach and his hand.

The really great thing about Chandler, besides his looks and his dick, is how much he gets into jerking off. He grips his thigh as he stokes faster. Chandler stands up, walks to the bed, thumping his cock on it, then feels his lean chest as he jerks.

Chandler slaps his dick against the bed a few more times. He rubs his ass as he thrusts his cock against the bed. Then Chandler smacks his ass and grabs it so tight he leaves faint red marks.

Its so awesome to see someone give anything their all. And when it’s a hot guy with a huge cock putting everything he can into jerking off … well, it’s even better than awesome! Chandler moans as he strokes harder and faster.

Chandler leans against the bed and looks at himself in the mirror. He teases his hole with his fingers. Chandler spits on his hand to keep lubed up. He watches himself play with his ass more, all the while jerking his dick.

Each time Chandler points his long cock at the mirror and lets go, it bounces back with a loud slap. He’s getting closer, and his legs and ass jerk as they tense up. He comes with a long, shuddering orgasm that shoots cum all the way up to his chest (not that it had that far to go from that long dick!)

Wow. I loved what I saw him do solo, so I can’t wait to put him with someone else!

Watch Chandler at

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  • Southbay

    Very cute. Nice big dick on him too. Can’t wait to see more

  • Timah

    Don’t know about 9 inches, but it’s bigger than their usual.

  • jazz

    Nice find for C F. Let the porn studio wars continue!

  • kdogg24

    He’s cute in a very average white dude sort of way. Few years he won’t even be that.

    • Paschal

      Have you been looking into your crystal ball?

  • porndog

    Very average; nothing to sneeze about. Big dick, tho.

  • zemyazem


    • Neobamboom

      Yes, NO NO NO NO! Worst CF model ever!

    • jazz

      There have been models FAR worse than this guy.

    • zemyazem


      UGLY AS HELL !!!!

  • jazz

    In some of the pics he kinda looks like he could be Dru’s shaggy-haired little brother.

  • jinger

    Not too bad, reminds me a little of Elijah

  • hotslimeuroguy

    No thank you very much.

  • Timrod

    I’d certainly watch him get plowed.

    • elmtree

      I was actually thinking I’d watch him plow someone with that pretty big such of his…

    • elmtree

      Oops, make that pretty big “dick”.

  • dio

    oh my god, no. WTF, CF? Big dick aside, as average as you all seem to think this guy is, I’d rate him faaaaaaaaar below average and borderline muttly.

  • dundale

    I hope he is not only there for a shooting. After a long time, finally someone who looks really good.

  • KingSize

    ……well he’s….not ugly. Average as hell…

    • CarlosEduarc

      Are blind??????? This kid is FUG HIDEOUS i can’t even look to his face.

  • JJorden

    Is is average in a very very cute way. Nice change. Love to see more of him.

  • CarlosEduarc

    OMFG This guy is awful!!! He is hideous eewww! WTH WTF
    I hope it changes cause if they keep like that neither the bareback scenes can save this studio of a big fail in business.

    This guy is just like one of those american fug, nerd, big dicked boy cliche!

    • CarlosEduarc

      One more thing
      CF is a really big porn studio! With the money they earn they can find and pay to have real hot guys fucking on heir site.

    • zemyazem

      100 % AGREE


  • Colby Parr


  • Schadenfreude

    No special Christmas update? And a slew of old and new Dawson videos in PPV site? This is pathetic.

  • bruv88

    this guy has topped on bait bus and bottomed on hazehim so chances r he wil b bk

  • moondoggy

    I don’t know if in the comment above bruv88 meant “be back” or “bareback,” but I hope he meant, and is right about, both. I want an unobstructed view of that big dick going into as many male orifices as possible.

    • bruv88

      i meant be back but wudnt mind either

  • Ottothezombie

    No No No! UGLY!, Bored!, He have idiot’s face, her hair is horrible, and your body more lean.
    The worst model in last times en CF. His cock is no big deal because without a good face, without a good body and without a good ass. He never can be hot!!!

  • rihannas gay son

    why are the ones with the biggest dicks ALWAYS the ugliest? ew

  • Patrol

    The most enticing thing in this update is the eggs Chandler makes.

    I realize Chandler has a modest, average-joe appeal to some, but to me CF choosing him is like Barney’s carrying Old Navy merchandise. Chandler has a wide, friendly grin (like a Dr. Seuss character’s) but I’m not at all attracted to his shaggy hair and untoned body. After SC’s Brandon update, I wondered if CF would shuffle its programming to win back some members, so seeing Chandler as 2011’s last freshman is double-disappointing.

    He touches (not fingers) his hole while jerking off, and with the writeup’s last sentence, it seems he might be back for more. Don’t.

  • Patrol

    Finally DL’ed last Sunday’s PPD update. Just came home from watching “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” so I’m definitely in the right mood.

    This video is essentially “Travis’ Double Load” deluxe version. The creampie happens halfway through and it’s a good one. Travis doesn’t just pushes his cock back in a few times. He keeps fucking Dawson nonstop. A few minutes later there’s a closeup of Dawson clenching his butthole and fluids ooze out, so there’s the rush of knowing most of Travis’ cum got inside Dawson.

    The second half is really where this scene takes off. Travis shows amazing stamina and never stops power-fucking Dawson. I also enjoyed seeing Dawson being slapped repeatedly. There might even be genuine ATM when Travis pulls out of Dawson and cums in his mouth. There is a quick cut to another camera angle, but seeing Travis and Dawson’s positions and Travis’ hand on Dawson’s head, the action seems continuous.

    My only complaint is I wish Dawson’s moaning is more in sync with what Travis is doing. Despite the rough fucking Travis gives him, Dawson is as guarded and self-conscious a performer as always. He doesn’t even take the slapping seriously. I truly wish a scene partner could force him out of his comfort zone for once.

    Overall this is a more intense and hardcore scene than most recent CF updates. At least it makes you FEEL something. Now CF just needs to make more scenes like this one…

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Re your last sentence, it would be great if this were just the start of a ramping-up at CFS. And that could include doing a guys-only versions of some of the edgier acts from the bi domination scenes, as you suggested elsewhere.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Re your last sentence, it would be great if this were just the start of a ramping-up at the PPD site. And that could include doing a guys-only versions of some of the edgier acts from the bi domination scenes, as you suggested elsewhere.

    • Patrol

      When CF puts their mind to it, as they have in their best PPD videos and super-pricey DVD’s, their scenes are peerless. I’m sure CF intended this Dawson/Travis pairing to be a one-off instant classic – clash of two CF titans! – but now they’d be foolish to not film more scenes like this one. In addition to the decline in model quality, some of the recent CF scenes seem barely directed. I cannot understand why Campbell and Jordan’s scenes were allowed to be filmed in entirety with glaring wood issues throughout (couldn’t they just take a break and come back?), or the dreadful PPD Dawson/Russ scene was filmed at all.

    • porndog

      Patrol, I think you really nailed down the problem I’ve had with Dawson’s performances when you said, “…Dawson is as guarded and self-conscious a performer as always. He doesn’t even take the slapping seriously.” Dawson always seems like he’s acting and it dulls the intensity of any scene he’s in. It’s like he’s trying too hard to be cool or sexy, and it ends up looking fake, and not at all serious. Sure, there should be an element of fun in some scenes, but he really overdoes it. The only time he really seems natural is during his orgasms.

  • Kelo

    He’s VERY average looking.
    I know 10 guys who look like him in my Organic Chemistry class.

  • DaddyYankee

    I already see that huge dick going in and out Josh’s ass.

  • Jonny Marzetti

    No, no, no. Amazingly the long quest for a hot new freshmen actually seems to be veering even further off course.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      I’m beginning to think CF will finally get a hot new freshman when I learn to proofread. IOW, don’t hold your breth.

  • jag2power

    All hair dressers to the rescue, please. All hair stylists to the rescue, please.

  • Juan Diego

    Happy Feast of the Holy Innocents.

  • adowhat

    CF needs to learn that just bc he has a big dick, doesnt mean were going to overlook everything else that is just average about him. i really don’t care that his dick is 8 or 9 inches, if what it’s attached to is just a avg cute guy next door. I’d rather have kent who has a smaller dick, but nice body and attractive face.

  • Kenny

    Sorry he looks like he’s 15.

  • Daniel

    That’s a very un-sexually arousing face and body.

  • IndiaBoi

    Nice body, decent cock, okay face and butt… would still do him :-)

  • Schadenfreude

    already left CF and had his dick sucked in Ungloryhole