ChaosMen: Austin & Teo (Raw)

Austin & Teo (Raw) at ChaosMen

Austin & Teo (Raw) at ChaosMen

Austin & Teo (Raw) at ChaosMen

Austin & Teo (Raw) at ChaosMen

Austin & Teo (Raw) at ChaosMen

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Teo is Back! I am airing this video a bit earlier than an Edge video that is coming up early 2012. He had some acne issues, so he left that shoot bound and determined to get some color, clear up his skin, build some muscle mass, and get back on top of his game in general.

He did it! He would text me about his progress, email me some pics, and was just giving me a lot of positive attitude about working again and NOT being around his last girlfriend. He was all about getting his life in focus.

Very proud of him. It makes me happy. Nooo..not just cuz I get to see his ass get plowed, but because I get to see someone I am very fond of grow.

Speaking of growing, Austin’s dick seems to be getting longer! Or maybe he is getting into fucking a dude more and he just seems more rock solid.

Since he was staying so solid, I suggested the position that Kristopher and Dwight had tried- the head board butt dip. Both guys thought they could pull it off and they did!

Not sure why, but the guys always do squats at the gym the day before a shoot. Their quads are always aching before a shoot. Maybe they think they need to build their legs for squatting down on a dick? Usually they are complaining about leg cramps on set, “Dude I should not have done squats yesterday!”

Teo had done squats, and bless his heart, but he powered through that crazy position with major leg cramping. We definitely had to stop a couple times in the middle of shooting so he could “walk it off”- but you would never know!

The other thing I love about Teo is he can cum from being fucked, and Austin can stay hard till he makes a guy bust. A perfect match!

Austin’s cumshots are always double-barreled, and it is a good thing he cums a lot, cuz a huge amount always shots out his piss hole, while another stream flies out of his piercing on the underside of the his cock (have you not noticed before?). It is kind of fun to watch him coat Teo’s balls AND hole at the same time.

But wait, I coached Austin on the “Perfect” cumshot. Ok, so everyone has an opinion of what makes a perfect unloading, but in general a few squirts on the outside, then dumping the rest inside seems to be the most requested thing.

Last week Clyde and Solomon did a full on Internal, which will always leave people guessing if the top really came, but with the Austin, there is no doubt that he unloaded deep inside Teo. You can literally see his cock twitching Teo’s ass milks his cock.

Believe it or not, but this is a very hard thing to do. Most guys will just stay locked into position as they cum, so props to Austin for skillfully doing just enough of both external and internal to hopefully keep everyone happy!

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  • moondoggy

    Wow, Teo looks better than I remember. I’m still iffy toward Austin.

    • dio

      you remember wrong – Teo’s DEFINITELY seen better days, but dood’s still got it… damn.

  • elmtree

    Wow, didn’t expect to see Teo back…what a pleasant surprise! He certainly looks more mature, in a good way imo. Looks like a pretty decent update.

    BTW, where it the “Clyde/Solomon update Bryan refers to…and who is Clyde? And giving we’ve already seen Teo in multiple sex scenes, do we really need to see hin in an edge vid coming up next year? Unless he’s servicing…

  • dio

    ZOMFG… Teo’s back? What? :-O I find it so, so funny that CM is bringing back their ‘old guard’ (Teo, Silas…) to spice up all their ‘new duds’ x-D

  • TheSagaOf

    I miss Teo’s gobs of curly hair. This doesn’t do it for me, unfortunately. I used to love him, too.

  • dio

    also, I wonder if this vid is yee old, and CM only released it because Austin is gone? I think I just seen him getting fuckied in an ‘it’s gonna hurt’ scene…

    • porndog

      I just got an update email of IGH and I couldn’t place the face. But it is in fact Austin. I didn’t know he was such a bottom.

  • muffintop

    Search ‘Clyde’ – no results found. Okay…anyways, whatever Teo’s been doing it seems to be working. The short hair is a big improvement as well. It would be a major disappointment if Austin’s not with CM anymore…

    • porndog

      Bryan must be referring to the scene he shot last week with Clyde & Solomon (not released yet). Once again, his writing isn’t the greatest.

  • Nick Minaj

    Are you kidding me? All these string of average updates that have been posted and this gets posted they day after my membership expires!

    Teo will always be the best thing that ever happened to CM (in my opinion). He looks a little different but still sexy as hell none-the-less.

  • asswipe

    Loved Byran’s description. It’s great to know from the last few paragraphs of it that Bryan is striving to bring us the “Perfect” cumshots. With all the logistics of how much needs to be external cum and how much need to internal cum. It seems Byran wants us to know that “Austin’s cumshots are always double-barreled” and that “Last week Clyde and Solomon did a full on Internal, which will always leave people guessing if the top really came, but with the Austin, there is no doubt that he unloaded deep inside Teo. You can literally see his cock twitching Teo’s ass milks his cock” Very nice indeed. I don’t remember seeing the “Clyde and Soloman” video last week that Bryan mentions but when I see it I know I will be always be guessing if the top really “unloaded” since it’s been classified as a “full on Internal”. I hope they don’t make anymore of those “full on Internals” in the future.

  • Ryder25

    Austin must be desperate for cash, because he just got plowed by a massive black cock on another site. its gonna hurt .com

    • jazz

      LOL I saw that. I was like hey, isn’t that “Austin!”

    • Mr. Pink

      How does getting fucked by a giant, black cock make someone desperate? Some guys like getting fucked by giant cocks of any color.

  • Dixster9inch

    I never liked Teo’s curly hair….probably because I didn’t like a guy in school that had curly hair but Teo has matured. He has nice hair now….and he still comes like a gusher. Austin is gay as a 3-dollar bill…..why Bryan had him fuck poor Teo is not known. Maybe Teo needed the money and Austin was the only guy available? Prince Albert’s aren’t my thing either….example, Phenix from the NextDoor store.

  • jazz

    Yay Teo is back! He still looks good. The hair looks a lot better! LOL. He is in my top 3 of favorite CM bottoms.

  • jinger

    Teo is looking older, I liked him better before

  • Teo looks better now. He was way too giddy and “girlie”-ish before, and that mop of curly hair was never becoming…not on him or Silas (remember that God awful shoot they did together, when they both were channeling Shirley?) Now he actually looks like a man, not some runaway twink, and it’s more becoming.

    That being said, I still don’t much like Teo. He made some annoying comment in one of his old videos about cut/uncut that put me off to him.

  • PornJock

    Neither of these guys do it for me but Bryan’s description of the upcoming Solomon vid and the internal cumshot has me more excited than anything!

  • Fazz

    Hell mothafucking yeah! Great to see TEO back! I’m a LONG time fan! :)

    Even if I prefer the “old” Teo. He’s def. matured.

  • porndog

    Aww, looks like our Teo is becoming a man. I’ll miss that adorably cute face, white skin, and black curly locks, not to mention is slight build. But the older-looking Teo is hot too with darker skin and shorter hair, altho I would’ve preferred his hair really short. I’m not much of an in-between guy. Either have it long or very short.

    As for Austin, I wonder if Bryan has any more scenes with him bottoming, since he only did a flip with Stone, and is now taking a huge dick on another site.

  • Daniel

    This looks hot.

  • Bradster

    Pretty damn hot!