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SeanCody: Carlton (II)

Carlton II at SeanCody

Carlton II at SeanCody

Carlton II at SeanCody

Carlton II at SeanCody

Carlton II at SeanCody

Carlton II at SeanCody

Carlton II at SeanCody

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“I bet you were really active as a kid!”

I had only met Carlton a few minutes prior, but his energy level was more than a tip off.

“Yeah,” he said with a smile (like he’d been caught). “I was.”

Well, he’s not a kid anymore. He’s 6’4″ tall with a lean, muscular swimmer’s build.

Our house was like a playground for him. He did a head stand on the bed, performed some dick “pushups”, and got naked in the gazebo outside… in the pouring rain!

And he wasn’t shy about getting naked at all!

The best thing about Carlton, though, was that he shot a lot of cum. First a small squirt, then six huge squirts, followed by a few more small squirts!

He also played with his butt!

Watch Carlton at

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  • DaddyYankee

    Nice guy. Nothing special, but nice guy. Nice body, nice face. I don’t like the dick honestly, curved ones arent’ attractive to me.

  • goldenboy

    Nice boy…nice face…nice dick…yummy cockhead…great cumshot…a YES for me :-)))

  • davew56uk

    Nice cum

    • goldenboy

      I would like that he will unload on me… :-)))

  • zemyazem

    IS OK


  • cdman

    Very nice! This is one SC newbie I’m excited about, everything looks hot about him. Plus, given the fact that he’s tall, I’m hoping he follows in the SC tradition of bottoming for a smaller guy. He also seems to have a small resemblance to CF’s Dru.

    • marcus carls

      FYI, CF’s Dru was first SC’s Dakota…. I don’t see the resemblance btw Carlton and Dru/Dakota, though. But, then again, I can usually tell my white boys apart, LOL.

  • adowhat

    Very hot! Nice, young fresh face. Tall lean muscular build. Great cock and cute lil ass. Huge cumshot. Just enough hair in all the right places. I guess my only criticism is that he appears to only be able to jack off and cum while squeezing the life out of his cock, which makes me concerned if he will be able to keep it up while having sex with another person. I would like to see him partnered.

    • goldenboy

      I totally agree…a hot flip flop fucking scene would be great!!!

  • Redboy70

    Cute and sexy, a rare combo for me. Great cum load.

  • Nemesis123

    There are some pics where his face is attractive and some where they aren’t. I’m going to download on a trial basis haha.

    Great cum shot and love the long slender torso. Yum.

  • Daniel

    What a strangely small head.

    • EmpireState

      SPOILER: Which one? lol…
      Okay, so his dick is probably big since his larger-sized hands make it look average. Per CDman, he needs to tackle a smaller guy, which would be everyone.

  • dio

    cute guy. Very A&F model-esque. SC wins the ‘fresh meat’ parade. LOL

  • Fazz material. But i wouldn’t want him there, since I really would love to see him fuck / get fucked!! :D

    Really handsome man! Like REALLY!

    • Patrol

      He looks a bit like Fratmen Marshall in the first pic.

    • Fazz

      I see what you mean. But this guy is faaaar hotter.

  • lovelivelife

    Absolutely perfect.

  • So cute! I really hope he returns.

  • Patrol

    A Brandon BB video is near-impossible to follow up (unless it’s… another Brandon BB video, haha!), but this is smart, thoughtful programming. Now THIS is what I call a newbie. Almost everything is to my liking. I am not going to nitpick because if I do, the gods of porn will punish me by reincarnating me as Jake Cruise’s underwear. Well-deserved praise for SC.

    • elmtree

      I fully agree about the impossible position of following Brandon but this guy is kinda cute and very nice load!

  • DaddyYankee

    If he comes back who will he be paired with?

    • dio

      i’d looooooove to see him and Calvin all over each other… @_@

  • Southbay

    Damn I think I’m in love. I hope I get to see those sexy long legs in the air soon. SC you find the hottest guys no doubt! CF if too busy picking up on every studios sloppy seconds to focus on finding new ones. SC I always look forward to your updates

  • OMG ME LIKEEYYYY…..!!!!!

  • Rebel

    how tall is he? about 2m I think.
    nice shoot….

  • HKguy

    Cute kid. Love how tall he is, he will probably be back being he likes the ass play

  • Colby Parr

    Love his build. He’s hot.

  • porndog

    Cute guy, nice long toros, legs, and big pretty feet. Not much of an ass and the cock is pretty average, but that cumshot is anything but. It’ll be interesting to see him in action, and I would love to see him give someone a facial. I think Jamie’s face would do nicely.

    • porndog


    • asswipe

      porndog agreed full-on oral cum shot it is. what a great idea…Jamie yeah that would work.

    • zemyazem

      YUMMY !!!!


  • Jerome

    Whoa, where did they find this sexy guy from? He looks amazing head to toe!

  • Geoff

    I think he’s hot, but it looks like he never got more than a semi going. Just going by the pics, haven’t seen the video. Guess he’ll have to bottom lol

  • Aries16

    Carlton looks amazing what a Cover Boy Shot!!! He looks so hot like in a model super model like individual very cotoure loving him except the cock size and curve so have home bottom for a hottie cause the face the height everything except the cock is Hot!!! I would love to cuddle with him and he just picking my 5″6 up lawd what a giant hottie

  • humanoid

    i would love to see him coming back and getting plowed in the ass senseless!!! such a cutie!

  • goldenboy

    I’m sure I saw him being fucked about 4 weeks ago…great pairing with a gigantic cumshot :-)))

  • Sushi

    Anyone who plays with his hole that much loves getting fucked. Pair him with Brandon….or just about anyone else.

  • goldenboy

    I’m quite sure I have seen him in a video being fucked about 4 weeks ago…great pairing with a gigantic cumshot…he’s a god, isn’t he? :-)))

  • Coach

    I like this guy a lot. He has a beautifully lean body, wide shoulders, neat little ass. A nice sense of humor too which the SC guy teases out. Lots of different facial expressions – he’s more than one fixed smile. He looks sorta innocent in that top picture but we soon find out that he’s not – his finger has been up his ass before for sure.
    I hope we see plenty more of him. He looks flexible!

  • Dixster9inch

    This guy has been on other sites….off hand I cannot remember…DickDorm?….brokecollegeboys???/ Somewhere? He sure can shoot semen….I’d love to suck it out of him…..maybe “Big Red” will fuck him …. that would be a good update. Just don’t put my Paul with him!

  • Twinkwhore

    Perfect with a capital ‘P’!!

    • kewl

      I disagree. He’s better than perfect. Reminds me of the Bel Ami models.

  • erecsean

    I would suck those toes…all the way to Mexico. He has to have the most perfect feet I have ever seen.

  • cuban223

    Not my type

  • Ryder25


  • FeydRautha

    Love those first couple of pics of him in the jeans.

  • Timrod

    A perfect way to end 2011. And let’s see a lot of him in ’12!

  • jinger

    Yum! what a stud, love him

  • darkthunder1983

    Been a while since SC had a “Carlton”. He’s cute but I still prefer the blond bottom from years ago.

  • Schadenfreude

    SC – 2, CF – 0

  • kinezo

    nice, i like =)

  • Bloody Sword

    Like fresh air and comfortable

  • Jonny Marzetti

    Pretty cute overall, and gorgeous compared to the last 6 months of CF freshmen. The front view definitely winds with Carlton unlike, say, Cameron at CF where the rear view shines.

  • Jonny Marzetti

    “wins” not “winds”

  • hollydick

    hum, what a hottie ! I like everything :)
    except the curved dick :(
    anyway, hope he’ll bottom…

  • Snowflake

    Wow, what a load! And the guy is appealing as well. I hope he’ll be back soon to fuck Calvin and then to squirt this humongous load all over Calvin’s face. :)

  • IndiaBoi

    Cute face, sexy lean body, nice cock, cute butt, would love to top him :-)

  • Bradster

    Gorgeous. I don’t know how SC manages to attract such hot guys. Hope to see him back.

  • Paschal

    Very nice. Head to toe. Like to see him bottoming.

  • Arglebargle

    Great body, cock, hair, everything. And no tattoos…making him even better.

  • cutebigdog

    The best looking guy on SC in a year!! One of my all-time favorites. Praying to see him in action and then at college dudes where he belongs!

  • boiznightout

    Really handsome, has he done anything else?