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Jessie at SeanCody

Jessie at SeanCody

Jessie at SeanCody

Jessie at SeanCody

Jessie at SeanCody

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Jessie is a college student who works part time as a server in a restaurant.

“I like it,” he said. “It’s an upscale place so the tips are good.”

He still has a few years to go in school.

“I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do,” he said. “I kept changing my mind so that put me behind a little.”

Jessie is gay and has been out since high school.

“My school was really diverse,” he explained. “It wasn’t a big deal.”

He’s single now but he said that he would like to be in a relationship. His ideal guy is someone who is bigger than he is.

“I really like muscular arms… there’s nothing better!”

Watch Jessie at SeanCody

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  • jag2power

    Cute and gay. Why wouldn’t he return, esp. now that he’s single. I may be in the minority here, but I like the theme of gay for pay more on these sites. Happy New Year!

  • KingSize

    Aww hes too cute! SC has practically been raping CF when it comes to new guys…and scenes.

  • Fazz

    Very happy go lucky, looking.

  • He looks good in the second pic.

    • solidus4

      Agreed second pick is the best.

  • elmtree

    Not bad…very nice ass. And he’s out, a plus. Its interesting how, for years SC seemed hell bent on only hiring straight models or at least refusing to admit a model was gay. Now they are on a roll with openly gay models. Its about time…

    • trixM92

      Agreed! Absolutely I have a strange feeling that it has something to do with these blog comments and the fact that viewers feel comforted by openly gay models. Whatever it is SC seems to have a winning formula these days!

    • Mike

      Yes, a very nice ass. Great attitude. Closer to cuter than handsome, but I think he’d make a great bottom at SC for someone, say, Paul or Brandon.

  • trixM92

    This could be fun !

  • pubert

    They could have come up with a better Latino name.

    • Ryder25

      I agree, plus Jessie is usually the female form of Jesse. LOL.

  • Sushi

    Yes, cute is the word. I didn’t even have to read that bio to know he was gay though. That completely shaved ass and hole, and his fingering gave him away. But yes….I would rather have someone open and gay performing for me. How long do we have to hear this bullcrap about all the guy who love pussy and have girlfriends, yet LOVE getting fucked and sucking dick.

    With an ass like that, his next appearance he’ll be bottoming.

  • solidus4

    I love his hairy legs! Looking forward to seeing that delicious ass pounded.

  • lovelivelife

    Really hot guy. And SC isn’t feeding us this “straight guy” bullshit.

  • Southbay

    He kinda reminds me of Billy from a while back

    • dio

      jog my memory? The only Billy from SC I remember was Epic hawt… this guy is like, not. lol

    • Haha

    • von schlomo

      Billy was like the most femmy regular guy that SC has ever had. He was a tulip.

  • moondoggy

    The one thing I wanted to see after the first pic was his calves, and they didn’t deliver those. The bathtub thing was a waste.

  • Daniel


  • dio

    more out and proud, halfhearted ‘fuck fodder’ for the ‘straight studs’ to grace with their big dicks, eh, SC? LOL I’m sure there are better looking gay guys out there than the ones SC chooses hire. Only problem is they know how hot they are, and prob. deman the same pay as the straight guys! (I think we all know by now SC pays more for the straight guys than the dime a dozen gays >.>)

    i don’t know what’s worse, how they market the gay guys as desperate for straight dick, or when they market a gay guy as straight, and just LOVES to fuck gay doods… LOL It really does paint the entire male gender in a bad light, some of the shit SC pulls. But, I digress.

    dood’s VERY forgettable, and has a small dick, so yeah – he’ll more than likely serve as a hot, tight hole for a Brodie (who I’m 78% sure is gay or bi), Brandon, and Paul to fuck. -_-

  • trixM92

    This is random but does anyone remember Kennan ? He was taller , cuter and more pleasant than Brandon. Why the hell didn’t he return :( ?

    • dio

      screw Kennan. He had a nice d!ck, but everything else was meh-to-blergh. Now, Louie, otoh, was the last jaw-dropper of a fuck-hot n00b SC ever had. I hope he comes back, soon. :,,,,(

    • elmtree

      Ah, Kennan was very nice with a beautiful muscular body and a perfect ass. And he was a big shooter if a remember correctly. Would have been nice to see more of him, as a top or bottom. Also wish Grant would of returned for more. What he lacked in overall looks, he more than made up for with his body, cock and personality!

      As for Louie, I didn’t remember him, even after looking him up…

    • Patrol

      Not only do I remember Kennan, I have also watched his solo 40+ times. Brandon’s beauty has more soul, but Kennan embodies so many qualities of the clean-cut/all-American/jock/bodybuilder archetype so perfectly that I think he rises above mere blandness. And he’s a spectacular shooter.

    • darkthunder1983

      I’m going to be honest. There were many, many, MANY models that came through SC that were pleasant to look at but, sadly, most of them either only had a solo, were part of the auditions sessions or just made through a few action videos and disappeared. I kind of miss seeing Ryan III along with some (very) classic models like Ajay, Sebastien, Tad, Benjamin, Tanner, Elijah and quite a few others.

  • zemyazem

    NO………..SIMPLY NO……



  • cuban223

    it’s about time they bring in a handsome latin stud

  • Timah

    Cute guy, I’d love to see him bottom. Hope he comes back.

  • Pete

    Hot body, nice tanline. Love to see him getting fucked bareback.

  • Ryder25

    He does nothing for me. But I’m glad SC is using ‘out’ gay guys more nowadays.

  • kevinj

    I really liked seeing Jessie get all worked up exploring every inch of his own body. And about 10 seconds after he cums, he cums again. If he’s this turned on during a solo I can’t wait to see him in man-on-man action.

  • Neo_

    Bottom in the making?? cool

  • Jiro-san

    i would like to order a bradwurst with SPECIAL cream ;)