ChaosMen: Lyle (Serviced)

Lyle (Serviced) at ChaosMen

Lyle (Serviced) at ChaosMen

Lyle (Serviced) at ChaosMen

Lyle (Serviced) at ChaosMen

Watch Lyle & Ransom at

Lyle was a quiet one for sure. He had done a solo and a guy-girl video elsewhere, so at the time of filming this, it was his first time with a dude. He was pretty nervous. Instead of watching the porn, he basically closed his eyes, and I suppose was thinking of some hot girl blowing him.

After watching him jerk-off earlier, I knew that I wanted Ransom to do the oral on him. His technique is one that I know well, and had trained Ransom in using it to “expert” level.

Lyle was still kind of wobbly in the video. He does try to reach out and guide Ransom’s head, but for the most part he is just kicking back and concentrating on getting head.

We flip him over and Ransom REALLY ate some ass. Usually it is not his favorite thing, but Lyle’s ass is perfect, and I think it triggered something in Ransom! It also triggered something in Lyle.

With him kind of wobbly through out the shoot, both Ransom and I were worried it was going to take a lot of stroking to get him off.

Turns out we were both wrong, and Lyle was a quick but stealthy cummer.

Ransom jerks on his head for a bit, trying to duplicate Lyle’s ‘under-the-head’ stroke. He then switches to oral which worked like a charm. Since Lyle is so quiet, you really have to watch his body language as he gets more and more tense and eventually surprises Ransom with a load in his mouth.

Unlike Brooks did in a previous video with Clyde, Ransom knows to spit some of it out and let the rest squirt out for viewers to see. Ransom was pleased with himself after the shoot saying he actually swallowed Lyle’s first load, and he didn’t gag.

I know, you’d think after so many videos, Ransom would have turned into a cum hungry whore, but he still struggles to take it in the mouth. I think though, after tasting Lyle’s seed, he won’t be so skittish about it.

This is a quiet Serviced video. Intense cumshot that you really need to watch the body language on, but the ending with the sneaky cumshot is priceless!

Watch Lyle & Ransom at

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  • Fazz

    He’s very cute, but I’ve heard that he’s a site whore… And I’m not a fan of those..

  • moondoggy

    I think Lyle is very hot and needs to be upgraded to fuck vids. The fact that his solo and oral were almost back to back has me hopeful. His body is fantastic and unsullied by tattoos. Pair him with someone else good and there is no stopping him. I actually watched this scene yesterday and was not as impressed with the chemistry, but I still want to see more.

    • PornJock

      Having his vids come out in quick succession doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be back for more. Many previous performers have come and gone and just done solo and oral vids because that’s the mindset they came in with and they knock those films out while they’re in town on the free flight from the studio. At CM, we might get a 3rd vid out of these guys when the do an Edge one. But you never know what might happen as Dwight for instance did solo, serviced, and edge vids, disappeared and then came back after like a year when he got broke enough. Now he kisses guys, sucks cock, and fucks men raw! I haven’t watched Lyle’s vids yet but he is cute with a nice toned body and hot butt begging to be fucked so here’s hoping he comes back for his very own progression!

    • aussboy

      Agreed that he certainly is hot and needs to be fucked. He needs to settle on one site and quit bouncing around. I am not sure why he left CF. He could have been a knock out there.

  • tadnarsa

    This guy is extremely cute, very lovely, smooth youthful skin and body, he has a cute, pretty face, no tattoos, a nice, healthy body and complexion. Very beautiful and attractive, here, young and healthy, and pretty. A+. If we could get more young, healthy, cute, sweet guys on here like this that would be awesome.

  • dio

    Forrest/Lyle has very meager white bits, an OK face, and a body that quit from the first day, so if he plans on staying long in this field he had better become an AMAZING bottom.

  • elmtree

    I like him and hope he comes back for more, altho I doubt he will.

  • Alex S

    Unfortunately, Lyle didn’t stay hard throughout most of the video and didn’t seem interested in ass play. I doubt he will be back. And, I for one hope that he doesn’t come back because he we probably insist on being a top and he is hardly equipped for the job. If he came back as a bottom I wouldn’t complain. He has a great ass.

    • moondoggy

      You’re right about that, but if they can get him to bottom, I think he could at least be Tobin’s equal. I know it’s frustrating to see a guy with no enthusiasm, but watching someone as hot as Tobin get nailed by a charismatic top is enough for me. Make him grab his ankles for Valentino, Taylor, Vander, Isaiah, Heath, or my new obsession, Darius. I gave the Curtis/Darius/Vander threeway a gooooood hard look last night, and I can’t say enough about it. I have a whole new respect for Darius.

      A lot of guys (myself included) prefer fucking to getting blown. It’s not time to throw this guy out yet based on this tepid pairing.

    • PornJock

      I love Darius too and I have a feeling he’s already a site favorite and will be back for many more pairings and 3-ways. CM’s never done it before but maybe they could do a good ‘ol fashioned gang bang on him!

    • porndog

      Yeah, this serviced vid was very lackluster. Ransom certainly tried his best, but Lyle couldn’t seem to get with the program. It’s pretty obvious he was just trying to get thru it and collect a paycheck.

    • asswipe

      I haven’t seen the video yet but the way everyone seems to describe this scene and based on prior work this guy has done, this could be the reason for his site jumping. I don’t watch guy/girl scenes but did this guy even do that ok at ACS?

  • Colby Parr

    If this is as far as he goes, it was a waste of time hiring him.

  • porndog

    Got to give credit to Ransom for completing a pretty decent rimjob, which is something he had a difficult time doing. Of course, it helps to have a nice ass to work with. Lyle really seem to struggle thru this. I don’t think gay porn is his thing. I’d be shocked if he went any further than this. Maybe he’ll end up at ND where all the limited g4p guys go.

  • Ryder25

    Ransom ruins this for me. I just can’t take him.

  • cuban223


  • 007james

    where’s the cum? oh, those little drops.. or is that ransom’s drool? haha

  • VegasRich

    Oh this is hot. Not. Nothing like servicing a wobbly dick. I can’t think of a bigger turn off.

  • Patrol

    And the Jason Crystal Award for most porn names for a single model goes to…

    I was going to say “Lyle” would make a good addition to the CM stable, but judging by comments above I am not sure anymore.

  • Redboy70

    SOOOO cute. Methinks he will age well into a stud.

  • Daniel