Fratmen Sucks!: Micky & Neil

Micky & Neil at Fratmen Sucks!

Micky & Neil at Fratmen Sucks!

Micky & Neil at Fratmen Sucks!

Watch Micky & Neil at

This week, both boys in this update are brand new to duos. Micky and Neil are two stunning Fratmen we always enjoy seeing naked. Today, it’s even better as they meet for a steamy shower together. After helping each other out of their clothes, Micky and Neil enjoy the hot water together while taking in pristine views of each other’s flawless, tight, muscular bodies. Neil stays very close to Micky, and they reciprocate gentle gestures of masculine affection. Clearly appreciating each other’s physical beauty, both our boys exchange blowjobs. It’s particularly hot watching Micky pull back Neil’s foreskin and suck his cock, all while keeping hard himself. After brief moments of kissing, mutual masturbation, and holding each other, Micky and Neil retire to the couch, where Micky cums all over Neil’s abs. This is a must-see update!

Watch Micky & Neil at

  • von schlomo

    They should have to make out for what little sucking goes on.

    • moondoggy

      You know, I couldn’t put my finger on what was bothering me about the “sucks” series until now. You are exactly right! I like the solos because there’s almost no way to jack off unenthusiastically (I mean, it’s possible but doesn’t happen often). But the sucks pairings are actually a step down because there is no way to believe that they enjoy it, even though you know at least a handful of these guys are surely gay. Some passionate kissing would make a huge difference, even though this is really the only situation in which I would care about that. But they can’t kiss like one of them has eaten cough syrup, which is probably what the result of the effort to kiss would end up looking like.

  • cuban223

    Neil is hot/ The other guy is ok not really my type

  • littletimone

    “MICKY” is most certainly my fuckin type. “DINNER TIME”! I would be ALL OVER that ASS baby!

  • CarlosEduarc

    Micky is way hotter than his brother.

    • Colby Parr

      EXACTLY. Micky >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ajay.

  • clusterfuck

    When Micky and Ajay suck each other maybe I’ll watch.

    • Degenerate.

    • Daniel


    • Would that be actually happening? I feel so dirty just thinking about it.

  • jazz

    When will they stop this shower bullshit. Just suck dick (and then fuck)!

  • asswipe

    Not understanding this site at all. Because if this was any other site it would get bull dozed by all most everyone here. But amazingly people aren’t complaining like they would lets say about…any other site. I like the whole casting of Fratmen, but I wouldn’t think to subscribe until they really suck… not some quarter ass barely blow-jobs that are the norm currently.

  • Southbay

    I’ll take Micky in anything he’s in. The boy is sexy.

    • elmtree

      Yes he is!

  • I wanna fuck Neil so bad. Gizmo not so much.

    • Dave

      LMAO!!!! Spot on!

  • darkthunder1983

    ‘Bout time Micky stopped letting his bro get all the action… well, the little action they do on FratMen Sucks!

  • littlebird

    Fratmen is a pathetic website. I have no other comment.

  • kevinj

    i really enjoyed Neil’s solo video. Will have to check this one out :-)

  • Patrol

    Pure physical perfection.

    Is this Micky’s military haircut? Ever since I learned he’s in the service I keep picturing him in my jarhead fantasies.

    Having only known Neil’s Fratmen solo until recently, I was surprised to find he’s a bit of a bad-boy troublemaker on Fratpad. He’s not the most well-liked, and in chat he is vacant, frank, testy, unpredictable, all at the same time, which makes him fascinating – and a little hard – to watch. He’s also spoken about drug use in the past. But what a body!

  • lee-dong

    to me its more like a buddy jack off video cause the BJ last a second if that.

  • jlj77

    micky is a hottie…

  • Ike

    Here comes trouble. The longer haired one is adorable. And that means trouble.

  • jazz

    I want Neil so bad!

  • tomtomson

    another midget update?? fucking ugly