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Fratmen Sucks!: Hugo & Jonah

Watch Hugo & Jonah at Fratmen Sucks!\

Fratmen Hugo introduces Fratmen Jonah to his uncut cock as these two studs swap blow jobs and jerk off…

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Fratmen Sucks!: Hugo & Vincent

Watch Hugo & Vincent at Fratmen Sucks!

Hugo and Vincent play around in bed before hitting the shower to swap blow jobs…

Fratmen Sucks!: Jonah & Trent

Watch Jonah & Trent at Fratmen Sucks!

We’ve got a brand-new update with Pad veterans Jonah and Trent. Both of these guys have been at the Pad for a while. They’ve both done plenty of duos, and this one is another hot show….

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Fratmen Sucks!: Kobe & Terry

Kobe & Terry at Fratmen Sucks!

We have a new update on FratmenSUCKS with Kobe and Terry. The update starts with Kobe helping Terry study, moves on to the bed, and finishes in the shower…

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Fratmen Sucks!: Braden & Wally

Braden & Wally at Fratmen Sucks!

It was Braden, who was sort of reserved when he stayed at Fratpad, and Wally, who always pushes the new guys’ boundaries…

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Fratmen Sucks!: Micky & Terry

Micky & Terry at Fratmen Sucks!

The good thing about Terry and Micky is they both have very adequate sized cock’s and gorgeous physiques. The only thing just about better than those characteristics, is how comfortable they seem with each other…

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Fratmen Sucks!: Braden & Jonah

Braden & Jonah at Fratmen Sucks!

Jonah sneaks into a napping Braden’s bed and starts playing with his cock. The rest is a hot update with some real chemistry.

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Fratmen Sucks!: Jace & Kobe

Jace & Kobe at Fratmen Sucks!

Patronizing as Jace may be, he finds delight in alleviating Kobe of his study time to bamboozle him for some suave dancing. To loosen the atmosphere further, Jace offers Kobe a relaxing rub down…

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Fratmen Sucks!: Jonah & Wally

Jonah & Wally at Fratmen Sucks!

When the anxiety finally settles and these two tango in the shower, the sexual escapade begins. Wally gives lessons how to truly pleasure orally and Jonah delightfully provoking the gesture with a massive rock hard erection

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Fratmen Sucks!: Braden & Micky

Braden & Micky at Fratmen Sucks!

Feeling worked over, Braden becomes indulgent to the cool down process, requesting a back rub from Micky. Turning over, Braden is subjected to a full throttling erection…

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Fratmen Sucks!: Benji & Cole

Benji & Cole at Fratmen Sucks!

Fratmen Benji and Cole have a few things in common: giant cocks, wildly popular at the Fratpad, and a willingness to go much “further” than the average straight guy…

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Fratmen Sucks!: Micky & Vincent

Micky & Vincent at Fratmen Sucks!

Micky and Vincent really hit it off and are determined to show each other who the more experienced one is, so to speak…

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Fratmen Sucks!: Asher & Micky

Asher & Micky at Fratmen Sucks!

Being blindfolded is a kinky fetish and nothing new to those who have experimented with it, but hooking up with someone you never met is a surreal fantasy that Asher and Micky have yet to undertake…

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