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Fratmen Sucks!: Asher & Micky

Asher & Micky at Fratmen Sucks!

Asher & Micky at Fratmen Sucks!

Watch Asher & Micky at FratmenSucks

Being blindfolded is a kinky fetish and nothing new to those who have experimented with it, but hooking up with someone you never met is a surreal fantasy that Asher and Micky have yet to undertake. A little anxiety for these guys is natural but things start to really get majestic when nerves settle and the energy transforms into exciting vibrant chemistry. Still unable to identify their partner with the naked eye, these guys explore the smooth defined surface of each other’s astounding physiques. When there’s no where left to go after some euphoric tongue twisting, lip locking making out, Asher and Micky do what every Fratmen does best; get naked! The twist here is these guys have rock hard pulsating penises and hornier than ever. Just how can such a hot moment ever end?!

Watch Asher & Micky at FratmenSucks

  • dio

    love Asher’s big ol’ dick, but everything else is just so… so.

  • maryon0229

    it would have been hotter if they kept their blindfolds on til they cum

    • cepsluvr


    • Ted

      They should have put them both on opposite sides of the room and work to find each other with their hands waving around for 5 mins. Now that I’d watch!

      They also should have surrounded them with really realistic dildos when they went to go at it, make it a real challenge… actually I think I’m starting to describe a game show…

  • Southbay

    I love Micky. My favorite twin.

  • jag2power

    That big ole dong needed to be up inside Mick.

    • littletimone

      Agreed. I don’t know why this silly site always stops just short. I mean he has done all else, and is most definitely one of “US”. What gives?

  • Daniel


  • Cubankid

    Akthough Ajay is my fav twin I guess Micky will do.

  • darkthunder1983

    Poor Micky. He’s all alone now that Ajay has left him for Flirt 4 Free.

    • darkthunder1983

      But I am most likely wrong.

  • tomtomson

    who’s the stage help?? I wanna see HIM having fun!!!!

  • Orion Hunter

    I’d fuck Micky until all of our semen, sweat and saliva dried up and left us nothing but desiccated shells. And even then, I’d persist so I could fuck the dust outta him.

    Imo he and his brother (and a few others – lol!!) should’ve left Fratmen for greener porn pastures long ago.

  • sillyfanny

    Love Micky. Leo did a good job on this one…

  • swim400

    At least they kissed. Love Asher and it was good 2 see Rico.