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CorbinFisher: Duncan (Gets His Game On)

Duncan (Gets His Game On) at CorbinFisher

Duncan (Gets His Game On) at CorbinFisher

Duncan (Gets His Game On) at CorbinFisher

Duncan (Gets His Game On) at CorbinFisher

Duncan (Gets His Game On) at CorbinFisher

Duncan (Gets His Game On) at CorbinFisher

Watch Duncan at CorbinFisher

Duncan loves swimming, sports and working out, but mainly, he says he loves to play online games. In person, this cute guy comes off as pretty chill, but he definitely has an intensity to him – especially when he’s gaming. He likes to win, as Scott found out!

Duncan is serious about whatever he gets into – be it a game, skateboarding or coming (and cumming!) to CF! During his solo, it shows. A lot of times, filming a guy’s solo can take quite a while. They get nervous, they’re freaked out by a camera crew in the room, it’s a Thursday … there’s all kinds of reasons.

And in all seriousness, it’s not easy. Anybody can throw a webcam up and start jerking in the privacy of their bedroom. But once real lights, equipment and a couple of cameramen are involved, a lot of people’s wood goes limp.

Not Duncan! He was eager to get his clothes off and start jerking . Now wonder. Duncan has a lean muscular frame, and a nice long cock and he’s not afraid to show how much he enjoys playing with himself. By the time he got his pants off, his underwear was already wet with precum!

I didn’t ask Duncan if he’s a natural exhibitionist. However, the way he rubs himself, plays with his feet, and smacks his ass kind of gives me a clue that he is!

During his stroke session, Duncan keeps up that enthusiasm (and his dick!). He jerks with both hands, slaps his cock on the chair, and enjoys the hell out of being naked and shooting his load for us. He blasts a big spray of cum all over the chair.

I’d say Duncan won that round. Now I want to see how he does if we give him some real competition. Solos are fun but the real test comes with another person. Even better, another guy! And Duncan does says he likes a challenge!

Watch Duncan at CorbinFisher

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  • Southbay

    Very cute. This one will be back for sure

    • With that pair of beautiful eyes, he’s indeed very CUTE in the glamour photo sets, but not so much in the video, his skin is worse than Cameron.

  • Cphotee82

    Now that’s what I’m talkin about!

  • Timah

    This one is a keeper. I hope he becomes the next go-to bottom.

  • jazz

    The air-brushed glamour shots are misleading. His skin is not that clear in the live action shots. And not that I’m a “size” person, but it seems like CF has a track record of finding guys with the smallest dicks. All that said, I would like to see him in some man on man action…as a bottom of course! LOL

    • Billy.Sive

      I definitely see him bottoming (i’m thinking Cain or Kent) do you really think he’s small? I like big dicks and to me this is just regurlar, good for a bottom (unlike that guy Chip)

    • FeydRautha

      Apparently, CF is where straight guys with teeny weenies go.

      Straight Porn Producer to Duncan: You can’t titty fuck with that shit! Get the fuck outta here!

    • Timah

      Yeah, he has James Edward Olmos cheeks. That’s some real false advertising.

    • porndog

      I noticed the air brushing (and dark lighting) right off as well. While I can appreciate the reason for doing this (to lure us in), it does seem rather ingenuous; some sites do this to the extreme. It’s fine for a fashion magazine, but this is porn, after all.

    • von schlomo

      Are we talking worse skin than Cameron? (Cam’s ass more than makes up for his bad skin, tho)

    • tantiboh

      Wait… you’re complaining about porn being ‘misleading?’

    • jazz

      @vonschlomo – I agree, Cameron’s ass makes me forget about everything else when it comes to him.

      LMAO @ Feyd…so true!

    • porndog

      Just to add, the “real” photos of him do give him a more rougher edge or a rugged look over the pretty-boy glam photos; which is also appealing.

    • bambam85

      hella fine hella fine!!! and who says you gotta have an huge dick to be a top. I had a 6 incher an believe me honey he knew how to work just as if not better than some of these 7 and 8ers. lol.

  • Dave

    If there was a show ‘America’s Next Top Twink,’ I’d vote for him!

  • Billy.Sive

    Finally a guy really worth watching at CF. He’s definitely cute, nice body, great profile. hot hot hot! can’t wait to see him taking Cain’s yummy cock

    • elmtree


  • hollydick

    there is something of Austin, a young Austin !
    hot body, cute face ! a future bottom !
    that’s a YES

    • Daniel

      If dick size is anything to go by then yeah, he could be the new Austin. Not nearly as muscular though.

  • KingSize

    Oh yay! I love him! Hes so cute with his wittle small pee pee!
    Toss out Harley, Carson, and Chandler, we actually got a hot model! Though he could use some ProActive or Clean n Clear…or both…

    • von schlomo

      More like Dermabrasion is a surgical procedure that involves the controlled abrasion (wearing away) of the upper layers of the skin with sandpaper or other mechanical means. Nowadays it has become common to use CO2 or Erbium:YAG laser as well. The procedure requires a local anaesthetic. Afterward, the skin is very red and raw-looking, and it takes several months for the skin to regrow and heal.

  • porndog

    I can never say no to a dark-featured cutie, since CF doesn’t have enough of them, esp since Austin’s gone. I think he’ll fit in well with the others if he stays. I just don’t want to see him on ACS, since the writeup seems to suggest he’s going directly to ACM.

  • Jonny Marzetti

    This is one of those guys whose hotness level seems to vary so much between one shot and another (and I’m not referring to airbrushing). Better than most of the guys CF has been coming up with lately. Kind of cute, but not all that special. Not much to see in the rear. Early last year CF was doing a bang-up jobs coming up with decent-looking (Cameron) to very cute (Kent) guys with great asses.

  • Neobamboom

    Is his penis really only 5.5″? It looks bigger to me.

  • FeydRautha

    Picking toejam out of your feet… is that becoming a thing in CF solos?

  • Cphotee82

    Trey’s younger brother??

    • HKguy

      Oh God,, please don’t ruin this one for me!! Lol

  • Sushi

    Yeah that first “real” shot of him, the vidcap is QUITE a bit different than his glam shots. Toward the end when he’s lying back you can really see the acne pitting. But such is life. He’s super cute, and since even CF says his dick is 5 1/2 inches, he’ll definitely be getting fucked. Finally someone new that I will actually look forward to seeing again. (mini) Hoorah!

  • TheSagaOf


    The still photography here made this guy look like something I would have wanted to pursue….

    …. then I saw who he really was.

  • Mike

    He looks good to me. I like the nerve it takes coming on to a porn site with a 5.5-inch cock. (I’d suck it, no problem). He’s got to be bottom. I hope he comes back soon.

  • CarlosEduarc

    At first he looked a little bit like Jerry Ford for me that’s why i clicked to see more. But no, i can’t compare him with Jerry. Jerry is too hot.
    I don’t like him! He is too average. I think if we both were in high school i could find him hot.

    Anyway i was reading Porndog comments and he talked about CF blonde monopoly. CF should go for a bigger racial variety. I get sick of CF sometimes because of that! IMO a good cast for CF would 3 blonds, 5 darks(brunette), 5 latins, 3 asians, 2 gingers and 3 brown haired.
    And more variety of body size like: CF has muscled models but their boddies aren’t beefy or really amazing! And their Twinks aren’t cute enough, they doesn’t even have pretty faces!
    Connor, Dawson and Cain have a good definition on their upper body but their legs are tiny.
    Aiden’s body is big but it’s weird, it’s not attractive at all!

    • marcus carls

      Two questions, Carlos:
      1) what is the difference between “darks (brunettes)” and “brown-haired”?
      2) Do you mean for the site to have no black models? Or is black somehow included in Latin or brown-haired?

      And one comment: I agree regarding the bodies, but Cain has actually been working on his legs. They look much closer to his big upper body now.

    • CarlosEduarc

      Ok i’ll answer:
      1) Darks i mean guys with dark brown and black hair, brown haired i mean guys with brown or dirty blond hair.
      2)It’s too hard to find a really handsome black guy to do gay porn so i don’t even bother. And no you can’t place latins on the same place of black guys. Every race must have their own place.

      If CF can find hot black dudes, fuck yeah i like it.

    • marcus carls

      Carlos, I could start a debate about “Latin” not being its own race, but a mixture. Most of us agree that people from Latin America can look black, European, Asian, or Indian (while being a mix of two or more of those groups).

      I could say something about how these US-American porn sites–the ones aimed at a white viewership–have trouble finding black models, but there are whole sites devoted to them — but with lower budgets. I find it interesting that Brazilian porn, to take just one example, always has attractive models of every complexion, including black.

      But most of that has been repeated here a million times. So I’ll just thank you for responding.

  • Dixster9inch

    He is cute! His dick is bigger than Dawson’s and they have his listed as 7.5″ so take the bio with a grain of salt.

    • marcus carls

      My mind went straight to Dawson, too!

    • clusterfuck

      Sleeping with “Corbin Fisher” adds inches to your dick size and takes years off your real age!

  • adowhat

    finally, a real cutie with potential at CF. hope’s he is brought back fast…kent or cameron would be nice. or connor, let’s see more his hot new ripped body.

  • HKguy

    He’s definitely cute, nice tight little body a hot ass, his dick looks fine to me, hope he comes back, would love to see Conner throw this one around

  • cuban223


  • Patrol

    Like many commentors above, I got excited after looking at the photoset. Duncan doesn’t look bad in the video, just different. I like the lean body, flirtatious eyes, and a hint of Josh Hartnett. And yes, he has a pockmarked face like Cameron and Will’s.

    This solo actually does more than most recent CF ones do. I like the peekaboo shots of his scrotum showing through his underwear’s leg opening, and how the precum makes several stains on the underwear. Duncan wets his nipples with saliva which I presume implies he may be gay? The cumming-on-leather-chair bit is a little SC-ish. CF used to have models cum on towels and bedsheets but lately it’s all nutting-on-stomach.

    • von schlomo

      Yeah that nipple play might as well be telegraphing a big ole butt plug. He’s a “fan of the site”. Surprised the copy editor didn’t mention that in the novella.

      He’s still cute, tho he just first appeared strikingly gorgeous in the stills. I love his hairy boy pussy. lol

  • Ryder25

    Yum. The skin issue gives him character. Love him.

  • DaddyYankee

    Hot, very hot! I hope to see him back soon.

  • Fazz

    He looks beautiful! Really, has that Anime look, like Trey.
    Now that I think about it, he actually looks like he could be related to Trey. hmm.

  • jag2power

    Whoa! WOW! Maybe, almost time to renew.

  • gaisle

    finally CF got it right this time, the last few solo update was terrible, me likey DUNCAN

  • Daniel

    At first glance he resembles Trey so much. Great looking guy from the side, but front on his face and head disappears into his neck.

  • pubert

    He looks like an alien. And those first photoshopped images should be illegal. That’s false advertising if I’ve ever seen it. He’s got more craters in his face than the moon.

  • Devin Sixx

    He’s Hawttt !! My CAIN should pound the hell outta him !!

  • humanoid

    weirdly traingle short face and very bad skin. but i want to see him getting plowed in the ass senseless though.

  • jinger

    I don’t like him