ChaosMen: Solomon & Vander (RAW Toys)

Solomon & Vander (RAW Toys) at ChaosMen

Solomon & Vander (RAW Toys) at ChaosMen

Solomon & Vander (RAW Toys) at ChaosMen

Solomon & Vander (RAW Toys) at ChaosMen

Solomon & Vander (RAW Toys) at ChaosMen

Solomon & Vander (RAW Toys) at ChaosMen

Watch Solomon & Vander at

After two fuck films where Solomon takes it up the ass, he finally gets a chance to Top!

Solomon knew he would have trouble staying hard, so opted to bottom the first couple times until his confidence grew. He does a fine job topping…a little wobbly here and there, but he is so aggressive that it works. He is an Angry Fucker!

I sent pictures of Solomon to Vander to see if he would bottom for him. Mostly a Top, Vander certainly likes a good fucking, and if it is a beefcake straight boy, he gets in piggy bottom mode! His answer was a resounding, “YES!”

I wanted to do some toy play, so the two used the FleshJacks on each other. I have to admit, it is pretty hot. Neither had ever used one before, so there is only a teeny bit of clumsiness, then WOW, they both go at it full-tilt! Some really really HOT FleshJack play. (Yeah I know, it seems like the site is FleshJack crazy this wasn’t intentional!)

Solomon then fucks Vander and after having been fucked twice, you would think he would take it slow, but he just shoves it in like he was fucking a pussy. Thankfully, Vander is not a pussy, and rides it out, then starts encouraging him.

Solomon doesn’t wear deodorant, and even though I had sanitized Vander in case Solomon would get freaked from “man scent” it turns out Solomon likes the way he smells. Wasn’t long before Solomon was making Vander lick his pits. I swear there is some pit-to-kissing action that surely must have been ripe- I think Solomon liked it!

Solomon hits his groove and Vander busts his nut while being fucked. Solomon then juices Vander and I believe that is the first time he has cum standing (he has been practicing). He still needs to jerk-off in a frenzy, but I think we are going to have a versatile guy on our hands!

Watch Solomon & Vander at

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  • moondoggy

    I don’t think Vander’s underwear is doing much for me here. I wonder what he would look like in a bikini brief? I love a really big man in really little underwear. Of course I’m just nitpicking — pleasurably — because I think everything he does is pure orgasm gold. I can honestly say I’ve never known another porn star who would have a harder time disappointing me.

    Solomon is still gorgeous. The question of how he performs is worthy of discussion, but I’m looking forward to watching this and I think I’m going to enjoy it. The fleshlights seem pointless to me, but they don’t interfere with my enjoyment.

    • EmpireState

      I agree. Much like hot girls flaunt their goods, big studs wear the smallest clothes so you KNOW they’re big. I can live with that, hahaha

  • jinger

    I like these two :P hot

  • von schlomo

    Bryan is such a strange creature. Let’s take this perfectly hot pairing, make it a little nasty by adding in smelly armpits and hairy man ass BUT we really need to add in the completely pointless fleshjacks! Yeah, if we don’t have the fleshjacks then this scene will just be lacking and we can’t have that! Ugh!!!!

    A double ended dildo is the only toy that should have appeared here and even that would have been totally telegraphing how this scene is grasping at straws! It should have been a flip-flop with Solomon grimacing in pain while Vander pounds him into submission, all folded up, knees to chest. Dude says he likes pain, ya know.

    • CarlosEduarc

      I agree with everything you said! But i think a model like Tobin would be better to use a Double headed dildo with Solomon.

    • moondoggy

      Oh, I disagree. The dildo definitely would have interfered with my enjoyment. It’s totally hypocritical now that I think of it, because one is a simulated dick and one is a simulated ass, so I should dislike them both equally. But to me, the dildo always says, “Your dick isn’t enough for me, so I’d rather you fuck me with a piece of plastic.” But I don’t think anyone would ever say, “Fucking your raw hole isn’t enough for me, so I’d rather fuck this piece of plastic.” That’s why the fleshtube doesn’t bother me, because it doesn’t seem to represent a commentary on the other partner; but I guess that’s also why you see the fleshtube as more pointless than the dildo, because a tube can’t compete and a dildo can.

    • porndog

      I’m not big on toys and I esp detest fleshjacks. I can’t believe they’ve become so pervasive in gay porn; they add nothing to a scene and look like big, unwieldy plastic bottles.

    • manu

      I love these 2 guys and I agree about the DOUBLE HEADED DILDO thing – we need to see MORE of this and ban fleshjacks from porn sets .they are useless.

    • mat

      i feel you.i hate Fj with a passion,it’s pointless and so ugly to look at,looks like a 1$ ikea vase.they look super hot and that’s a pity for the scene

    • Jonny Marzetti

      @porndog I’m with you on this one. Dildoes are usually an annoyance to me, but fleshjacks are beyond annoying. Too bad Bryan felt the need to mar this scene, which otherwise is one of the best they’ve had in awhile.

    • asswipe

      porndog, I agree with you 100 percent. I am no toy lover in the least and detest fleshjacks. Your also right they add nothing to a scene. In my mind they detract from a scene. If a pornographic scene has two or more guys in a scene, then these men have dicks, they have mouths, they have assholes. SO USE THEM. I really like Bryan O and what he is doing, but ultimately subscribers want to see hot guys having sex for the camera.

  • FeydRautha

    I hate seeing Vander’s big ol’ dick go to waste like this.

    • asswipe

      Totally agree. I wanted Vander back in new scenes but not like this. Vander needs to lay some serious pipe up these other models asses at CM.

  • CarlosEduarc

    This could have been a great vanilla update.
    Solomon never did so much for me but after the nasty pig side he showed on this update, he does nothing for me!
    Anyway i’m not so into hairy guys! This scene does nothing for me.

  • anoir

    2 x beefy hunks = YES

  • elmtree

    Love both of these models…they are both hot. I would have preferred a flip fuck and I would also prefer if Bryan did not provide his descriptions (some of his comments are actually a turnoff) but I look forward to watching.

    • Mykons

      Thank -You Elmtree GLAD SOMEONE ELSE said what I was thinking. I was like WTH is Bryan trying to get people to dislike Solomon or what? Now i just feel bad for the girls he dates if that is true. Just Uhhh Yrun the camera on and shoot sex and get a description writer for petes sake cuse that was just uhhh.

  • dio

    i’m kinda bored w/ Vander, tbh. But, I abso CANNOT @ how hot I’m beginning to find Solomon… LOL I dunno what it is, but I guess being paired with Vander (no offence) has brought into perspective how dead handsome the really guy is?

  • Tom

    Looks very hot ! :-P

  • PornJock

    Of course this airs just as my subscription had already ended. Haha. But these are 2 guys I would actually renew for. I say let Vander top more if that is his preference and Solomon bottom more if he enjoys pain. They should have at least flipped but I do recall seeing a screenshot preview back in December of Solomon riding Vander’s cock so that should be on the horizon or going by Bryan’s languid pace, half a year away!

  • TheSagaOf

    Hot. Will I sign up with Chaos Men because of this update? Stay tuned on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z.

  • manu

    I think it’s safe to say that Vander is the perfect man.

    • CalRegularGuy

      100% agree. I was thinking this while watching. Can’t imagine someone I would rather watch than Vander (except maybe Logan).

  • muffintop

    Huh, when I first heard about this pairing I thought it was the way around. Makes sense for Solomon to top though, he isn’t exactly the most adept at bottoming so Vander’s piece would probably have been too much. Hot pairing, I like how both guys have some body hair and full pubes. Could have done without the unwieldy plastic bottles, as porndog put it.

    • asswipe

      “…so Vander’s piece would probably have been too much…” Actually I believe that it would have been ideal for these two models as well as the audience. Maybe CM will have a scene in the future that switch the roles and Solomon can fully enjoy all that is Vander.

  • landreau

    Does anyone find fleshjacks hot — or even interesting? Completely useless in porn — and should be banned. But I’m not into bareback either, so it’s lose-lose for me — even though Vander is one of the hottest guys at CM.

  • Colby Parr

    Solomon topping? Dreams do come true.

  • CalRegularGuy

    This is a good pairing. But after watching, I have the distinct sense that Bryan got it backwards. Vander should have definitely been topping, and particularly given Solomon’s perennial hard-on troubles he should have been taking it. Solomon just seems so naturally submissive. I would have like to have seen a bit more physicality (slapping, spanking, etc.) – what was there was very hot. All-in-all a great update. This is the CM I have loved.

  • Daniel

    Looks hot.

  • jag2power

    Solomon is hot! He doesn’t need to be versatile, just fucked and creamed.

    • asswipe

      Agreed Solomon doesn’t need to be versatile and should of been riding Vander’s dick in this update.

    • They’re both great bottoms!

  • trixM92

    Vander would be the perfect boyfriend , he’s been my CM favorite for a while now . He should have taught Solomon how to use that dick of his. I doubt Solly would be able to take Vanders weapon though . Btw that ASPEN tattoo seems appropriate today , his performace was cold.

  • solomon

    like what you see? follow me on twitter! @aspensolomon

  • They needed me for these two totally hot bottom dudes!