AmateurCollegeSex: Peyton Drills Olivia

Peyton Drills Olivia at AmateurCollegeSex

Peyton Drills Olivia at AmateurCollegeSex

Peyton Drills Olivia at AmateurCollegeSex

Peyton Drills Olivia at AmateurCollegeSex

Peyton Drills Olivia at AmateurCollegeSex

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Competitive bodybuilder Peyton enjoyed doing his solo. He told me he likes being in front of the camera, but he was a little nervous about shooting his first action scene. Luckily, Olivia was here to give him some real hands-on training!

Olivia starts off by kissing Peyton. She gets his shirt off, while he gets her down on the bed. Olivia rolls over on top of him and licks and kisses Peyton’s muscular torso. She massages his cock through his underwear.

Peyton plays with her tits, and smacks Olivia’s ass. She goes down on his cock. She moves into a 69 position so Peyton can eat her out. Olivia sucks his thick dick while he sticks his tongue into her pussy.

Olivia flips around and slides onto Peyton’s cock. She bounces up and down on his long dick. Peyton thrusts up inside Olivia, making her whimper and moan.

Peyton shoves his cock up into Olivia harder. She tells him to stand up. With her legs wrapped around him, he fucks her while standing. Olivia’s loving how his cock goes so deep in her. Peyton pounds her faster. She gets on her hands and knees. Peyton fucks her doggy-style.

Peyton drills Olivia until she’s face down on the bed. He slows down his thrusts, pulling almost all the way out, then slamming back into her. He uses every bit of muscle to pound her harder.

Peyton says he’s going to cum and he quickly pulls out. Olivia strokes a thick load out of him that sprays cum all the way up her stomach. Looks like Peyton is a natural!

Watch Peyton & Olivia at

elmtree says:

Not drop dead flawless but he lools pretty good. Actually looks better here then he did in his solo update. Wouldn’t mind seeing some man-on-man action from him in the future.

AlfonsoR85 says:

He’s cute. Here’s hoping to see him on some man on man action.

FeydRautha says:

Blech! Gross. I wasn’t sure I wanted to see him over on ACM and this just puts me right off him.

von schlomo says:

Kinda looks like a dork…let’s see how he fucks.

Daniel says:

Meh. Something off about the face.

JJMIKE says:

So ordinary. Nothing special at all. He should disappear.

HKguy says:

She should’ve given him the strap-on treatment!

jinger says:

I agree, but only Ashley can do that, the other girls are all pussies

Southbay says:

Looks hot hope he comes back to ACM

jazz says:

I DEMAND that Corbin Fisher use condoms for all of they guy on girl scenes! I mean fair is fair! LOL

jazz says:


trixM92 says:

This looks quite good but in his solo the write up said they couldn’t wait to get him paired with another bodybuilder . Olivia is pretty and all but I think she’s lacking the muscle to be a bodybuilder lol

Patrol says:

The photos wisely excludes shots of the pink (!) briefs Peyton sports in the actual video. For some reason I find him almost asexual (with or without pink briefs). Just not my type I guess.

I actually like the closeups of Peyton’s tongue trying to get as deep as possible into Olivia’s folds. He managed to get 1/3 in. Wish this segment were longer since it was shot in the style of a rimming. Peyton also tries to air-fuck Olivia for a bit but he really pales in comparison to Cain, who has better posture and doesn’t shift his weight once.

clusterfuck says:

BWAHAHAHAHA thanks for the laughs Corbin Fisher….

pubert says:

Meh. Very average guy. Don’t know why there’s a girl.