FraternityX: Sketchy Sex

Sketchy Sex at FraternityX

Sketchy Sex at FraternityX

Sketchy Sex at FraternityX

Sketchy Sex at FraternityX

Sketchy Sex at FraternityX

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Nothing beats a big line and two rock hard cocks in your ass and mouth. After an insane weekend of partying a bunch of us piled into the basement for some sketchy sex. Cody and Tyler started on my ass. Then Tyler wanted us to take turns fucking him. I fucking love the weekend!

Watch Sketchy Sex Video Clip | Visit FraternityX

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  • adowhat

    if its sketchy…um, better not do it. yikes! but the cumshot at the end…hot!

  • Paschal

    The guy in the blue tee must be the dean of the college! Dean Wormer anyone?? lol

  • asswipe

    “Sketchy Sex” or is it Sketchy Site?…Both!

  • porndog

    This site has it’s hot moments, but after watching a few vids, I was mostly turned off by the brutal “fuck the fag” nonsense that is the main theme of their scenes. The sex isn’t even good and most of those in the room do not participate, and the whole “dorm” is kinda gross and the fratboys, filthy looking. I can only imagine how it all smells.

    • GEL

      Must agree with porndog all the way. MY thoughts exactly.

  • Daniel

    Who’s the guy in the white tshirt? He’s hot

    • von schlomo

      That would be Tyler Shields, of ChaosMen fame.

  • james08908

    Did they use Vaseline Petroleum jelly to lubricate?? lol

  • moondoggy

    Wow. I take porndog’s comment seriously, but jeez, some of these pics are mighty arousing. The endowments on some of these guys are seriously eye-popping, and the vaseline on the counter is a nice touch, as is the “we can end world hunger” sign being blocked in the shot to read “we can end hung.” And the cumshot … holy hell. I have a difficult time believing I wouldn’t enjoy this scene on mute at least.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      My larger comment is on mod as I right this, but I think this site is plenty hot since they went all BB,

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Meant “write this,” not “right this.”

  • Jonny Marzetti

    FraternityX has had some very hot stuff, especially since they went almost all bareback a number of months ago. But despite some of the hot aspects of this particular scene (already pointed out), it’s far from their best.

    Regarding porndog’s comments, maybe I just missed it, but I haven’t heard “fag” in their scenes. There is a lot of “you’re our bitch” stuff, but I have no problem with that in this kind of setting. And — unlike Corbin Fisher or Sean Cody — FraternityX does *not* try to claim the guys are straight. In fact, on the issue their “about” says “we don’t like labels.” That’s refreshing.

    • JocDoc

      I’m with Jonny. The videos are surprisingly hot and addictive. But Porndog is correct. I did hear a few references to the guys getting gang banged as “fag” or “faggot”. I think they were smart to realize quickly that they were killing the cash cow with that language, so they switched to calling their abused boys “bitches”. Since most of the guys toping are also bottoms in the video, I think it’s a term they can all live with. As to the formula for the videos, they may not be acceptable to all but they have certainly found a niche (me being one of them). I don’t think any homosexual male has not had at least 1 or 2 fantasies wishing they could have their way with and dominate a hot straight guy. I certainly have, so these videos are just what the doctor ordered when it comes to my taste and the shift to bareback just makes it more realistic!