ChaosMen: Jet & Darius ‘Edge’

Jet & Darius 'Edge' at ChaosMen

Jet & Darius 'Edge' at ChaosMen

Jet & Darius 'Edge' at ChaosMen

Watch Jet & Darius at

Hot little Edge video with some Raw action!

Cool moments to keep an eye out for:

1. Look for Jet‘s balls moving around during the fast play of his dick waking up.

2. Darius may like to bottom, but his dick wakes up as he shoves an extra large dildo up Jet’s ass.

3. Jet’s cock gets really creamy white as Darius blows him to cumming- it is from Darius using his own load to jerk Jet off from a fantasy sequence minutes before.

4. Ass to Mouth lovers watch for Darius sliding off Jet’s cock then blowing him.


Watch Jet & Darius at

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  • Colby Parr

    This is all kinds of disgusting.

    • Fazz

      Why is it disgusting? Are you sure you’re using that word (disgusting) correctly?

      Are we even watching the same pics??

      And finally, how many types of “disgusting” have you seen anyway, do you work in a morgue or are you some type of handler of large quantities of garbage?

    • Colby Parr

      Using your cum as lube to jack someone off? Disgusting!
      Ass to mouth under any circumstances? Disgusting!

    • Jonny Marzetti

      I personally find the idea hot. But I say “idea” because it’s obviously faked anyway, especially the ass to mouth. A bunch of vacant “let’s trick ’em” BS.

  • gaisle

    i love JET and DARIUS, thanks Chaosmen…

  • Fazz

    Looks like a good scene. Wish they’d reveal more in these pics though.

  • Southbay

    I love Jet. I hope he does more vids

  • tyler

    fuck yeah!

    • elmtree

      Well said…and so true!

  • Sam14

    Jet is perfect but hope he do more!

  • von schlomo

    Hot damn! love these two and can’t wait to see the video! Can’t wait to see things going in and out of Jet’s ass!!!

  • PornJock

    Sounds like the best parts are what they don’t show in these pics. I hope they Darius do more of the Serviced and Edge vids!

  • moondoggy

    This is my penis.

    This is my penis after watching Darius suck and swallow(?). (I’ll send you a check to cover the expenses of your computer screen exploding from the projectile force of my erection, assuming you can still read this.)

  • pm21jj

    hot !

  • CalRegularGuy

    Home Run! Out of the park. I’d be happy if Chaos only did one update a week of this caliber.

    It’s crazy how sexy these two are together.

  • TheSagaOf

    A ChaosMen subscription is exactly what the doctor ordered.

  • Daniel

    Jet’s OK.

  • muffintop

    Hot guys, but should have been a full action scene.

  • kinezo


  • Jonny Marzetti

    Sigh. “Ass to Mouth lovers watch for Darius sliding off Jet’s cock then blowing him” should say “Ass to Mouth lovers watch for FAKE, FAKE, FAKE ATM by Darius.” There are all sorts of cuts and camera-angle changes between the time that Darius dismounts and the time he starts sucking. So it’s OBVIOUSLY FAKE. For that matter, we can’t really tell that Darius is even actually being penetrated before he cums and “dismounts.” Looks like he might just be sitting on top of the cock at that point. If it’s supposedly real, why not SHOW IT CLEARLY? This IS hardcore porn, after all, no? Some of the other supposed kink here also raises suspicions about veracity, but the ATM is definitely 100% BOGUS.

    On the plus side it’s glad to see Bryan “thinking kink” (and without a woman around like in the CF bi crap)! But how about doing THE REAL THING, instead of assuming your viewers will fall for the fake shit? Also, put in pics that accurately reflect the action! I’d venture to say that at least half the people who view this page don’t even read the writeup.

    As for the guys, Darius is pretty hot, as usual. Jet ain’t so hot neck-up, and the way this was shot emphasizes that deficiency.

    Anyway REAL filth please, Bryan. REAL filth! This scene alone would have meant a definite renewal for me if everything had been verifiably real, but not now. In fact, it probably makes me lean the other way because it ticks me off getting jerked around.

  • tyler

    the ass to mouth isnt faked, although there are edits in the scene- this is one of the only clips i have ever watched all the way thru and i came at the same time darius did when he was riding jet’s big cock

    • Jonny Marzetti

      I took another look — a CLOSE look, and believe me, THE ASS-TO MOUTH *IS* VERY MUCH FAKED, in both places. In fact, the seond time it occurs there are MULTIPLE abrupt cuts and camera-angle changes between the time cock leaves ass and enters mouth. Which means it was faked, there was intervention taking place. (However, on closer inspection it’s also clear that the shot where I doubted that penetration was actually occuring IS real.)

  • Jonny Marzetti

    The ass to mouth IS faked.

    The first time, at 23:54, Darius is sitting on Jet’s cock, and then it abruptly switches to a shot of Darius kneeling and sucking. They didn’t even *attempt* to make it look real for that one.

    The second time, starting at 29:30, Darius stands up from sitting on Jet’s cock (yes, he *was* actually being penetrated before standing), turns and kneels. Camera abruptly changes to a lower shot. Darius takes cum from Jet’s leg and smears some on Jet’s cock. Then a sudden cut to a further back angle. Then another sudden cut back to a closer up angle. THEN, after all those cuts, Darius starts sucking Jet’s cock. Why on earth would there be so many cuts between the time Darius stood up and the time he started sucking if they were supposed to be depicting ass to mouth? 95% chance it was faked, and 5% chance Bryan is incredibly inept at depicting this properly.

    If you want to see *real* ATM on a subscription site scene, look at Sean fucking Dawson from 4-21-11. Dawson is sitting on Sean after a bare entry, and he stands up, turns around, and sucks Seans cock a bit WHILE THE CAMERA STAYS IN PLACE — no cuts, not even a split second…

    Bryan is faking it. Most straight (and many gay) guys draw the line at ATM, so it usually has to be faked on these kinds of sites. But I bet Bryan has at least a few guys he could cajole into the real thing. THIS WASN’T THE REAL THING.

  • Jonny Marzetti

    …and on the tiny chance that this was just gross directing and editing ineptness on Bryan’s part, he should take a look at any of 1000’s of straight ATM scenes (camera NEVER strays from cock during ATM) — or Dawson’t REAL straight-from ass sucking of Sean’s cock midway through CF’s 4-21-11 episode. The camera never strayed from cock there, either. “ATM” with a cut is generally as fucking where you see no penetration, like when Cody Cummings pretended to botttom.

  • jinger

    Nice guys