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AmateurCollegeSex: Steve Fucks Harper & Ashley

Steve Fucks Harper & Ashley at AmateurCollegeSex

Steve Fucks Harper & Ashley at AmateurCollegeSex

Steve Fucks Harper & Ashley at AmateurCollegeSex

Steve Fucks Harper & Ashley at AmateurCollegeSex

Steve Fucks Harper & Ashley at AmateurCollegeSex

Steve Fucks Harper & Ashley at AmateurCollegeSex

Watch Steve, Harper & Ashley at

No sooner has hot and eager freshman Harper, gotten topped by Connor, he’s ready to get nailed by another big muscle guy. This time, it’s Steve!

Harper also mentioned to Connor he was curious about Ashley’s dominatrix skills. While she doesn’t tie him up in this video, he definitely gets a taste of what it’s like to be under Ashley’s command!

Steve and Ashley quickly get Harper’s clothes off, kissing and licking him all over. Steve sucks Harper’s dick, while Ashley plays with Steve’s cock. Steve feeds Harper his dick while Ashley takes her turn sucking Harper.

Ashley then jumps on Harper’s cock! She slides down, letting Harper fill her pussy with his dick. Ashley sucks Steve as she rides Harper. She tells Steve to stick his dick in Harper’s mouth and then to suck his balls. Harper thrusts up inside Ashley. Then she moves onto all fours so Steve can eat her out while she blows Harper. Steve shoves his dick into her after getting her ready with his tongue. Steve pounds Ashley while her mouth is on Harper’s cock.

Steve sucks Harper’s dick, going down on him while still fucking Ashley. Harper kneels down to suck Steve, tasting Ashley on his cock. Harper strokes his big dick, making Steve want to see him fuck Ashley again.

Ashley rides Harper in a reverse-cowgirl. She blows Steve as she bounces up and down on Harper. Ashley crabwalks over Harper so Steve can play with her pussy, before he puts Harper’s dick back in his mouth.

Harper drills up into Ashley. Steve sucks his dick and licks Ashley again, then plays with her tits. Steve shoves his cock back into her as Harper sucks her toes. Steve pounds away, and then he’s ready to fuck Harper.

Steve fingers Harper while Ashley sucks him, prepping Harper to get fucked. Steve slides his cock deep into Harper’s hole. Steve pounds Harper as he kisses Ashley. Ashley jerks Harper’s dick as he gets nailed.

Harper lies on his back. Steve slams his cock back into Harper’s ass. Ashley sits on Harper’s face and strokes his dick. Steve fucks a huge load out of Harper!Watch Steve, Harper & Ashley at

  • pubert

    I know Harper didn’t have to eat that ugly orangutan titted bitch’s pussy. Ew.

  • jazz

    Ewwwww why CF why? Please only pair Harper with models that are on the same level with him! Like Zeb, Sean, Kent, etc. Certainly NOT these fugs!

    • Colby Parr

      Exactly. Harper is too fine to be paired up with these uglies.

    • elmtree

      Agreed. I would lover to see a Harper/Sean bb flip…yum!

    • Neobamboom

      No not zeb! I dont mind steve or the chick because Harper finally gets bbed.

    • Mike

      Wow. What a waste of a bareback scene with Harper.

  • cuban223

    Steve is UGLY the chick is ok but Harper is smoking. Overall IT was an ok update.

  • clusterfuck

    Next CF update: Dawson and Steve – When Foreheads Collide!

    • elmtree

      The Dawson forehead jokes were only funny the first 20 times you said them…

    • scottnyer

      LOL. Well, elmtree’s comment was pretty funny.

    • porndog

      C’mon guys. You know if clusterfuck didn’t make a Dawson forehead joke, he was gonna explode!

    • clusterfuck

      Dawson’s Forehead jokes go into retirement when Dawson’s Forehead goes into retirement from gay porn. Got that?

    • elmtree

      Well then keep em coming cuz I hope Dawson keeps making vids…

  • Southbay

    2 Harper updates in a week. Love it! I’m glad his sexy ass is getting fucked again. But why does it have to be by ugly ass Steve. He doesn’t deserve Harper

  • jinger

    Steve?? Oh fuck no! >_<

  • solidus4

    I can tell Harpor loves to get dominated and fucked senseless! He deserves to be paired with someone closer to his level, but nevertheless I’m looking forward to seeing this.

  • Bi Boy1986

    CF is killing me. Harper is so hot, and those two are just awful. I can’t see how CF doesn’t understand that.

  • alias74

    I wasn’t completely sold on third nipple/near albino Steve but after seeing him gang Aiden, DP Sean and now THIS?…a) Steve is growing on me and b) he is becoming CF’s top MASTER-BREEDER! Sloppy loads and plunging cream pie goodness.
    As for Harper – Yum ass, yum face, yum scar, yum BOTTOM-ABILITY! YUM YUM YUM INFINITY! CF would do well to keep this cat on in a Dawson-Connor-Cain-Travis capacity…mmm’kay?!?!?

    • von schlomo

      Yeah, I was expecting a lot of hate on Steve but the near unanimous level is surprising. I kinda like big ole Steve, especially when bottoming. 1) CF doesn’t have a really big guy, except for Aiden, 2) I love to see the big boys get pounded and 3) I think his face is cute enough….not stellar.

      I’m also apparently not feeling Harper like everyone else is. I do like him and I think he’s hot but I don’t really see the 2nd coming of Christ.

    • CarlosEduarc

      With a simple surgery Steve can get rid of the third nipple.
      His shoulders and pecs are double the size that used to be.
      But he lacks on something i don’t know what it is yet. Something to make him look better. Something with his hair maybe?
      There’s something that can improve a lot too, maybe a green suit?

    • moondoggy

      I liked Steve from day 1, but alias is making me like him even more. Damn guy, you should be his wing man. Imagine him sitting in a bar minding his own business, and you walk up to the hottest guy in the room, point to Steve, and say, “MASTER BREEDER! Sloppy loads and plunging cream pie goodness”? The next sound you hear will be tires screeching in the parking lot with Steve in that guy’s passenger seat. That’s assuming they don’t just fuck in the restroom.

    • alias74

      @VonSchlomo…when did Steve bottom?

      @CarlosEduarc…ya know? Maybe he should darken his hair…my ‘near albino’ comment was definitely hyperbolic but his pale, pink skin and light hair just sorta makes him indistinct if not like a grown up steroid version of one of thosr creepy kids from ‘Village of the Damned’. So yeah…maybe he just needs a spray tan and darker hair.

      @Moondoggy…thanks! I actually do make a good wingman precisely because I have no qualms about walking up to guys in an effort to hook them up with my friends. Thanks for the tactical suggestion…

    • CarlosEduarc

      But look, Steve is already taning his body. And because of that the super blond hair crontrasts too much with his skin.
      If he dye his hair it will look fake and he can’t grow more hair because of his recending line. IMO he should stay they he is that’s good already.
      But he may try to get some natural tan. If he put some solar protector FPS 60 and stay on the normal sun for 1 hour every day he will look fantastic!

    • porndog

      Glad I’m not the only one liking Steve lately. He is a cute, big, goofy dude who I wouldn’t mind having a roll with. Love his beefiness.

    • marcus carls

      @ alias – I can’t see where Steve bottomed on regular CF or Select.

    • von schlomo

      I thought Steve had bottomed but I guess I’m wrong. Its kinda hard to tell on CF Select, but I had to double check ACM & ACS to make sure. Maybe I was getting Tom and Steve confused. LOL

      So, I can’t wait til Steve bottoms!

  • Sushi

    I can only agree and join the chorus of everyone else that has commented before me. WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY is Steve even on the site?! He’s an ugly Jeff knock-off with no redeeming qualities. Harper, on the other hand, is one of the few truly smokin’ pieces of man-meat that CF has introduced! Have him bottom; have him dominated–hard–but by great looking guys. Come on!

    What a waste!!

  • Dixster9inch

    Can’t stand Harper so I’m glad the jolly green Irish giant cummed and pumped it back inside him.

  • rakastettu

    Mmm, Harper. Yes!

    Could do without the other two…

  • CarlosEduarc

    I don’t know what people see in Harper that makes them think he is a greek god. His body is in good shape, but his muscles are flat. His face is very, very average. If go out on the street i can see a lot of guys with the same facial features. He doesn’t have a pretty smile, pretty lips, pretty eyes or pretty cheecks. But he has one nice dick.

    Does he has some sexyness that i can’t see? Like FP twins Ajay and Micky, they have their faces full of acne and they’re not even handsome but they are Crazy Hot! Is Harper like them and i can’t see what is hot on him?

    • pubert

      What the fuck are you smoking? I rarely come across a guy with a face as cute as Harper’s. Nice, petite features. Good hair line. Perfect white teeth. Good shape overall. No, this is not average. Most guys have something horribly wrong with their face. Harper does not, as far as I can see.

  • HKguy

    Harper is so fucking hot it is a shame that he is paired with Steve and Ghastly!!! Poor Harper get him with some hotties, he deserves better than this mish mosh!

  • Patrol

    One of the joys of porn is seeing models who you’d never expect to be dirty to do exactly that. With his linebacker physique, Steve certainly doesn’t look like someone who’d bareback a guy and even take sloppy seconds, so I do enjoy the element of surprise.

    There’s a throwaway moment in this update when Steve casually yanks Harper’s cock out of Ashley’s vagina in mid-fuck, gives it a good licking, and puts it back in Ashley in an unbroken shot. I wish Ashley were wetter so the bit could be more visually exciting (none of the ACS girls is ever remotely wet) but it’s a welcome break from the usual positions.

    Steve also seems to know what makes a good creampie. Really like globs of cum on his dick and the ring of semen that forms around Harper’s hole as Steve reinserts his cock. This is one of the rare ACS scenes that keep all three models busy throughout the scene.

    • alias74

      @Patrol…thanks for pointing out the VTM (Vagina to Mouth) moment…CF needs to kick up the kink a little more if you ask me.
      meanwhile…great use of the term ‘throwaway moment’.

    • von schlomo

      That kind of throwaway moment, a term that I had never heard, BTW, is enough to make me bust! LOL It’s perplexing why they don’t do that more often, in varying forms, since most all the boys eat pussy, are “straight”, so you’d think they’d like pussy flavored cock.

  • adowhat

    the blondes ruin this for me…i feel sorry for my harper. yes, he’s mine. ;-)

  • Bradster

    Steve has some major UGLY going on. Total turn off. Poor Harper.

  • landreau

    Not surprised by the Steve hate on this site. You guys really seem to dislike beefy, masculine guys. I just wish they’d have some fuck that incredible ass of his already — or at least let him fuck himself with his fingers or a dildo.

    I don’t care for the triple-biway scenes though. I don’t mind guy on guy or guy on girl, but don’t want to see it all mixed together.

    • CarlosEduarc

      99% of the bi guys think like you about mixing guys and girls on the same fuck.

  • danieldenial

    Harper would be soooo hot without that grotesque scar

  • marcus carls

    Harper is so cute in that first pic, he makes Steve look hot. (Steve does have a hot body, but his face–not his best feature–is what being next to Harper improved). Does Harper have, like, overflowing good looks? Haha!

  • muffintop

    Would have been great without the pussy. You really have to wonder how many people actually care for these bi threeway. You’d think subscribers are only watching it for the dudes.

  • Daniel

    Poor Harper, caught between two ogres.

    • humanoid

      I was gonna say that!

    • jugde6

      I love my golden ogre Steve

  • gsgrz

    So glad to see Harper twice! My only complaint is his hair. I think it looked better when it was a bit longer like on his solo video.

  • Jonny Marzetti

    Don’t get all the Harper adoration. He’s pleasant-enough looking, but I can see a lot cuter guys walking down the street. Getting a better haircut would help. Let it grow out, and down a little.

  • trixM92

    Harper is really handsome no doubt about that . But seriously why the fuck is Ashley still around , i dont like making fun of her ( actually i do!) she needs to let the boys be boys and dissappear.

  • jugde6

    I love my golden Gladiator, Steve