CorbinFisher: Duncan Gets Fucked (By Cain)

Duncan Gets Fucked (By Cain) at CorbinFisher

Duncan Gets Fucked (By Cain) at CorbinFisher

Duncan Gets Fucked (By Cain) at CorbinFisher

Duncan Gets Fucked (By Cain) at CorbinFisher

Duncan Gets Fucked (By Cain) at CorbinFisher

Duncan Gets Fucked (By Cain) at CorbinFisher

Watch Duncan Gets Fucked at

Duncan loves to take on a challenge. In fact, he can hardly refuse one! That’s how I ended up getting him to top another guy in the first place.

However, even with all my powers of persuasion, I wasn’t sure I could convince him to bottom. Especially not with horse-hung Cain chomping at the bit to break in a newbie! With Duncan being hesitant, I thought someone … less intimidating … might be better.

Duncan proved me wrong! He was up for it in a big way! And once he got on top of Cain’s thick, uncut cock – I wasn’t sure I could get him off. He was voracious from the beginning.

Cain quickly takes charge. He kisses Duncan and leans him back against the cushions so he can explore Duncan’s tight body with his tongue.

Duncan takes his turn licking and worshipping Cain’s muscles with his tongue and lips. He licks Cain’s massive bicep – something I’m sure a lot of people would love to do! He moves down to Cain’s cock and sucks his dick.

Cain pushes Duncan down further, making him choke on his cock. He slaps his dick against Duncan’s tongue, then turns around and makes Duncan eat out his ass.

Duncan shoves his tongue deep into Cain’s crack. Duncan rims Cain, then Cain rolls him onto his shoulder so Cain can spit on his hole and tease it with his tongue and finger.

Cain sits back so Duncan can climb onto his huge cock. Duncan sits down on Cain, taking all that dick better than I would have bet he could! He starts out riding it slow. Cain says he wants to stretch out Duncan’s tight little asshole

Duncan bounces up and down faster. Cain drills up into Duncan, hammering that tight hole. He flips Duncan onto his back and fucks him in the missionary position. Cain holds Duncan’s leg up to pound him deeper.

Cain pulls Duncan into a piledriver. Cain plunges into Duncan’s tight ass. Duncan yells as he gets fucked hard. Cain smacks Duncan’s ass and spits on it before shoving his cock back inside.

Duncan lies on his side and Cain fucks him from behind. Duncan shoots his load all over the sofa. Cain keeps pounding Duncan’s ass. He pulls out and blasts his load all over Duncan’s ass.

Watch Duncan Gets Fucked at

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  • Colby Parr

    Such a shame about Duncan’s acne.

    • jinger


    • CarlosEduarc

      CF should start the Roaccutane treatment on him now

  • jazz

    Hmmmmm I like that Duncan is getting fucked…I just wish it was Harper or Campbell doing it…

  • jinger

    Pictures are pretty good, love that hole, looks like a nice update

    • elmtree


  • cuban223

    I’m in love with Cain and Duncan is pretty hot he just needs Pro Active.

    • CarlosEduarc

      Only Roaccutane can deal with this.

    • von schlomo

      Is that like dermabrasion?

    • CarlosEduarc

      No, but it’s the last thing people with acne can try.

    • CarlosEduarc

      No, but it’s the last thing people with acne can try. Has too much side effects.

    • bubblebuddy

      Its kind of funny how people are complaining about his acne. What acne is there exactly?? If I look closely, I maybe see like two bumps. Oh my GOD he has a couple bumps, put him in front of a firing squad. People are so nit-picky! God forbid, what if the next new model has a wayward nipple hair? *GASP*

    • cuban223

      There is more than two bumps. You need glasses bad besides i never said he was ugly are need to leave Corbin Fisher because he has acne. What i said is that he needs to take care of the problem if he wants to be a gay pornstar. I still find him really attractive but his acne is distracting.

    • von schlomo

      Nipple hair is actually pretty hot, I think. Never heard of anyone thinking acne or it’s resulting scarring is hot, however. But yeah, bumps are not Duncan’s issue, in fact, it’s quite the opposite: deep pitting. If you can’t see, have a look at his other screen caps from the video for his other scenes and realize that he’s wearing make-up to help hide it.

    • I Am Jake

      If you look at Duncan’s solo (on here for example), you can see in the posed shots that his face is often shot from his left side and it looks pretty smooth – in the actual screen caps, that’s not the case, especially when you look at his right side. However, when I see it in some of the young Sean Cody models with actual bumps, that frankly is more distracting, especially when the bumps are on their back, butt area, etc.

  • adidas28

    Yeah, acne is pretty tough for a porn model. Not necessarily a deal breaker, but it has impact. Jordan at SC has the same kind of deal going on, too: he’s hot, but the acne bumps him down a notch.

  • CarlosEduarc

    Wait… Cain again? I’m so tired of him already. And look at his body, he bulked up too much on the upper body this time. And he made his legs look tiny again! Hahaha.

    Duncan has too much acne! But his body is good.

    Cain made this video a total fail for me.

  • Southbay

    Love me some Duncan. I’ve gotten tired of Cain along time ago but I love when his hair is spiked.

  • TheSagaOf

    Finally, a reason you use my ACM subscription!

  • darkthunder1983

    Not surprising that “Dawson: The Sequel” aka Cain would be the one to deflower Duncan but I guess if Connor were the one doing it he’d be in that same thing. Why can’t they ever use the newer models amongst each other to mix it up instead of a pairing with a new and old one right away.

    • CarlosEduarc

      That’s right you said everything! Well said!

      Anyways Cain domination won’t last. There will be another straight muscled big dicked guy (maybe Roman) to get all the spotlights. I can see Cain turned into the old bitch that is willing to do everything and the new straight and super picky guy fucking his loose ass.

  • HKguy

    I fucking love Cain!! His body is delicious and Duncan looks hot taking his cock!

  • adowhat

    duncan is 100% sexy fine. LOVE him. look fwd to the next one with him. :)

  • von schlomo

    I’m in love with the photoshopped Duncan, but yeah, the acne really brings him down a notch, sadly. :( I’m tired of Cain but I suppose he’s better than yet another Connor topping scene, tho Connor has a much bigger dick. Not only am I bored with Cain, I’m getting tired of his too big body. Wish he was more natural. But, all in all, I’m looking forward to seeing Duncan getting pounded, hopefully Cain tries to break his dick off in his ass!

  • Sushi

    Sure the photo-shopped Duncan is hotter than the real thing….but so is EVERYONE. Cain’s face doesn’t exactly looks great in a few of those shots either. Such is life. But FINALLY he’s getting fucked!! It’s taken 2 months since his first solo, but I’m thrilled–and can’t wait to download this. Cain looks mighty hot too with that spiked hair. Great update IMO.

  • Zee Brat


  • Jonny Marzetti

    After that major-turkey Kenny-and-whoever update this one looks hot. Gonna take a lot more than this to get me to subscribe again though, especially when Sean Cody is making such intense bareback porn, often with really got guys. SC’s BB action makes what CF does on their PPV look super-vanilla.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      *really HOT guys (not “got guys”)…and again that comment was about Sean Cody.

    • CarlosEduarc

      Have you noticed that the PPV site isn’t realising too much scenes like it use to be? And their latest aren’t featuring their best models. I think they are “redirecting” the videos to the main site. Like they did with the one that Connor has fucked a guy BB. Must be too much demand and Cf can’t keep up with both sites on the same level.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      What scene on the main site had Connor fucking a guy BB? I thought the main site has been completely condom ever since the PPV started (except when there are magic condom-dissolving pussy vapors nearby).

    • Patrol

      Connor fucked Jordan BB. He “came inside Jordan,” so the scene leaves something to be desired.

    • von schlomo

      he came inside Jordan = probably fake comeshot

  • KingSize

    Yay for Duncan!!! I just wish he matched his glamour photos. Lol

  • italiankidd91

    Am I the only one tired of seeing cain on top? I mean i love cain but i also love him on the receiving end every now and then. Or maybe even a flip-flop with someone would be good. Please Corbin lol

    • CarlosEduarc

      Cain bottoming resumes on: O face and nasally moans.

  • pubert

    Bitch tits.

  • ChicagoBoyRN

    Daymm…Duncan’s hole is really huge considering this is his second fuck. Looks like he’s been around the block.
    Love this update. Great pairing. Now if we can get Cain to fuck Robert!!! Resemblance between this two is uncanny.

    • Sushi

      Well Duncan was brought on as a bottom. When even the CF website lists your dick size as 5 1/2 inches you know that’s a bottom boy. There’s also no talk of a girlfriend or getting pussy or getting laid or all the chicks he’s pounded. You know, the usual crap. Duncan is a ho-mo! (and more power to him!)

    • adowhat

      plus, dont forget that these guys spend 6-10 hours filming (at least sean cody does). Plus there’s lots of prep work as we’ve seen in the behind the scenes vids where the models use dildos and plugs to loosen up. We don’t know when that shot was taken during the shoot…but regardless after prep and some real time fucking it stands to reason that the anal sphincter will loosen up. And then there’s Sushi point about what he made do in his private life.

    • David7

      that hole does look like it had alot of ridin time on it! Cain gets just as much tail as Marc Dylan gives tail away………oh wow. wouldn’t that be a power pounding duo.

    • jinger

      They don’t look alike, at all, and Duncan’s hole doesn’t seem big to me, looks pretty tight actually

  • Johnny2x4

    They look like brothers…who use too much hair gel!

  • porndog

    I don’t know about acne, but for the tough cases, it does leave scarring, which is what I think is going on with Duncan. Nevertheless, he’s a pretty hot kid and looks yummy. He and Cain make a mighty fine pair.

  • Bi Boy1986

    CF needs new tops!

  • Patrol

    Cain shooting on Duncan’s sphincter is meant to be hot and tantalizing, but also begs the “Why couldn’t this be an honest-to-god creampie?” question.

    I have to wonder why veterans like Connor, Kenny, Ashley, and Cain are being used so frequently lately. Even “second-tier” guys like Rudy and Trey (Trey’s actually top-tier in my book) seem to have disappeared. Combined with the fact that they seem to have left the Las Vegas mansion behind, and recent photography is much more substandard, CF really seems to be cutting costs.

    P.S. The socks are such a turnoff. Isn’t CF supposed to cater to foot fetishists?

    • von schlomo

      I’m no expert and, in fact, don’t get the fascination with feet at all, but it’s my understanding that boys wearing socks is also a part of foot fetish. I don’t like socks and particularly hate socks AND SHOES, so I’d go with most foot fetishists and ask for bare feet. hehehe

  • 2222pm

    is that every new guy in CF now must fuck Ashley then fucks Kenny,after that they have to be fucked by Connor or Cain?

  • DaddyYankee

    I really liked this one. Cain is a great top, and even if he’s straight it’s evident he really likes having sex with guys.
    About Duncan, I’m really happy to see him again. He can be the new star of CF’s site. He topped Kenny liking it and now his wonderful hole received big Cain’s dick.

  • Fazz

    Looks just slightly incestual . lol

  • TheSagaOf

    Yeah, 2222pm, that seems to be the routine. There are some checkpoints every new Corbin Fisher model has to pass through:

    Their choice of Ashley or Danielle (both are ugly).
    Then it’s on to Cain or Connor.

  • jlenconel

    Glad they’re using condoms. Why are they switching back and forth though?

  • Billy.Sive

    these is what dreams are made of

  • bloody mary

    duncan is ugly.


  • Daniel

    Damn lucky Duncan!

  • mullady802

    So hot!!! Cain always gets hotter and hotter every scene and Duncan is so sexy!!!

  • humanoid

    Cain is a new Dawson but 5 inches shorter! Overexposed midget.

    • trixM92

      Lol little people scare me

  • Twinkwhore

    Hope Duncan becomes the new power bottom of Corbin Fisher! Anyone know if this was any good?

    • jinger

      Actually it was hot, Duncan’s ass is fabulous

  • trixM92

    What exactly is the point of condoms here ?? Cain fucks regularly bareback in the bi/ straight scenes and the ppv site and Duncan’s already been tested since he fucked Ashley already so again , whats the point of the pink rubbers? At least with SC you can see the logic , CF is just dazed and confused recently.

  • I Am Jake

    The only interesting thing about this scene was the mutual rimming and how long it lasted, to comment on the actual sex, and not just on the photo sets or the acne scars …. Otherwise, the positions were awfully awkward. Cain is no midget, Duncan is just really tall, and thus the scenes were, for the most part, not good — and thus not hot. There’s the potential there for better, I just don’t think CF will ever manage it since they don’t have the technical skills for that.

  • Tony

    another update with Cain topping yet again. predictable, boring, and not even close to being a decent update. get some new talent already…