CocksureMen: Jake Deckard & Trey Turner

Jake Deckard & Trey Turner at

Jake Deckard & Trey Turner at

Jake Deckard & Trey Turner at

Watch Jake Deckard & Trey Turner at

Trey Turner just got in from a run and he’s tired and sweaty. He smells his pit and decides he’s in need of a quick shower. Jake Deckard smells his pit and decides otherwise. Jake licks Trey’s armpit and then rubs his head in it, making sure he’s covered in Trey’s sexy scent. Worked up, Jake gets down on his knees and deep throats Trey’s cock. This gets Jake’s cock super hard and it pops out of his pants. Trey drops down and helps himself to a throatful. Trey moves over to the couch and arches his sweet bubble-butt high in the air so Jake can taste his sweet ass. Jake licks Trey’s ass and makes sure that his tongue gets in there good. Trey is ready for Jake’s dick so Jake starts pumping away. He pounds Trey hard and deep in doggie and then missionary, Trey moaning with pleasure. The guys flip and now it’s Jake’s furry ass up in the air. Trey gets a mouthful and then stuffs Jake’s hairy hole full of cock. Jake strokes his raging hard-on while Trey fucks his tight ass. Trey drops a big, creamy load all over Jake’s boner and balls. Jake jerk’s his cummy cock until he blasts a thick cumshot of his own onto his ripped abs.

Watch Jake Deckard & Trey Turner at

  • von schlomo

    It’s pretty bad when two GAY dudes get together for some man sex and still have to jack themselves off at the end to come.

    I like to see big Jake bottom, but it needs to be for a real top. Sorry Trey, you are a bottom.

  • gringo30615

    Jake fucked Trey’s boyfriend, Trey came in the revenge to save the honor of his boy… but he got fucked as same…. and fucked back but was a poor fuck by Trey.
    Jake needs a hot power top to give it to him deep and hard

  • Peach

    It doesn’t look sexy at all when you spread your legs that WIDE, makes you looks like a roast pheasant on a dinner table.

    • Daniel


  • darkthunder1983

    Wow. I’m all for daddies but not when the daddy resembles my real father. *shudders*

  • manu

    love Jake bottoming , of course they could havefound a better top for his butthole (Arpad?) – still this is hot :-D

  • Helluva Bottom Carter

    Love Jake Deckard as a hot older daddy top but DAMN I *love* seeing his ass plowed.

    Needs a better top though.

  • unbomec

    Jake is all man. Love to see that hungry, hairy hole get plowed.