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CorbinFisher: Aiden Stuffs Zeb

Aiden Stuffs Zeb at CorbinFisher

Aiden Stuffs Zeb at CorbinFisher

Aiden Stuffs Zeb at CorbinFisher

Aiden Stuffs Zeb at CorbinFisher

Aiden Stuffs Zeb at CorbinFisher

Watch Aiden Stuffs Zeb at

I’ve been waiting to pair these two up for quite a while! There’s something so hot about a much bigger guy and a smaller, leaner one, as Aiden and Cameron showed a few months ago. So I’ve been itching to match up super big and buff Aiden with the handsome, lean Zeb. I suspect fans out there have been waiting for it, too.

What even I didn’t know was Aiden and Zeb had been looking forward to it – eagerly – for quite a while! Maybe it was the difference in size, or the fact that they’ve gotten to be friends … heck, maybe it’s the scorpion tattoos they have in common.

Whatever it is, before we even had the cameras ready, they were kissing and trying to rip each others’s pants off at the same time. I had to rein them back in! Once Aiden and Zeb get going for real, it’s a fuck fest to remember. Aiden, of course, has been amazing us with his multiple load capability when he gets fucked. I joke with about that, and tell him it’s time to try and “give back” and make some of the other guys cum more than once. He’s more than willing to try!

Aiden pushes Zeb over the edge of the bed and lubes up his massive cock. He slides it in and starts pounding Zeb. They haven’t even gotten their shirts off yet! Aiden smacks Zebs ass and tells him how sexy he is.

Zeb moans as he takes every thick inch of Aiden’s dick. “I’m making this ass mine,” Aiden tells Zeb. He bangs away, stuffing his cock as far inside Zeb as he can.

“I want you to ride me,” Aiden tells Zeb. Zeb climbs up on top and slides down onto Aiden’s dick. He bounces up and down on Aiden. Zeb and Aiden watch themselves fucking in the mirror. Aiden jackhammers his cock up inside Zeb.

Aiden keeps telling Zeb how sexy and gorgeous he is. Zeb rolls onto the bed and Aiden shoves his dick back into his ass from behind. Zeb has a huge grin on his face as Aiden thrusts deep into him.

Zeb lies on his back. Aiden fucks him in the missionary position, drilling all the way into him. Aiden kisses Zeb’s neck and shoulders. Zeb strokes his cock as Aiden fucks him harder.

Zeb shoots his load onto his stomach. Aiden pulls out and blasts a thick load of cum all the way up Zeb’s chest and over his shoulder. Zeb avoids getting it in his eye like Cameron did, though!

Aiden drenches Zeb in cum. The guys kiss and Aiden tells Zeb how he couldn’t wait to fuck him. Now I’m craving a Zeb sandwich with TWO bigger guys. Sounds yummy to me!

Watch Aiden Stuffs Zeb at

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  • Southbay

    Glad my beautiful Zeb is back. I was going through withdrawals not seeing him lol. It’s always a lovely sight seeing him getting fucked! Fingers crossed for a Zeb and Harper scene. 

    • Timrod

      Totally agree! I’ve always got Zeb on my mind.

    • EmpireState

      Right?!? First pic is HOT; gorgeous hunk on the left and brooding muscle stud on the right. Love it.

  • jazz

    OMG YES YES YES! Even without any mutual blowjobs/rimming this scene is HOT LIKE FIRE! Seeing the beautiful Zeb on his back getting plowed by Aiden’s beautiful dick makes me weak in the knees. But, if there was EVER a scene that should’ve been on the PPV site, it’s this one. This is one where I think BB (in addition to some blowjobs) would’ve made this a nearly perfect update!

    Listen up SC, this is CF saying screw your Calvin update! CF for the win this week!

    Now SC, pay close attention…the only way you can top this is to:

    1. Pair Calvin and Brandon in a BB flip

    2. Bring back Jess for a BB flip with Ethan

    3. Hell just bring back Ethan and his big ole donkey dick and let him top!

    • CarlosEduarc

      IMO Both sites are sucking hard with those updates.

    • Patrol

      @jazz – What a wish list! Though god only knows how SC will ever top these scenes if they do get made :)

  • EveArden

    Zeb and anyone is a complete plus for me! Thank you CF.

  • greennails

    Finally!! Zeb’s back! And Aiden’s back as a TOP!!!!
    Good work CF! Now we’re talking!!!!!!

    • elmtree

      Agreed. It is nice to see Aiden’s big cock finally being put to good use. And always a pleasure to see Zeb, especially bottoming!

  • Timah

    Aiden’s hole looks pretty beat-up.

    • jinger

      lol, indeed

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Aiden’s hole has never been pretty, and it’s gotten even worse. Love everything else about him, though!

    • HKguy

      He needs an anal bleaching

    • Neo_

      His hole is beat like Ike and Tina

  • von schlomo

    Zeb in anything, especially bottoming and Aiden topping is what ya’ll have been clamoring for!!! Check it!

    Thank gods it’s not Aiden’s Triple Coming VI. lol

  • Jonny Marzetti

    Excellent pairing, and great to finally see Aiden back on top. But it won’t keep me as a subscriber.

    I said before I would cancel if ACM didn’t do another bareback scene by today (two weeks after the BB Dawson DP by Scott and Chandler), and I’m sticking to that. In fact, I’ve already canceled the auto-renew. I always suspected that the Dawson BB DP might actually have been a PPV scene that just ended up on ACM due to scheduling issues, anyway.

    Too bad, Aiden fucks Zeb would have been a great candidate for BB, and they would have kept a subscriber. I rarely buy on the CF PPV anymore because it’s too expensive given that it’s basically nothing more than ACM without condoms — and the matchups aren’t usually as good as this one. If the CF PPV would step it up several notches to the kind of heavy-duty action SC is doing in their BB scenes, I would be definitely be buying more from it.

    Next time ACM has another BB scene (if ever), I’ll wait to see if another one appears within two weeks before re-subscribing. This is the second time I’ve been burned by hoping they had begun a transition to largely-BB.

    Meanwhile, continued mega-kudos to SC for their January conversion to BB — and more importantly, BB done RIGHT! Even the non-penetration parts have been so hot over there. E.g., NO ONE at CF eats out an ass with the gusto cute Calvin showed in the last SC action scene. And SC does so much more hot cum-play overall, and lingers on it, and looks for kinky angles. Not that the CF PPV hasn’t had a few nice sloppy creampies, but overall SC wins the cum-kink battle hands-down in activity, execution, enthusiasm, direction and photography. Bravo to SC! Boo to CF!

    • CarlosEduarc

      I don’t like the stuff SC is releasing lately. But i must say, SC porn has more quality that CF will take like 10 years to be near of what SC do. SC even with scenes without mutual BJ or Rimming, is better. And i give SC directors criative liberty. But i won’t watch if it’s not worth.

      Another thing, If CF has 100k of subscribers all of em paying monthly 30 bucks. The skanks only earn 2k per scene. CF isn’t using the money so smartly.

    • moondoggy

      @Carlos, I don’t know where you’re getting that data, but if CF is spending 2,000 and making 3 million a month, that sounds smart as hell to me.

      I love that standing shot of Aiden in the polo. So much for guys working out to compensate for small dicks. Jesus Christ.

    • CarlosEduarc

      100k of subscriptions are the highest number CF can get for month. But CF go around like 70k of subscriptions monthly.
      But if you think CF has good numbers you must see SC numbers. It’s just too much popularity. SC have 270k-300k of subscriptions monthly. Sean Cody is now fucking rich. Then RB comes in second place with good number of 200k.

      It’s easy to unveil those numbers just by using of your logic. Then i used some analytics tools then i knew i was right.

      Subscription system is very very profitable. SC only went for BB cause the gay megasites with unique subscription that allows you to access various sites were spreading all over the internet. And even sites like Fratpad and CF are going to be megasites too.

      The announce of men site made SC a bit afraid.

    • CarlosEduarc

      You know, with all the money CF earn i want them to put better models to fuck for me.

    • Patrol

      CF’s programming seems to be all over the place since January – one-off newbies, random returners (Mario, Reed), veterans in multiple scenes (Cain, Connor, Kenny), apparent PPD scenes being posted on main site…. Dawson’s DP just seems a fluke, a desperate “oh no, we need something to counter the other sites” attempt disguised as CF breaking new ground.

      I like how far SC’s BB scenes can sometimes go, and how casual SC is about them. The filthy bits are never made to be the sole purpose of the scene (even though they kind of are), which makes them so much more exciting.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Test…can’t get it to take my reply.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      @Patrol Interesting point. Clearly SC gets the powerful business concept of delighting the customer by EXCEEDING expectations, whereas for CF it’s the antiquated approach of focusing on selling instead of delivering. It sure works in porn, where the while idea is titillation and surprise! Which means they usually over-promise and then fall short. I thought maybe CF was wising up two weeks ago with the surprise ACM BB, but I guess it was a fluke.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Boy did I fuck that up. For some reason the system wouldn’t accept my original response so I hastily revised it. LET’S TRY AGAIN:

      @Patrol Interesting point. Clearly SC gets the powerful modern business concept of delighting the customer by EXCEEDING expectations, whereas for CF it’s the opposite, antiquated approach of over-selling and worse yet setting the customer up for disappointment when they UNDER-deliver. SC-style exceeding-expectations sure works in porn, where surprise makes everything all the more titillating! With CF it’s all rules and regimenation — e.g., what you can do with a girl in the scene but not guys-only. I thought maybe CF was finally wising up two weeks ago with the surprise ACM BB, but I guess it was a fluke.

    • porndog

      CF seems to be truly tone deaf. While SC has gone its merry way into making an even hotter product, CF still can’t decide on which side of the fence it’s going to fall. Straddling the fence, it has produced scenes that are largely uninspired; only the names change. Granted, this one looks hot, mostly because of Aiden. But the vast majority lately look dull as hell and don’t inspire me to join, despite my crush on Connor.

  • dio

    beauty and the beast indeed. LOL Zeb really is too beautiful for words, and I love watching him get fucked. I would have totally paid the premium for CFS’ Tres Facheros saga had Zeb been switched in favor of sucky ‘ol Josh. x-P

    not a fan of Aiden’s but his enthusiasm in scenes is pretty fucking intoxicating/charming.

  • jinger

    Is Zeb’s dick always so soft?

    • EveArden

      Excuse me. Now don’t be disrespecting Zeb.

  • CarlosEduarc

    For me this is total shit. One site like CF can use better models cause:
    Those guys have REALLY REALLY weird bodies. Their bodies aren’t sexy at all. I don’t find Zeb face pretty enough. Aiden face is average.

    You guys thing this scene is amazing cause Aiden is toping again?!!! And Zeb is in it?

    IMO Aiden fliping with one of the hot new guys (like Robert) could have been a lot hotter than this!

    • CarlosEduarc

      You guys think*

  • trixM92

    I’m sorry but I just can’t see Aiden as a top, after all the cums like he has a vagina when being fucked ( intensely and multiple times). Now he’s trying to regain some masculinity by banging little Zebby .I’m just gonna go jack off to SC now and ignore CF updates like I usaully do . Bye

    • Bi Boy1986

      I agree!
      I love him as a slutty bottom boy, but I cant really think of him as a top every again. Plus, it is not hot to see a bloke fucking someone else when his pussy looks like a cunt. Also Zeb is more of a bottom than a top, so this is like lesbo porn to me.

  • Carl

    Beauty and the Beast!!

  • Sushi

    Like it. Two hot guys fucking. ‘Nuff said.

  • darkthunder1983

    I think I would die if I saw someone with Zeb’s eyes. I couldn’t take all that enchantment in one go!

    • darkthunder1983

      You know every time I see Zeb, I think of Sean. I used to get the two of them mixed up until I realized Zeb had the lighter eyes.

    • Patrol

      I guess it’s OK to say now, but a while ago Sean’s MM page had his name as “Matthew Forza” and thinking about the “Forza” tattoo Zeb has, I always wondered if Sean and Zeb are related in some way.

    • darkthunder1983

      Strange seeing as Sean’s last name was Bremer.

  • jag2power

    Aiden is gorgeous. Even before the clothes come off he soothes sex. Just look at them lucious lips. Some say when you pucker your lips together that that is what your asshole looks like. With Aiden though, I don’t know.

  • Daniel

    Zeb is far too pretty for Aiden.

  • Paschal

    I’m lovin’ it! Zebby is a dreamboat. And Aidan looks less roided than before.

  • Patrol

    No foreplay, huh? Rare that a CF video starts with penetration.

    These are two guys I wont get tired of any time soon, so I have no complaints. Aiden’s endless bottoming kinda baffled me after the novelty wore off so I welcome his return to topping. And Zeb… mmm… (lost in daydreaming)

  • Yay!!! Been waiting for this pairing for quite some time. Zeb looks awesome like usual, meanwhile Aiden is a bit too feminine looking lately, he needs to go back to his old self.

  • Zeb <3

  • From the looks of it, Aiden has been stuffed himself a time or two.

  • 2222pm

    my god, am i dreaming?
    feel amazing that Zeb’s back and Aiden’s top again.
    CF did a good job,but why they don’t do some foreplay?
    anyway,Zeb is such pretty that i can ignore any complain.

  • brucesteggert

    I must once again pledge my loyalty–and lust–to Zeb.

  • Neo_

    Zeb is a gorgeous dude, but he needs to work on his body.

    • yaoi101

      You mean you’re actually looking at something besides his eyes? Cause I’m not lol.

    • elmtree

      So true Neo.

    • darkthunder1983

      I don’t see an issue with his body and at least he isn’t chunky like Chase/Glen/Shawn or undefined like one of my former favorites, Philip.

    • jinger

      He needs to work on his erection problem

    • darkthunder1983

      What’s been up with you, huh? Lately, you’ve been super naughty! LOL

    • Dorse

      I think Zeb’s body is hot and sexy. I don’t think he has an erection problem; even if he did, however, it makes no difference on the bottom.

  • Ryder25

    This looks ferociously HOT.

  • Fazz

    Too bad the title isn’t “Aiden creampies Zeb”.

    Still this is a great pairing and I cant wait to see it.

    • jazz

      Agreed! That would’ve been a MUCH better title!

  • HKguy

    2 of CF’ s hottest!!! Great pairing, I don’t mind seeing aiden top once in awhile and i always love Zeb on the bottom. This looks really hot!

  • kd

    First CF scene that tempts me to rejoin but won’t until they consistently have hot pairings. I don’t care about the BB I just want to see hot good looking performers performing as if they were really enjoying fucking each other. I have been reviewing many of the hot CF scenes that I downloaded when I was a member and they still get me off. I also joined SC not for the BBing but just to have a paying membership at a site. I have found the SC scenes usually lacking due to poor editing and wish they would improve on that. CF scenes just seemed to flow naturally w/o the chopping editing that SC usually displays.

  • VegasRich

    I normally dont mind condom scenes but here they just seem stupid and a way to get more money from us with their CF Select site. When two models are going BB with a girl one day, with a guy the next day, eating cum the next day, and Then slap on a condom it just seems ridiculous.

    Having said that these two look great together and I’ll have wet dreams of seeing Aiden in that Polo shirt coming towards me with that gorgeous cock of his.

  • littletimone

    RE: ZEB “Those eyes could melt a fucking iceberg baby!”

  • GuyHaines

    Zeb is the gold standard.

  • custard

    Way hot to see Zeb again. I hadn’t really noticed how full, sexy, pouty his lips are.
    Aiden is always enthusiastic performer.

  • manu

    Aiden ‘s hole is hot I want to get in – hope he doesn’t top too often – he’s best at having a dick stuffed up there.
    I love the fact that he seems to enjoy himself SO much when he bottoms – it s adorable :p

  • Dorse

    I think Zeb is the handsomest actor in porn right now. And his body is just perfect, imo. Don’t want him to bulk up.

    • jazz

      Couldn’t agree more!

  • darkthunder1983

    I just finished watching this and the minute Zeb dropped his pants, I was hard. This shit was hot and I was glad to see Aiden topping again.

  • porterwest57

    Zeb’s eyes are the same color as cash, lmao