CorbinFisher: Brock (Solo)

Brock (Solo) at CorbinFisher

Brock (Solo) at CorbinFisher

Brock (Solo) at CorbinFisher

Brock (Solo) at CorbinFisher

Brock (Solo) at CorbinFisher

Brock (Solo) at CorbinFisher

Watch Brock (Solo) at

Brock’s a bit of an exhibitionist – and he’s been waiting for a chance to show off. I’m glad to give this ruggedly handsome guy the chance to show off his assets!

Brock likes girls primarily but he admits he can find a defined muscular guy attractive. Probably because he’s so buff himself! The first time Brock jacked off he was 14 or 15 – but he didn’t end up having sex until he was 18.

When Brock jerks off he likes to think about being dominant and playing rough. I can think

of some guys here that he could play rough with! The first time he had sex, he did it with a a girl while she was babysitting.

Brock is eager to take his clothes off and he strips off his shirt. He’s got delicious, thick biceps and pecs, as well as great legs. He flexes his biceps again and shows off his wide back and lats.

Brock slides his underwear off and lets us see his dick and his round, perfect ass. Brock sits on the weight bench and strokes his cock. He slaps his cock against his abs a few times.

Brock rubs his chest and stomach as he strokes. He pinches his nipple. Brock stands up and jerks his cock. It’s a nice thick dick, and he pulls on it slowly, watching his hard cock intensely.

Brock leans down on the bench and stroke faster. He lies back and pinches his nipple again ad jerks furiously. He shoots a a thick load that splashes all over his groin.

This buff guy is open-minded, likes to show off and has a great body. Now I want to find out exactly how open-minded he is!

Watch Brock (Solo) at

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KingSize says:


…but why do I get the feeling that Dawson, Connor, or Cain are right around the corner?

darkthunder1983 says:

Dawson on CFS, maybe. Cain or Connor? Definitely. Hell, they were probably in the same damn room as this man.

clusterfuck says:

Dawson’s Forehead will be nibbling in this guy’s toes soon enough.

Nice ass and fit bod but the face is kinda plain. I’ll take him over Kenny or Dawson’s Forehead if I was forced to choose….

jazz says:

Ewwwwwww no thanks. NEXT!

shampoo says:

I thought this is some kind of sick joke

Jonny Marzetti says:

Looks much better when he smiles. But CF is so yesterday anyway, thanks largely to SC’s major strides in the past few months. SC’s last couple guys have been bonafide hot, and SC’s action the last few months continues to make CF’s look unspeakably dull and uninspired.

CarlosEduarc says:

You know, CF really needs to reformulate their model concept. They can keep with the same concept but they must try to find guys with more quality wich means: real and visible muscles, bottoms with big asses and tops with 7″ of cock, and pretty faces. But muscles and defined bodies is a big priority.

This guy face look a bit like Christian Wilde in a brunette version. But then i think he kinda look like one of those guys who upload fitness vids on youtube.

CarlosEduarc says:

I don’t know what to think about this guy. But he is an average guy with a good ass and some muscles.

I hope tomorrow’s update feature Robert but not Brock.
Or both can be in it, as long as Robert is in.

manu says:

He’s cute , I hope he puts that hot ass of his to good use !

dio says:

no dick to speak of, and his face and bod are OK-ish, but HOLY PRECIOUS MOMENTS… dat ASS looks like it was carved out of stone. Perfection. Move the fuck OVER Cameron. ;-P I don’t even. He’ll prob. be back.

Southbay says:

Out of SC, CM and CF solos today. All three have pretty nice big asses. But CF wins the ass award today with Brock. It’s a thing of beauty for sure

I Am Jake says:

Yeah, hopefully it will get poked. With the standard issue (for CF) teeny penis on this guy, looking forward to him doing the poking is no treat.

greennails says:

What.. Don’t do this to me CF. I’m a fan of you and I want to keep it that way, now come on!

brandon85 says:

I prefer an average guy that is passionate over a pretty boy that gives half hearted performances so if he’s a good performer I look forward to his sex scenes.

Sushi says:

I dunno. He’s odd looking, and not doing much for me now…..but maybe when his face is planted and his ass is up in the air I’ll grow to like him.

adowhat says:

SC’s Gregory vs CF’s Brock…Gregory wins all day long.

samtomez says:

Gross, he looks like an ogre.

EmpireState says:

Correction: an ogre with a thick bod and an ass that could bounce a can of beer right back at you. Good enough!

moondoggy says:

+1 @EmpireState

elmtree says:

+2 @EmpireState

elmtree says:

I hope all the ass shots mean he’ll be back as a power bottom…

gustav09 says:

He’s a hot masculine guy. Geez, there’s no pleasing some people!

I Am Jake says:

Queens being queen. What else can you expect?

porndog says:

Well, Monday has certainly been a good “ass day”. Several new models today with bubble butts is a good day for me! I like this guy. He is certainly a departure from what CF usually introduces. I hope to see him again with CF’s other beefy studs. They do have a few…

David7 says:

very nice delicious phat ASS and looking forward to seeing it put to use!!

topher says:

If he’s going to be the type with an “I’m straight” attitude, and won’t bottom, there’s the door. His ass is his best feature, and his dick is too small to be a decent top.

bee says:

Sad eyes. I feel pity for him =_=

VegasRich says:

That ass is a thing of beauty but for goodness sakes give him a shave! He would have looked so much better clean-shaven

Ryder25 says:

Now THAT is an ass! Holy shit! HOT!

jag2power says:

Totally dude! My thoughts exactly. Brock please be a hungry bottom, but then again you just might be a powerful top because of your size.

Schadenfreude says:

What’s happening to CF? Don’t they have money to pay hot guys anymore?

Daniel says:

That’s one brutish face.

jinger says:

Indeed. He’s not pretty but he’s interesting enough.

humanoid says:

yes interesting like most murder cases…

HKguy says:

He def has a nice body and I definitely want to take a bit out of that big ass but maybe a clean shave and a decent haircut would clean this guy up a bit, get him into a flip with Conner

007james says:

Wee Willie Winky … pass

von schlomo says:

Wow, that ass! It makes up for everything else.

Hendricks says:

Sorry, gonna have to pass.

alias74 says:

Wow…it’s like Thor: Corbin Fisher edition!
Very hot…hope this kid proves to be as openminded as the (normally fake) bio describes. And let’s hope it all starts with a CF Select muscle square off versus (aka flip fuck) with Aiden or even Tom. Anyone else will be a disappointment…

Patrol says:

A beefy, hulky guy, but thoroughly lacks the prestige that CF goes for in models. Too guy-next-door, if that makes sense.

Raihan Delano says:

Disappointment ?? I think not.