JakeCruise: Anthony London & Jessippi Cappozzolli

Anthony London & Jessippi Cappozzolli at

Anthony London & Jessippi Cappozzolli at

Anthony London & Jessippi Cappozzolli at

Watch Anthony London & Jessippi Cappozzolli at

Anthony London is tutoring the young Jessippi Cappozzoli for an anatomy class. They’ve made it to chapter 11 about the male erection and Jessippi feels he needs a more ‘hands on’ approach to absorb the material. Anthony hesitates a moment, but once he lays eyes on Jessippi’s huge, uncut cock he can’t say no. Chapter 11 comes to life as both dad and lad get down on their knees sucking each other until they’re rock hard. Anthony suggests that he should fuck Jessippi in the ass if he really wants the material to ‘sink in.’ Jessippi spreads his soft cheeks and Anthony gives it a good lick to get it ready for his thick dick. The guys playfully banter back and forth as Anthony slides his schlong deep inside Jessippi. Jessippi practically passes out from the dicking he gets. “It’s my turn now!” Jessippi says as he turns the tables and fucks Anthony. Anthony loves the feeling of Jessippi’s cock inside him and unleashes a huge load all over his furry chest to prove it. Jessippi follows suit and splatters Anthony’s fur. Young Jessippi leans over and passionately kisses Master Anthony.

Watch Anthony London & Jessippi Cappozzolli at

  • moondoggy

    J … E … crooked letter, crooked letter, I … humpback, humpback, I. [You have to be of a certain age and from the south to get that joke.]

    The daddy is hot, and I like xgen pairings, but my god, would this be so much better bareback.

  • jinger

    I like the boy’s ass :P but it’s even more of a turn on when he tops the bigger guy

  • Bo69

    This is a perfect older/younger pairing, Anthony is hot for the boy and Jessippi is hot for the daddy. Electric!

  • muffintop

    Ew, ugly twink fucks burly daddy. The daddy is too hot for the boy.

    • moondoggy


    • Bob-omb

      I agree. Great concept, but that twink is blah. And his dick is hideous.

  • GRPR48

    Anthony London is gorgeous.
    I hope he makes more videos. This flip flop scene was fantastic!

  • HKguy

    The bottom is way too pale

  • Dz

    Love this kind of scenario when the daddy gets topped, but the young guy is way too boyish for me.

  • Daniel

    Wouldn’t mind that muscle daddy.

  • EmpireState

    Wish they had more of these. Hot!