CorbinFisher: Steve Gets Fucked (By Marc)

Steve Gets Fucked (By Marc) at CorbinFisher

Steve Gets Fucked (By Marc) at CorbinFisher

Steve Gets Fucked (By Marc) at CorbinFisher

Steve Gets Fucked (By Marc) at CorbinFisher

Steve Gets Fucked (By Marc) at CorbinFisher

Steve Gets Fucked (By Marc) at CorbinFisher

Watch Steve & Marc at

How did Steve go all this time without getting fucked? I decided I had to rectify that immediately. But who should fuck him? We have a lot of great tops.

I sometimes wish everyone could come hang out during the shoots and meet some of our guys. We really have a great crew of people and Steve ranks up there as one of the nicest and most easy-going. Whenever he’s in a group of people, he keeps the conversation and the jokes going. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him say anything negative, unless he’s playfully cracking on one of the other guys.

Marc is a little more introspective. He usually has his headphones on and he studies a lot. I don’t think I

could study that much with all these shirtless hot studs running around. Marc is pretty serious though. However, he often surprises me. I tease him pretty mercilessly sometimes (especially right before his dom scene with Ashley) and he just waits for the right moment to fire back a great one-liner.

Outgoing or introspective, though – once they get in bed, they’re both intense. Since Steve had somehow missed getting fucked the last time he was here, I sicced Marc on him – and the results were hot.

Steve shows off his biceps a little and Marc worships them his mouth. Marc feeds Steve his cock, which Steve gulps down greedily. Marc eats out Steve’s ass

and slides a finger into his hole, prepping him for his first fuck.

Marc shoves his thick cock into Steve and fucks him doggy-style. Steve jerks his cock and tells Marc to fuck his ass. He’s loving Marc’s dick in his ass! Marc pounds Steve faster.

Steve lies flat on his stomach as Marc continues to fuck him. Steve flips over and gets nailed in the missionary position. Marc fucks a thick load out of Steve! Cum just keeps spraying all over his abs.

Marc stands up and blasts his load into Steve’s mouth. Steve sucks him dry. Steve tells Marc how much he loved it and the guys kiss again, cum slowly dripping down Steve’s stomach.

Watch Steve & Marc at

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  • jazz

    Meh. Nice cum eating at the end but that’s about it.

    • TheSagaOf


    • asswipe

      I know, but at this stage in the game it should be mandatory in each and every scene. It’s like 2012 you know…..Top cums in bottoms mouth…it’s not like some new concept.

  • Cubankid

    Marc does nothing for me and Steve isn’t that attractive.

  • EmpireState

    Some of these pairings feel like a repeat of a repeat of a… Well, you get it. Aren’t there any new straight or gay guys out there who need cash? lol

  • elmtree

    I like Marc but, as Jazz noted, other than the nice ending, this vid does little for me…

  • CumSlut22

    Can only agree, the scene does nothing much for me, but the cum eating at the end was super hot. Looked like he really swallowed. Steve seemed to be into it though and the second cum eating this week. Maybe it’ll finally come back.

  • topher

    I’ve never cared much for either guy, and am wondering what’s going on at CF. It almost seems as if Sean’s passing marked the end of CF posting anything worth watching. Sean wasn’t the only hot guy at CF, yet update after update after his passing, has either featured mediocre guys like these two, or missed the mark such as having Cameron top when he’s only interesting as a bottom. CF needs to cut lose its 5 least liked guys, hire some hot tops, and get subscriber feedback as to what gay guys want to see. It’s obvious that whoever’s been running things lately doesn’t have clue as to what the gay guys think is hot. If a CF model has an incredible butt and a small dick, and doesn’t want to bottom, give him his walking papers and find someone who will.

  • KingSize

    Who the hell thinks Steve is at all attractive? And how the hell is he a body builder with a lame body like that?

    • landreau

      He had stocky muscle, not lean muscle. Body building does bulk you up. Have to say that Steve’s body is my ideal type — and that ass is awesome. Loved seeing it in the white boxer briefs and loved seeing him get fingered before he got properly topped. Thumbs up!

  • Bi Boy1986

    I hate Marc and his ugly tan!!!!

    • KingSize

      What tan? Hes not white thats his natural skin color! Damn this is how you KNOW CF has too many white boys!

  • Hendricks

    No thanks, I’d rather see Cain’s overused pudgy body on top of someone who’s way hotter he is.

  • HKguy

    I love Tom. So happy he slurrped the babies. Marc is a babe too. Hot scene IMO

    • Clam

      That’s NOT Tom, although it doesn’t make a difference.

    • HKguy

      Haha omg I probably shoulnt post when I’m wasted I don’t even like Steve lmao

  • kinezo

    i would dl this just for the cum eating at the end of the video

  • jugde6

    As a jugde I have to be as objective as possible. I love Steve, my Golden Gladiator, but this time something went wrong. Well, I hoped Steve´s first time would have been with Sean; Cain, Connor or Tom would have been o.k too. Don´t worry Steve, you will have a better oponent in the arena next time

    • landreau

      Cain would have been better, but isn’t Cain due to bottom again?

  • Steve is so hideous and bloated, he looks like Henry VIII (not Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ King Henry, more like the one in Horrible Histories) really really ugly.

    • jugde6

      If Henry VIII looked like Steve, I wouldn´t mind to be his seventh married

  • greennails

    Well I love steve. I think he’s a sweetheart and boyfriend material.. though everyone’s got their own opinion so..

  • jinger

    Poor Marc :(

  • trixM92

    How the hell does CF make all their straight guys eat cum ? I mean not even I would do it . (Cum is eeeew) lol
    They must be forking out and extra $1000 for the protein dose .
    That said , thank God they didn’t pair Steve with Sloan like they were hinting in twitter . Which means Sloan is probably gonna come back and bottom for Reed or Harper . Can’t wait for that !

  • jag2power

    I would tear that pink back door up. Marc did right by Steve and even let him suck out the cum at the end. Now, that’s what I’d want in a bitch bottom.

  • Daniel

    Steve is such a fug.

    • jinger

      He’s freaking disgusting, this is not porn, it’s a nightmare. CF deserves to go out of business for throwing this shit at us.

  • cdman

    I like Steve alot. It’s great to see him performing oral and bottoming. When he first came to the site, I had a feeling he wasn’t going to bottom, but I’m glad I was wrong! Very hot guy in my opinion. He kind of looks like a bigger version of SC’s Chris. I want to see Steve paired with Aiden now. Preferably a flip-flop between them.

    • landreau

      Yeah that would be hot. I’ve liked Steve since first laying eyes on him. He’s not traditionally handsome, but he has his own brand of appeal. I suspected he wouldn’t bottom, but I did notice his ass getting attention in every video he did — and it seemed as if he was progressing towards a bottoming scene. I think he did great for his first time out.

    • jugde6

      Nice to see that more people are liking the Golden Gladiator, a.k.a Steve.
      He is cute and seems to have nice personality too. He is one of my most favorite at the CF´s house

  • Patrol

    Agree with all the comments about the oral cumshot, the most memorable since the Kent/Harley one, with Marc shooting one of his biggest loads in his career. Someone should develop a uvula-cam to fully capture a beautiful creampie by mouth.

    OK with both Marc and Steve, so to me this scene isn’t completely w/o merit.

  • Bradster

    Marc is pretty hot but Steve is so nasty.

  • von schlomo

    I like Steve and I LOVE Marc…he’s one of my favorite regulars, if not the favorite. My only concern with this pairing is that in the past Marc hasn’t been a very compelling top and a much, much better bottom. Steve bottoming is where he belongs, IMO.

    I think Marc is just gorgeous beyond words and has such a cute personality…total boyfriend material for me. Love the dark skin and the hair, esp his sweet, hairy ass.

    Hasn’t Steve’s body looked much tighter and more ripped in the past? I think he’s pretty cute, nice body and would love to see him bottom more.

  • ChillPoint

    Not a bad scene but Steve and CF should drop the bodybuilder talk. I know guys around my age (I’m 25) and younger who are bodybuilders and are way bigger and more built that Steve has ever looked. I appreciate his big build.

  • ChillPoint

    *I appreciate his big build though. Just not a bodybuilder.

  • twinkemopunk808

    marc is hot and deserves wayy better!

  • jugde6

    I forgot, Aiden could have returned the favor to Stevy boy, by fucking him for the first time. I watched the video again, I liked it really. Got me some precum, good signal