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ChaosMen: Chaz Riley & Solomon (RAW)

Chaz Riley & Solomon (RAW) at ChaosMen

Chaz Riley & Solomon (RAW) at ChaosMen

Chaz Riley & Solomon (RAW) at ChaosMen

Chaz Riley & Solomon (RAW) at ChaosMen

Chaz Riley & Solomon (RAW) at ChaosMen

Watch Chaz Riley & Solomon at

Clearly both Chaz and Solomon have amazing bodies, so I thought I would do a little body worship on the massage table with them. Chaz is definitely more experienced and easily took the lead by giving a very sensual massage to Solomon… right down to his prostate!

Solomon is looking extra furry, and one of my favorite moments is when Chaz climbs up on top of Solomon and they joust with their dicks. Two hot bodies with cocks rubbing! I love seeing Chaz’s cock wake-up just from rubbing his uncut dick against Solomon’s.

We knew Solomon was going to be bottoming, and we have learned that if we keep a butt plug in Solomon, he can stay stretched out and take a pretty good pounding. He pretty much does most of his bottoming scenes all “plugged-up” between ‘takes’.

Once plugged, Chaz gets a very good blow job from Solomon. Solomon couldn’t quite contain his need to give/receive pain, and put some crazy scratches all up and down Chaz’s body. Chaz didn’t yell, “Pineapple” so I guess he was into it!

It did put Chaz in the mind for revenge, and I think after the scratching incident he was not going to show Solomon any mercy when it came to fucking him. The dude has got some skills!

Solomon loves/hates the pain of being fucked. He seems to like to be rough and then be roughed up, going back-and-forth from submissive to dominant in a matter of seconds.

Chaz gives Solomon’s hole a major workout then he dumps his load inside, fingering all the jizz to soften the blow.

Once again, we are faced with Solomon’s extreme body tensing cumshot. Every muscle is locked in its maxed-out state. I don’t know how he nuts with girls? But it works for him.

Anyway, a very hot pairing with two beautiful dudes!

Watch Chaz Riley & Solomon at

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  • moondoggy

    Two of the best looking men on the site, but I’ll be interested to know if the chemistry is as good as the physiques. On pics alone, this is a winner for me. Is it me, or is Solomon going the way of Darius and getting more into the cum hunger role? I couldn’t ask for more than those pics of him with his legs in the air. He looks sah-tis-fied.

  • dio

    this new look Solomon’s rocking is… severe. It detracts from his natural good-looks, IMO. Me no likey. He looks kinda LotR extra-ish. LOL I am shock’d ‘Chaz’ came back for more! ;-) Chaz looks amazing, here and has such a nice, dildo-like dick.

    anyway, hot scene. Probably the hottest scene, from a stricktly

    • dio


      anyway, hot scene. Probably the hottest scene, from a strictly visual standpoint, CM has released in ages! Even hotter than the Vander piss fest! LMAO

  • FeydRautha

    Yeah, brilliant idea. Let’s take two “straight” guys with extremely temperamental erections and put them in the same scene together…

    And if Solomon is such a fan of getting beat up – why doesn’t just go work for or something? I’m sure they can find a tranny dominatrix to whip him and then fuck him in the ass…

    • Colby Parr

      Girl, you sound mad.

    • FeydRautha

      Bish puhleez, grrrlfriend. You iz totally cray cray.

    • CalRegularGuy

      I DO wish Solomon would check out He’d be right at home and would probably be able to maintain an erection for a change.

  • Beetlejuice

    I love Solomon. Good looking and he has one of the best asses out there.

    • littletimone

      I also am crazy about Solomon. Just a few days ago a friend sent me the scene he did with MICAH last Summer. I had never seen that “first time” clip and after watching it I have come to this conclusion. He is either a damn good, and EXTREMELY talented actor ; or else he is just as GAY as the bird on Grandma’s bonnet. A STRAIGHT MAN who is totally not in any way, shape, form,or fashion interested in MEN would NEVER spread his butthole open and literally “BEG” another guy to ejaculate on it and then push his cock back into it. Now that I’ve seen nearly all of his work; I believe this even more.

  • Dave

    Unless he is touched by Jake Cruise, or starts to look cracked out, Solomon will be one of the hottest guys in porn to me. He’s not tall, he doesn’t have a big dick, but fuck he’s man pretty!

    • TrixM92


    • littletimone

      EEEEEEEEEK!!! Curse That very thought; that “CHESTER THE MOLESTOR” would put that “HERPE” infested tongue on that angelic hole while giving that most hideous look he gives to the camera; as if to say “SEE,… LOOKY WHAT I GOT… AND YOU DON’T… YUCK YUCK YUCK!”

  • CalRegularGuy

    I’m with Dave – I def love Solomon. That scene he did with Isaiah (the spanking/hitting and Solomon’s obvious love of it) puts me over the edge every time I watch it. The promise of some pain exchange may get me to re-subscribe. But Bryan has a tendency to embellish and it may just be another lame-ish update. Anyone watch this yet?

    • CalRegularGuy

      I could go on and on – handsome, his height, the natural body hair, that hot hairy hole…

  • Jonny Marzetti

    Solomon’s pretty yummy, although I like his old look better. Other than that and the fact that Chaz is definitely no beauty facially, the scene looks hot.

  • jazz

    OMG YES YES YES! This is so hot! I love them both. Hmmm more Chaz!

  • jag2power

    Love how Solomon is doing his best to be a super power bottom. Almost there Sol keep it up. Plus, he has one sweet hole underneath all that fab muscle.

  • Daniel

    Solomon looks hot in the first picture! Don’t really care for Chaz.

  • porndog

    Aside from the fact these two look stunning together, I don’t get a sense of sparks or anything resembling erotic about this. Once again, I have a feeling Bryan’s managed to direct the chemistry right outta this one.

    • CalRegularGuy

      He has a nack for doing that. Have you watched the video?

    • CalRegularGuy

      knack – typing too fast

  • pm21jj

    Are this guys tested ?

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Yes. And I assume Bryan is telling the truth about that, even though he sometimes makes up other stuff to varying degrees.

  • Tom

    This one is great … but I would ve enjoyed it even more with a muscular blonde bottom with llighter skin. The top is fucking hot.

  • Fazz

    Not a bad scene; actually.

  • jinger

    I want to see this :P