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Bryan at SeanCody

Bryan at SeanCody

Bryan at SeanCody

Bryan at SeanCody

Bryan at SeanCody

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“I’m usually up by 4:30 a.m.,” Bryan explained. “Today I slept in ’til 6 a.m. that’s so late for me!”

He’s on the crew team at his school and he loves getting up early for practice.

“It’s so cool,” he said. “Out there before the morning fog has burned off.”

Bryan’s got a lot going on. He’s got a full schedule at school, with a full scholarship for crew and track.

“I can see you running track,” I commented. “But I kind of picture you as a basketball player.”

“Yeah, I played basketball in high school,” he replied. “I was on varsity. But I don’t have much time for it now.”

Bryan loves to chase girls and he has one type in particular.

“I love redheads,” he said. “I’m a sucker for redheads.”

“Why is that?”

“I dunno… I think maybe it’s because they’re aggressive. They like to be in control.”

“You like that?”

“Oh yeah,” he said. “I kind of like being submissive!”

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Southbay says:

I only like his ass that’s about it

elmtree says:

Yep, not really doing it for me..

Bradster says:

Not interested.

FTLRSW says:

Yeah…….what’s so special about him…..c’mon guys…. :-/

Dave says:

He’s nothing special, but deep down the fact that I would still be with him overshadows.

007james says:

nice twink. Big shooter isn’t he?.

cepsluvr says:

He’s a gusher–I’d like to see that part, anyway!

jinger says:

Big forehead.

Johnny2x4 says:

Receding hairline more like!

DaddyYankee says:

I like this guy. He is nothing special, but he has a nice body and a nice dick. I see him bottoming soon for Brandon, Liev and Dane.

EmpireState says:

If they took the DNA of 30 Sean Cody models and combined them, this would be the average looking result with average looking everything. I’d still hit it, duh!

FTLRSW says:

Will bottom for them all at once….that’ll be more interesting.

adidas28 says:

I do not want to see him–how do you say–have any of the sex.

dio says:

he looks like a taller, sleeker Grayson, even up to the far apart tits. LOL Does Sean Cody purposely cast for guys w/ big asses, as a gen. rule? I mean where are they finding all these white guys with such exceptional backsides? I don’t even.

LMAO @ the write-up… “I kind of like being submissive!” Translation: I’ll be bottoming on here, probs gonna be getting ‘slapped around’ too, because I likes it rough!

darkthunder1983 says:

I don’t know but I need to know their secret.

FTLRSW says:

LOL……dead giveaway.

Rico says:

Nice to know he sucks redheads. Bring back Curtis or Blaine.

jockyboy says:

and by redheaded girls he means big muscle daddies who tie him up in bondage gear so he can be “submissive”…

Cubankid says:

No Thank You.

southbaybj2 says:

Hmm. Usually I agree with the general sentiment in the comments, but not with Bryan. I think he’s pretty hot — well, at least his body is! I love me a smooth, lean, muscular fit dude like this. The only thing I don’t like about him is his somewhat pointy penis.

jinger says:

Where the fuck is Sawyer, I liked that kid

TrixM92 says:

Not just Sawyer but Gregory , Reid , Gavin , Owen , Harrison and Gareth too !

Colby Parr says:

Cute but generic.

TrixM92 says:

I love tall guys but this dude does nichts for me .
Solos in general do nothing for me , unless there’s a toy going up the guy’s ass. Instead of these stupid “straight guy” solos , why doesn’t Sean Cody save the money and get a new set ( that red carpet looks like something from a cheesy casino). Or better yet , buy some toys , maybe a funnel to stick down Brandon’s ass and have ten guys cum in it ?
Just a suggestion.

Fazz says:

Very interested!!! Like him, from top to bottom! :) He seems like a really sweet chap!

Guy says:

Face wise just cute and not anything spectacular. Body wise – he’s perfect for me – everything I love, gorgeous cock, FANTASTIC ASS, great legs, nice torso, all athletic and lean without being overly gym built. I love rowers. On top of it all he cums like a geiser. This guy is my ideal bf.
Of yeah, I think he is a real slut boy who loves to get fucked hard, so as I said my ideal bf.

tandagay says:

B O R I N G ! He’ll be back ever week as a top.

Sushi says:

Doesn’t do anything for me.

KingSize says:

Ehhh. Id play with him if no one else was around with that nice lean body, but nothing else….

Jonny Marzetti says:

Please try again.

CalRegularGuy says:


jazz says:

I like to be submissive::Shorter::I’m a power bottom. So let’s get those beautiful long legs up in the air!

porndog says:

Def boyfriend material. His face may not be striking but there’s an open and mild quality to it I find attractive. The body is very nice! And yes, I think he’ll be back; it’ll be really sexy seeing that body in action, esp dat ass!

Sushi says:

Think of all the sexy fuckers that NEVER came back (I’m mostly thinking of you sweet GregoryII.) sigh…..

southbaybj2 says:

oh man, gregory was THE HOTTEST. i soooo wish he would come back.

Alex S says:

He’s extremely mediocre – so – he’ll be back.

HKguy says:


Peach says:

Margarine is more like it, since his body is OK but not too amazing.

HKguy says:

@ peach lmao! Thats a good one 😉

pubert says:

I don’t like a thing about this guy, from his hair on down. Yuck.

Daniel says:

Utterly forgettable.

theanonymous says:


Snowflake says:

Agree 100% with you!! Fingers crossed for Monday update to feature Joshua getting the pounding of his life! :D

CA says:

Almost in luck gang….a hot bb top scene with Curtis will work for me :-)

Snowflake says:

Hell yeah!!! Sean Cody didn’t fail to deliver this morning! :)) Joshua & Curtis is the hottest, most scorching scene in months!!! Brandon & Marshall are left far behind!!

I was expecting Joshua to bottom though, but that’s gonna happen eventually anyway. :) At least we know he’s a hell of a top! Can’t wait for more scenes with this guy!!

Hendricks says:

I don’t have a problem with him. if comes back for some fucking I’ll make my “yes or no” decision then.

cwade says:

His body especially his ass is hot, but not his face so much.

southbaybj2 says:

weird. i know this guy. of course his name isn’t bryan… and he has a girlfriend, so i don’t think there will be any action vids coming any time soon.

Orion Hunter says:

Well one thing is certain – no one will ever accuse Sean Cody of pushing the envelope.

Nice, lean body; decent ass; snackable dick; cute but unremarkable face. They’ve got their formula down pat. The only thing that sets most of these models apart is personality (when a distinct “personality” can be discerned). Let’s hope that Bryan here has it to spare.