American College Sex: Ashley Dominiates Harper & Reed

Ashley Dominiates Harper & Reed at American College Sex

Ashley Dominiates Harper & Reed at American College Sex

Ashley Dominiates Harper & Reed at American College Sex

Ashley Dominiates Harper & Reed at American College Sex

Ashley Dominiates Harper & Reed at American College Sex

Ashley Dominiates Harper & Reed at American College Sex

Watch Ashley, Harper & Reed at AmericanCollegeSex

Two hot studs plus Mistress Ashley equals – well, I think you know!

Harper and Reed are Ashley’s new playthings. They were a little nervous and they weren’t quite sure what to expect. To be honest, I’m never sure what to expect! Ashley loves to bring new toys and new situation for the guys to experience.

Ashley tells them to strip down to their underwear, so she can see what she’s working with. She makes them bend over and spread their asses, letting them know she’s going to fuck those asses. Harper and Reed have to beg her to fuck them.

Ashley lets them know their nervousness is turning her on! Harper and Reed lie head to head and she straddles their faces to let them eat her out at the same time. She rubs Reed’s chiseled body as Harper sticks his tongue into her pussy. Ashley pulls out her double-headed dildo. Harper and Reed get on their hands and knees, ass to ass and Ashley asks if she has hungry holes to fill. They answer that she does. She slides the ends of the dildo into each of their tight asses.

Reed and Harper back into each other to take every inch of the dildo. Ashley reaches in between them to work the toy back and forth. Harper takes the lead, grinding back and forth against Reed. Ashley strokes their cocks for them.

Harper feeds Reed his cock, as Ashley uses her strap-on to tease Reed’s hole. Reed jerks his dick as Harper rams his cock into Reed’s mouth. She has Harper come behind her and fuck her as she fucks Reed.

Ashley pulls out and feeds Harper her strap-on, making him suck it. Harper moves over to suck Reed’s cock as Ashley blindfolds Reed. Ashley and Harper suck Reed, before smacking his chest with a flogger! Reed’s definitely getting the full-on domination treatment – and he loves it.

Harper sits down on Reed’s cock, bouncing up and down on it. Ashley strokes Harper’s rock-hard dick as he rides Reed. Ashley tells Harper to go all the way down, and she flogs Harper as he gets fucked. Ashley sits on Reed’s face and has Harper slide his cock into Reed’s ass.

Harper lies back down, and Ashley brings out the double-header again. She pushes back and forth between them. She won’t let them cum yet and pulls Reed’s hand off his cock when he gets close. She jerks a load out of Harper, then helps Reed cum as well.

I think they had a great time … because Ashley still can’t find that double-headed dildo anywhere!

Watch Ashley, Harper & Reed at AmericanCollegeSex

  • Southbay

    Can’t get enough of you Harper! I’d let you use and abuse me all you want! Harper you’re so sexy and perfect! Still waiting for a pairing with the beautiful Zeb.

    • Timrod


  • jazz

    I could’ve done without Reed and Ashley. And where the hell is Travis?

    • dio

      I THINK someone said he was taking some time off/gone, or something? Said they heard it on Pete’s attic, IIRC? It’s Travis, tho… he’ll be baa-aack. LOL

    • Neobamboom

      I hate travis. and landon.
      They ruin every scene they’re in.

    • Neobamboom

      Seancody landon not cf landon

    • jinger

      I do not believe Travis is coming back :( I’m glad he left CF, I just wish he’d go to Sean Cody.

  • the last dodo

    omfg Harper & Reed together again = HOT HOT HOT.
    Why is Ashley in the cover shot? Blech.

    • Dennis

      LOL … I felt exactly the same seeing that cover shot … YUK!

  • wingfield

    Oh CF…. I know that without Ashley it would have just been practically a repeat of the reed/harper cf select scene… but that fish is just in the wayyyyyyyyy. Just bring in a 3rd guy to “dominate” or leave the bi scenes to Kenny and the less popular models.

    • Dennis

      I agree … I just checked in to see the comments!

      It’s the same with that annoying new ‘voice’ at SC … just go away!

      Let’s have guys for the guys … LOL!

  • dio

    WTF, is Reed kept in a cupboard @ CF compound and he’s rolled out for all scenes, now? There is something about his energy that I find hot, but I think we’re swiftly approaching critical mass, here. LOL

    • dio

      i dunno if it’s due to Jamison being so damn pretty… but Harper looks LOADS better here than in his scene w/ Jamison. In his scene with Jamison he looked bloated/hungover, or something? LOL

  • TheSagaOf

    My only gripe with this update is Reed’s presence and the strap-on. I hate strap-ons. They’re so odd and awkward.

  • KingSize

    Seriously why is Reed and Tom getting featured so much between CFS and the main site? They arent even all that great of performers. Are they running out of models again like back in 08′?

    Harper can do no wrong though! I love him!

  • brucesteggert

    Love them both! So more than willing to watch even in rather silly circumstances.

  • Cubankid

    Reed needs to put a paper bag over his hideous face, And Ashley’s pussy still look’s nasty.

  • Ted

    This is a hot idea! I just hope that Ashley is really dominate in this and not like a typical ACS bi-sex scene. (I’m not a fan of those cock panties though, trade it for a Whip and re-use that double sided dildo for the fuck scenes and I’m in) Also, I’m a bit disappointed because I keep confusing Reed’s name with Reece’s. (because then there’d be at least one hot guy that I like in it)

    (Also, it’s strange, Ashley’s head looks almost photoshopped on in the first picture, what’s up with that? lol)

    Still, I love this idea from CF! I hope they do it again!

  • TrixM92

    People were complaining that Pierce is overused?
    Reed seems to be practically living on the set . Harper is hot but not as hot as some of you make him out to be . And Ashley , well she must be going through menopause by now.

    • paulfromboston

      first of all, note to wb: fix ‘dominiates’ [sic] stat. you’re welcome. ;)

      trixm92, i know how you feel with your “…not as hot as some of you make him out to be” comment. that’s my take on a lot of the really really popular cf (and sc) guys. i acknowledge that they’re varying degrees of good-looking but the fanaticism floors me. yep, i know that it’s MY problem but i know that i’m NOT alone.

  • Daniel

    What’s the point of this???

  • Sushi

    Harper Harper Harper.

    • hollydick


  • jinger

    Weren’t these two in a scene just now? Oh well, it’s nice to see Ashley again.

  • WeaponX

    Why is this ugly broad in every update? completely ruined…

  • von schlomo

    Looks hot to me! That shot where the two boys are sharing the dildo ass to ass with nary a gap in sight is HOT! I kinda like Reed, tho he seems to be coming up way too often recently and Harper is Heaven!

    I just hope that this scene avoids one of my biggest pet peeves of CF’s bi scenes…and that is they always try toooooo hard to make the scene bisexual. You don’t have to bounce back and forth between the boy and the girl like a yo-yo in order to appear engaged and interactive.

  • twinkemopunk808

    reed is hot but is closed eye sex the future of porn? fuck no!