CocksureMen: Zeb Atlas & Mitch Vaughn

Zeb Atlas & Mitch Vaughn at

Zeb Atlas & Mitch Vaughn at

Zeb Atlas & Mitch Vaughn at

Watch Zeb Atlas & Mitch Vaughn at CocksureMen

The gun show is about to begin! One of our biggest stars, Mitch Vaughn hooks up with one of our BIGGEST stars, Zeb Atlas. Zeb is as gargantuan as ever. He loves to flex and pose for Mitch, and for us. Mitch has plenty of muscles to choose from, but he immediately goes for the one hanging between Zeb’s thunderous thighs. Zeb shows Mitch that he’s got oral skills of his own and gets Mitch hard in seconds. Zeb lays back on the couch and Mitch Vaughn briefly admires his physique before getting back to swallowing Zeb Atlas’ huge tool. Mitch has quite the appetite and has Zeb bend over to get a clear shot at his tasty hole. Mitch tongues Zeb’s ass deep, leaving his own hole thirsting for attention. Zeb quenches that thirst by shoving every inch of his thick prick inside Mitch’s ass. Zeb’s muscles flex as he thrusts in and out. As Zeb pounds his hole, Mitch Vaughn unleashes one of his huge signature cumshots all over his ripped bod. Zeb Atlas adds to the mess, covering Mitch in white, gooey cum.

Watch Zeb Atlas & Mitch Vaughn at CocksureMen

  • manu

    I want to see Zeb Atlas get fucked!!

    • darkthunder1983

      You mean he hasn’t?

    • jag2power

      I think it would be a hit regardless of the naysayers.

    • cdman

      I agree completely. I’ve been wanting to see Zeb bottom forever. The whole thing about it is finding the right top guy for him.

    • Rictor

      I think he meant he wants to see Zeb get fucked “onscreen”.

  • dio

    scary movie.

    • moondoggy

      The years without Maria Shriver have not been kind.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      @moondoggy, you *are* being sarcastic, right? If so, I agree. If not, you have your bodybuilders mixed up.

    • darkthunder1983


      I highly doubt doggy’s being serious! LOL

      I would say that he’s teasing.

  • Dustin

    Looked at the 8th pic and suddenly remembered the video of Matthew Rush saying how he contracted parasites from rimming Zeb Atlas. :(

    • clusterfuck

      Not just ordinary parasites but roided up parasites!!!

    • jag2power


  • jazz

    Zeb is pretty much disgusting. How dare he share a name with the beautiful Zeb from CF!!

    • darkthunder1983

      Well in retrospect, “old Zeb” had the name before “new Zeb” but I see your point.

  • von schlomo

    A mess!

  • Bradster

    Zeb is beyond repulsive.

    • Daniel

      I retched a little.

  • manu

    I guess most people here are jealous because they will never have enough discipline to achieve anything with their bodies aside from eating and going to the toilets . Too bad!

    • jazz

      Rampant steroid use? No thanks. He can keep that “discipline”.

    • elmtree

      Ditto Jazz. Who would want to achieve what Zeb has achieved? Seriously, he looks hideous.

  • Neo_

    Yuck and yuck.

  • sillyfanny

    Looks like a comic book character fucking a bath house stereotype. Dayum Zeb’s titties can sag. He’s gonna need synthol soon.

  • beirut

    now all Zeb needs to do is get a green spray tan..

  • Ike

    Zeb is beautiful, especially when he’s got more body hair goin’. I’d hire him (same town) but he’s too expensive, sadly.

  • Arglebargle

    Damn. Just when I didn’t think Zeb could get any uglier. He’s like one of those stress toys where you squeeze the bottom part and the top part expands.