SeanCody: Dillon

Dillon at SeanCody

Dillon at SeanCody

Dillon at SeanCody

Dillon at SeanCody

Dillon at SeanCody

Dillon at SeanCody

Dillon at SeanCody

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“Every time there is a new comic book movie out, I’m usually the first guy in line,” Dillon admitted. “I love it all.”

On the outside, Dillon looks like a jock. However, after talking to him for just a few minutes you can tell he’s just a big softy with a little bit of dorky thrown in.

“When I was little,” he explained. “I was a pretty big nerd.”

“How so?”

“Well, I’ve always been a little klutzy,” he said. “And I like to read… a lot!”

He’s 24 now and he’s cut and in shape. He looked great naked, jerking off and dripping with sweat. For his grand finale he busted his load all over the wall.

“I wanted to decorate your walls,” he laughed. “You know, really leave my mark!”

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  • elmtree

    Hmmm…I’m torn. Not smoldering hot by any means but there is something about him I kinda like. Again, hmmm…

    • marcus carls

      agreed. whole is more than the sum of the parts this time.

    • ahartford123

      I know. He’s pretty good-looking in profile, but from the front his face is kind of a turn-off. A gap tooth smile…really, SC? Still, there’s a nice load and some charm to his physique.

  • Are they fucking serious?

    • DaveAtom

      They’re in drugs… The ship is sinking…

  • endeeeff

    Not crazy about the slight gap, but he has that boy-next-door type look that some go for. He’s cute, but do you think SC will bring him back?

    • broseph

      ” I’m sorry I called you a gap-toothed bitch. It’s not your fault you’re so gap-toothed.”

    • endeeeff

      LOL! It’s not quite a party until a Mean Girls reference is thrown in.

    • ahartford123

      broseph +1

  • Southbay

    I like his pepperoni nipples

    • marcus carls

      lol, me too

  • Neobamboom

    sorry but i have to pass

  • DaveAtom

    WTF?!!! This is going to the wrong way :/

  • jockyboy

    They were doing so well…now they keep giving us butter faces. So clearly this guy and the previous solo, Corey, both came from the same town in West Virginia…(no offense to anyone from WV)

  • moondoggy

    Not bad, but not terribly memorable. The swim trunks are a horror.

  • Cubankid

    SC continue to disappoint with these horrible solos.

    • gaycockluvr

      Horrible sex scenes too…kind of a lame week for SC updates.

  • boyzone2004

    talking about baby face.

    I like it.

  • Jay

    Someone should take a blacklight to the SC studio set.

    • lennylenny

      That idea has occurred to me as well, but I decided that it would probably be a lot simpler to just stare point blank into a spotlight.

  • Bradster

    Not a fan of the baby face.

  • Sushi

    I like his cute face–and the gap tooth. He’s adorable. I’d love to see him get fucked.

  • DaddyYankee

    Yum… I really like him… Beautiful body, beautiful face and beautiful dick! I hope to see him again!

  • dicoco




  • island guy

    For me, Dillon is perfect — a cute and muscular, all American boy-next-door guy. His gap tooth adds to his boyish charm. But, his dripping sweat, oozing pre-cum, and thick cum make him a hot, sexual object. Hope to see him again.

  • broseph

    he looks like Liam Payne of One Direction before he shows off his gap tooth

    • Ewww he does NOT! Liam is beautiful.

  • jag2power

    I’d start with sticking a finger in it.

  • simonessmann

    this guy, despite being the most beautiful man on earth , has A LOT OF CHARMS and is cute !!!
    his body is amazing, u wish you could have his face and his body so SHUT THE F. UP

    amazing cock as well
    can’t wait to see him fucked by another dude, bareback

    yess yess yess yess to the yess yess yess

    • shaman36

      “despite being the most beautiful man on earth” what video are you watching. lol I want some of whatever your having.

    • dio

      @shaman36, I think there’s supposed to be a big old ‘not’ in there somewhere… just going by the rest of simonessmann’s post. LOL

    • There you go again, shoving your horrible taste in guys up everyone’s throat.

  • shaman36

    He’s got some nice titties but that’s as far as he goes for me.

  • Nemesis123

    nice body nice dick but man do not smile. A little too young looking for me.

  • Mike

    Corey, Joshua blows Tate, and Dillon. Quite the week SC has had.

  • dio

    it’s been a pretty horrific week @ SC, all things considered. I guess when CF’s not trying SC doesn’t bother either? I like his dick, tho. And at least he’s got a nice, thick head of hair? LOL

    • dio

      anyway, has everyone else seen CM’s duo update? It’s Stone & Jet, and holy shit if both guys hit the gym and now they are looking pretty good!

    • jazz

      Stone is hideous and I refuse to watch anything with him in it.

    • dio

      he is, but he’s always been a fairly enthusiastic performer and his body is a wonderland, now… so I think I might be able to deal. x-D

      also, Johnny Forza fucked Blake Bennett – and he’s already down w/ the kissage. LOL So straight.

    • elmtree

      Jazz…I gotta agree with Dio on the CM update. It was indeed hot and both Stone and Jet have been hitting the gym and they do look good. While I’ve always liked Jet, I have also never been a fan of Stone. But he’s had a makeover and looks surprisingly good!

    • elmtree

      Also, I wonder why Friday’s CM update was not posted on WB?

  • swim400

    Let’s see what next week brings.

  • Jerome

    SC’s solos are a waste of time and money

  • adowhat

    I think the guy hot, so I’ll take him. Very cute, great body…me like!

  • landreau

    Very cute, and a nice body — a bit thick. I wish guys would start fingering their holes though in these solo scenes. Ass play is where it’s at!

  • Daniel

    Utterly boring.

  • diegoxx

    to all the haters, look at a mirror and if you don’t see any flaws then you can start saying mean things to these boys. and if you are just so perfect and can’t stand imperfections then don’t watch their videos it’s as easy as that. saying mean things to others doesn’t make you beautiful.

  • KingSize

    Awwwww, I think hes a cutie!

  • pubert

    What the hell is wrong with his right thumb? If that thing touched me I’d vomit.

    And my god…that taint/gooch…It looks like someone hit it with a blow torch.

  • manu

    Can somebody explain to me why the Sean Cody updates always have 10 times more comments than others ? Do they have a community manager that comes on this forum ? Their stuff is not much hotter than the other studios’ IMO , there is nothing that could justify this discrepancy .