SeanCody: Daniel Fucks Rich (Bareback)

Rich & Daniel (Bareback) at SeanCody

Rich & Daniel (Bareback) at SeanCody

Rich & Daniel (Bareback) at SeanCody

Rich & Daniel (Bareback) at SeanCody

Rich & Daniel (Bareback) at SeanCody

Rich & Daniel (Bareback) at SeanCody

Rich & Daniel (Bareback) at SeanCody

Rich & Daniel at

“You have to promise you won’t break him,” I said to Daniel. “He’s like half your size!”

A devilish look came across Daniel’s face. “Fine,” he said. “I promise I’ll only put in just the tip!”


“Yeah I know,” he laughed. “I’m gonna fuck the hell out of him!”

Rich smiled. “I’m tougher than I look, I swear! I actually prefer it a little on the rougher side.”

Rich was just the type that Daniel loves — someone who will let him pound away and push the limits.

“I love getting fingered and having my prostate massaged,” Rich said. “I fucking love that!”

Daniel didn’t even try to hold back. He opened up Rich’s hole and really went for it. Before I knew it he had almost four fingers up in there.

“Ah stop! I’m about to cum!”

Daniel pulled out and started rimming Rich’s hole instead.

“It’s like feeding time at the zoo… the animals are hungry!” Daniel was cracking up!

Watch Rich & Daniel (Bareback) at

dio says:

yahoo, no Jarek! x-D

LOL, I knew Sean Cody would pair Rich with Daniel. And as I said: sexplosive. Defo a cut above the last duo, visually.

why does Sean Cody claim that Daniel’s 26 (LOL) only to pair him with younger looking guys (ie: PLAY UP the hot older guy POUNDING the smaller/younger twinky guy)? Ha!

dio says:

Rich may no be the prettiest guy @ SC, but I am totally HERE for the hair (body and head) and that big-headed dick of his. :-d

DaveAtom says:

Sexplosive, an accurate definition for this vid XD
Anyway, I would die for a Daniel & Jarek flip-flop (Can’t get enough of these dudes)

Neobamboom says:

because he is 26 I knew a guy that was balding in high school. just bad luck.
Daniel is a sex fiend, shame rich is a fug

DaveAtom says:

AMAZING!!! Daniel’s worth any bad update here I think, yum!!! Rich looks good, but even though, I prefer Sheldon… but I realize that this guy will never come back :(… hey, but cheers, Daniel is in da haus!!!

ahartford123 says:

Agreed, Rich is like Sheldon 2.0 and his youthful look works so well with Daniel’s DILF look.

DaveAtom says:

@ahartford123 yes, this vid displays the beauty of contrasts :D. And this could work as a rehearsal when the real Sheldon pops up here… yet again

swim400 says:

Daniel is amazing no matter how old he is. Would liked 2 have seen Sheldon but I will take Rick minus the tat.

muffintop says:

I had no idea who Rich was before this, so obviously he’d turn out to be one of the unattractive guys who always end up coming back.

endeeeff says:

Basically. LOL

moondoggy says:

Daniel is oh oh oh oh ohhhhh so hot. Holy fucking fucking fuckity fuck yes.

Interesting the teasing they’ve done here trying to get us to imagine Daniel taking it in this scene, the close-up of the face with his knees in his ears, and all he’s doing is getting rimmed. More than one shot had me going, “Oooh, really? Oh.” But I still love it.

adidas28 says:

Daniel is the real fucking deal. The dude is GOLD.

Helluva Bottom Carter says:

Agreed. Definitely make a helluva fun top.

Bradster says:

I’ve completely lost all interest in Rich, so I won’t be shedding any tears if I never see him again. Daniel OTOH still has some shelf life left in him.

Bradster says:

Whoops, I had the two mixed up. The prematurely graying one is the one I don’t like.

Nick Minaj says:

Daniel, yes. This scene, no.

elmtree says:

My thoughts exactly. I really like Daniel, I think he’s pretty hot, but I’m not feeling this “I’m a dominant power top” persona of his. His actions, from the frantic fucking, to the over the top facial expressions and moaning, to the “I’m cumming all over your ass bitch” comments seem a little to forced and contrived. Sigh……

endeeeff says:


Mike says:

I like watching guys take charge. I mean, Alan certainly did, but he also actually seemed to be enjoying himself. I like Daniel, but his shtick doesn’t seem real.

@ elmtree LOL “coming all over your ass, bitch”…that’s usually what they do anyway without announcing it. Now, “coming in your ass, bitch” would have made me sit up and take notice.

elmtree says:

Mike…its as if you are reading my mind. I was thinking everything you wrote, specifically your comments about Alan’s taking charge seeming totally natural. I loved his performances.

And, yes, “coming IN your ass” would have been much preferred…and much hotter, lol!

LJ says:

I too think Daniel is playing up his “role” as the aggressive top in this video but… in the behind the scenes shower clip he was still doing the annoying aggressive/hot shit attitude. It could be he is just a douche who doesn’t know how to relate to another guy sexually. He might actually be straight…

Helluva Bottom Carter says:

My dick approves of this update. I’m feeling the fuck out of the contrast between the two of them and the way Daniel manhandles Rich into submission. Love the rough hole play and very hot to know that they’re both getting exactly what they want out of it.

Bonus that I find them both visually pleasing too. :P

swim400 says:

I so totally agee. Love this update.

Flaming Homo says:

Am I the only one who loves Rich?

jockyboy says:

not at all! I think he’s adorable!

cepsluvr says:


swim400 says:

I also like him but loose the tat.

swim400 says:

I also like Nick over Rich.

jockyboy says:

Can’t wait to watch this! Daniel is absolutely gorgeous. He looks like the perfect all-American 1950s chiseled manly man (aka perfection). So anything with him in it is a win for me!

anoir says:

Daniel is so fucking sexy hot. I want to shoot my load all over that salt n pepa hair of his. He makes me dripping wet.

darkthunder1983 says:

Did Daniel dye his hair? It looks less gray than it usually does.

swim400 says:

Notice that also.

VegasRich says:

Daniel once again makes this scene for me. Rich did an admirable job though. I figured he’d be back. Sean Cody has increased the turnover rate for newbies lately which can be a bit disappointing since I really miss Marshall and Henry in action. As for this scene though, it was hot as hell and daniel’s ass has not looked better.

bigben says:

Yeah, definitely Daniel in this scene – so far all his scenes have been hot and dirty. And maybe if Sean Cody focused more on the current group of models he has and less on getting new ones, that would cut back on the solos and we would see some of our favourites used again. Really wish Marshall would come back for a scene in HD and if he came back with Sheldon, that would be an early Xmas present for me. And Dane in HD too ;p

DaddyYankee says:

Is Daniel really 26? He looks like a man in his thirties.

DaddyYankee says:

However I didn’t dowload this one. It doesn’t worth burdening my hard drive for these two unattractive guys.

Guy says:

HOLY S%$#& this is so FU&*^%#@ HOT!!!!!!! Daniel should give fucking lessons because he really knows how to do it. Perfect pairing him with a horny younger blonde.

Cubankid says:

No to Daniel Hell No to Rich and No to this scene.

DaddyYankee says:

Totally agree.
I could watch a video with Daniel only if he topped Brandon or bottomed for him.

†orrie says:

Yet another fug returns… BLAH.

DaddyYankee says:


Daniel says:

Rich looks godawful here. Not even Daniel is saving this.

jag2power says:

A tad tired.

bob80 says:

Sean Cody used to feature hot manly bottoms. Daniel is hot but that Rich guy is a complete turn off. Sean Cody has plenty of gorgeous tops but it really needs to improve on the bottoms.

jazz says:

Now when is Daniel gonna give up that ass? It would be kinda hot to see Brandon fuck Daniel in sort of a DILF themed scene.

elmtree says:

I’m game for that pairing…

Mike says:

Me, too.

endeeeff says:


SuperDuper says:

Pass… Didn’t like this Rich guy before and I still don’t unfortunately. Meh. LOL

Res1 says:

Daniel is decrepit. He belongs on MenOver40.

jimzy says:

I think this update is like the last one…average repetitive and boring. What makes Daniel so “amazing!” to many doesn’t compel me to indulge in a nice pull. Not that it really matters, but Daniel is likely over 35 and needs to lose a few. His look is that of an aging B movie actor…a corny leading-man type, who with the right break, makes a better heavy in his later years. His “acting” seems forced to yield that extra rough — “I’m really into this, and I’m gonna punish this bitch.” yuck.

Res1 says:

Well, I don’t get the love for half of the guys on here from Brandon, Aiden, Daniel, etc. That probably means I don’t have ordinary taste. But yeah, this guy is CLEARLY over 35. 26 my ass.

von schlomo says:

Neither does anything for me…this will most likely collect dust on the shelf in my hard drive.

Angel5 says:

No. Thank. You. Glad that many people love Daniel but I just can’t. And Rich made me lose my lunch.

TheSagaOf says:

I’m appetite for Daniel is absolutely insatiable. I will NEVER be able to get enough of that sexy fucker. My God, he drives me crazy.

DaveAtom says:

+1 We are two, man :D

Patrol says:

I really love how rough and dirty Daniel is. It is a performance, sure, but it gives the scene a charge. (Quick, someone pair him with Johnny Rapid.) If Daniel is to bottom, my choice for scene partner would be Ashton or Jarek. I see several comments about the Corbin Fisher Aiden/Cort scene, which is reasonably good, but Daniel looks like he could eat Aiden for breakfast.

Four terrific cumshots. My favorite is Daniel’s first. Seeing the cum squirt out nonstop onto Rich’s cock is what a monthly membership is all about.

Jakub says:

Daniel stressed that he really is 26 in the behind-the-scenes,LOL
Sorry,I still don’t believe it…

jimzy says:

side note: is there a glossary where you find DILF and OTOH and other shorthand?

My critique goes to an observation of what going bareback (here to stay) has done to SC, and they might evaluate their production in order to not lose various valuable actor reaction/close-ups. Maybe revamp production in order to maintain, without compromise, any spontaneity and production value, especially in editing. The hunch is that the money shot is taking a back seat (pun intended), especially cum-eating, which has been lost to a preoccupation with (bareback) cum-all-over-the-butt…and arguing “did he or didn’t he cum inside?”… “did he or didn’t he actually suck on that dick after it was pulled from his ass?”…washing the Santorum contaminates takes more time to clean off, and likely longer for everyone to get back into the scene. The frequency of these cum-in-(and)-around-the-butt updates (probably due to demand) has replaced seeing facial reactions of an eager/hungry mouth with expressive close ups to a more satisfying appreciative and tasty ending. It all just seems more intimate calling for a better way to navigate the
hygiene/delay/editing issues. I’d like a new, with greater frequency, format added to the blow job update wherein both guys give blow jobs (mutual rimming is good) and enjoy the closeness of sharing each others cum without the described distraction…and, a split screen on the cum again closeups. Double your pleasure…I’d download those every time.

von schlomo says:

Not trying to be snarky, but if you google those acronyms you’ll have your answers. More specifically, Urban Dictionary is mighty helpful.

DaddyYankee says:

Daniel should be 35-38… if he’s 26 I’m Abraham Lincoln.

Jonny Marzetti says:

Daniel is so-so looking, but his sexual animation sucks you in. Overall a good scene with some grab-ya moments, but I might not bother to save it.

gustav09 says:

What a complete waste of the gorgeous Daniel’s talents. Rich’s hair looks like it weighs more than his entire body!

marti1234 says:

A Daniel, Jarek pairing would be hot especially flip flop or this with Brandon & Daniel, these pics are already hot.

swim400 says:

I like your thinking.

Sushi says:

Not a fan of gramps, and at his solo I wondered who would top him, since Rich is certainly no top. Now I know, and I don’t care.

Bo69 says:

This is a seriously sensational pairing and Daniel is gay as a goose. Periotd.