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Rich at SeanCody

Rich at SeanCody

Rich at SeanCody

Rich at SeanCody

Rich at SeanCody

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“So you’re not straight, right?” I asked. After meeting Rich (aka Bruce Jones) and getting to know him I could tell he played for our team.

“Well,” he replied. “I’m not 100% gay, but also not 100% straight. Let’s just say I like options!”

“Which way do you find yourself swinging these days?”

“Towards men,” he said with a smile. “I like being with a man, as a friend, and still being able to fuck!”

Rich is everything you would expect from a boy who grew up in southern California — everything from his hair, to his attitude, to his adventurous spirit. He really likes having a good time, and his favorite thing is skateboarding. He’s actually pretty good at it, too. Watching this young fit guy grind down the street was pretty impressive!

“You are better than I thought you would be!”

“Yep,” he said, looking away. “I’ve been skateboarding since I was 12!”

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†orrie says:

Sheldon is way hotter than his guy. Bring him back already!

elmtree says:

Hmmm…Torrie your comparison to Sheldon is not that much of a compliment to Sheldon imo.

†orrie says:

Oh, I wasn’t really comparing them lol. The only thing this guy has in common with Sheldon is that they’re both blond.

swim400 says:

Let me add that they would look great together. Also, where is Nick?

elmtree says:

Doesn’t do it for me on many levels. I’ll just look forward to Sunday’s update…which better not be an oral only vid!

EmpireState says:

I agree…

bigben says:

It’ll probably be an oral only clip. Or if it is BB, it’ll probably have Pierce in it. Shit.

Jonny Marzetti says:

Agreed, elmtree.

jazz says:

Hmmm they could pair him with Sheldon, I suppose. But I’d really love to see Sheldon in a flip with Jarek.

Southbay says:


I Am Jake says:

Only if Jarek got rid of that dead muskrat he calls a haircut.

darkthunder1983 says:

I think Zeb Atlas has the possum now.

SilverFoxes says:

Here’s what I hope to see soon:

Daniel fucking either Sheldon or Rich…

Deron getting sucked off by Rich

Deron fucking Rich or Aidan

Daniel fucking Alexander

Pleeze, SC?

swim400 says:

I agree with Sheldon and Jarek.

crabcraft says:

Sheldon made another appearance on Thunders Arena recently:

I hope he will return to Sean Cody but I am doubtful.

Flaming Homo says:

So. Purrfect.

CA says:

Sheldoooooon! Where are yoooooou?!

God, if that kid ever comes back, it may shutdown the Sean Cody servers after so much anticipation from the masses.

DaveAtom says:

That is the one million dollar question! I really want to see him again… by far is going to be pleasure for everyone

whitestealth says:

I hate the way Sean Cody plays around with the membership. He does not have an online chat in his website. Or maybe he just does not care what people think, want. He is doing well enough doing it his way. I wonder what his total membership is? BA is much more open, although lately they have been posting few really good vids. Haven’t paid much attention to Corbin Fisher since Travis stopped bottoming, the greatest bottom of all time, IMO. The others are just also-rans, but I suppose they make a living…

SilverFoxes says:

Only if Sheldon is fucked by Daniel….

dio says:

he looks like a younger, tatt-less Troy from CM… Sean Cody should pair him with Daniel/Joshua/Calvin. I think that could be sexplosive.

dio says:

here he is:

just in case anyone needs to be reminded. LOL

elmtree says:

What??? That’s an insult to the hottness that is Troy! Ok, I know Troy is not for everyone but I think he’s a hottie.

Flaming Homo says:

What the fuck ew

dio says:

look at the faces… it’s uncanny. They could be bros, seriously.

†orrie says:

Ewww. That guy looks even worse.

darkthunder1983 says:

Damn. They kind of do favor… however I LOVE me some Troy.

I Am Jake says:

It’s good that they have a non-average example of a gay guy and between him and Aiden, I’d pick this guy. Otherwise, he’s just so totally common and random, especially if by “being able to fuck” he means ‘being able to top.’

FeydRautha says:

Uh, what does an average example of a gay guy look like? :/

DaveAtom says:

Not a big fan, 90’s look. This one is an average joe :\

whitestealth says:

I think Rich is kind of cute. Not the hottest guy out there, but better than Alexander, IMO. And he admits to being gay, which is a plus. He could be an interesting half of a pair or part of a ‘fest.

Dion says:


endeeeff says:

His head is HUGE.

Ero says:

I feel nonchalant about this guy. Meh. Sean Cody please bring Sheldon baaaack!!!!!!!!

Cubankid says:

These solos have been awful as of late this guy is hideous nothing about him is sexy and I personally don’t think he’s Sean Cody material.

tandagay says:

Fuck what a complete failure of a week. And they used that annoying interviewer this time. Fuck this site is such a joke. Man this guy is disgusting, but I get a feeling he won’t be back simply because he’s gay.

bob80 says:

Hell no. He could be featured on another website, but he’s not Sean Cody material. at. all.
I just had a look at the Sean Cody website, it had some really hot guys recently (Ashton, Erik, Kirk…) but only the moderately attractive come back for sex.
I am longing for a manly hot bottom, I haven’t seen one in FRIKKIN AGES.

Ero says:

Manly hot bottom like Max!! Omg I miss him so much. Please get Max to come back for some hot bareback action!

ahartford123 says:

Below average, really. I hate to be “that” guy, but I had to say it: I’m more ripped than this guy.

darkthunder1983 says:

I was thinking the same thing. I can’t knock anybody’s body seeing as I’m skinny myself but this dude needs some meat like I do. I would say he’s as skinny as Aaron was when he was here but even Aaron’s picked up a little muscle after working with NDS, Falcon, Lucas Entertainment and Cocksure Men.

gaycockluvr says:

Please stop with these damn solos and bring back my Calvin and Jaime.

darkthunder1983 says:

I don’t think Jamie’s coming back since his real name was revealed. Strangely enough, other models had their names revealed, including Calvin, and they still came back.

darkthunder1983 says:

So wasn’t expecting this guy to say he plays for both teams.

Sushi says:

He’s not bad, which is hardly high praise, but his lack of tattos and open “gayness” are definite positives. G-A-Y is something you’ll never see in a Corbin Fisher write-up, so that’s good too. It’ll be interesting to see who tops him, ’cause he don’t look like one himself.

SilverFoxes says:

Please let Daniel top him. Daniel’s classic dark hunky daddy handsomeness and Rich’s blond twinkiness would play off well with each other!

Jay says:

He’s cute, average and twinky. Kind of refreshing. I remember when Sean Cody used to have more than one type of pudding on their site.

Helluva Bottom Carter says:

I kinda dig him. He’s a total sk8r cutie, I think. Not the most remarkable solo in a while (SHELDON) but better than a lot of the solos Sean Cody has had lately tbqh.

I doubt we’ll see him return though. But if he does, he better bottom and it better be with someone hot.

Ike says:

Definitely has that Christian Slater thing goin’ on. Needs to quit trimming that bod hair though!