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SeanCody: Coleman (Solo)

Coleman (Solo) at SeanCody

Coleman (Solo) at SeanCody

Coleman (Solo) at SeanCody

Coleman (Solo) at SeanCody

Coleman (Solo) at SeanCody

Watch Coleman at Sean Cody

Coleman is the kind of guy who is a straight-A student, athlete, and the type most likely to be voted “most popular.” He’s got a charming personality, a killer smile, and one of the most amazing asses I’ve ever seen!

“When I was in high school I was the quarterback,” he said. “Here, look!”

He pulled out his phone and showed us a picture of him in full gear.

“Did you have a hard time fitting into the spandex pants,” I asked. “With your bubble butt?”

He laughed. “I guess so,” he said. “That was probably how people knew it was me. Forget about my jersey number!”

Coleman was born and raised in southern California. He did a lot surfing when he was growing up.

“My hair was really long,” he said. “I got it cut off a year or so back.”

“You look more like a Ken doll now!”

“Well,” he said, “Some people say I look like more like a Senator now!”

Watch Coleman at Sean Cody

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  • NO.

    • Ted


    • invisibleman

      Get torrie to an opthamologist ASAP… This guy is pure hotness, what’s your problem

    • shaman36

      totally agree he’s got quite the ass on him but that’s about it. next

    • @Invisibleman Haha no thanks. My eye sight is just fine. Like Ahartford123 said below, he looks too plastic to me… Plus, I don’t like guys who tweeze their eyebrows.

    • EmpireState

      I was thinking “Ken doll” before the write-up even mentioned it. A bad thing? Maybe. That body is surreal in how smooth it is and we won’t get into what’s above the neck. Although, that ass is mighty tempting.

    • Sangshao

      Dear Gay Men of America,

      Leave your fucking eyebrows the hell alone. If they are bushy, trim them. If you have a unibrow, fix that. Otherwise, hands off. He’s not a bad looking guy, he’s a weird looking guy, and its mostly his fault.

  • adidas28


    Forgive the judgment, but anyone who says “no” is NUTS. Okay–maybe not “nuts,” just WRONG. ;-)

    • carey579

      Agreed! this guy is GORGEOUS

    • moondoggy

      Yes, I’m in this camp. The strong objections to this guy are baffling.

    • Ted

      Nah, this guy is really boring. (to me anyways), he looks like Taylor Lautner, but even more vanilla

    • blucrab

      Coleman is a perfection. He has the lot, the body, the look and pretty face. If someone says otherwise, they are jealous. Not many has the combination
      He is like an artwork, adonis

  • DaddyYankee

    Wow!!! Very hot! He has the same level of “hotness” of Brandon…
    I really like him. I hope to see more!

    • Coleman > Brandon

    • swim400

      Coleman and Kurt. We have not seen Kurt in awhile.

    • swim400

      Coleman & Tripp. 2 newbies do it right away!

  • DaveAtom

    Well, he’s kinda cute. Is not really my type, … not so memorable… but is good to see that exist nice options in SC.

  • jasoncrew01

    Dat ass.

    Really all that needs to be said.

    • HKguy

      Amen to that +1 I think he’s super hot

  • gaycockluvr

    So beautiful. Much better than the mostly crappy solos (and duos) as of late. The face, the body, those thighs, and dat ass are just pure sexy. Man, those thighs and dat ass……finger licking good.

    Sidebar: He kinda looks like Adam from Workaholics.

  • jasoncrew01

    He needs to come back and bottom asap. If he gets together with Jarek, I will die.

    • wingfield

      + 1

  • Cubankid

    He has a nice ass for a white boy, I like him he isn’t on Brandon’s level as far as facial goes but he isn’t ugly either. Nice body to.

    • Beetlejuice

      This guy is model handsome, Brandon isn’t.

    • @Beetlejuice HAHAHAHA “model handsome”? On what planet??

  • CA

    Lol, I saw this update and thought…even with a guy this beautiful in an update, people over at waybig wont be happy.

    This guy is gorgeous and will only get better with age is my guess. If he decides to stick around for some boy action, SC will have fulfilled their recruitment quota for the year in my opinion. It’s been a good year, think of all the new hotties we saw: Marshall, Dane, Joshua, Ashton, Daniel. Not to mention a number of hot solo guys.

    You’d be hard pressed to name any other gay porn site this year who had that many hot new guys introduced…better yet, you’d be hard pressed to name a new guy this year on another site substantially hotter than this Coleman guy.

  • Einreb1984ofSouthSF

    That body is amazing…………….there goes that chick interviewer again!, she totally ruins it for me! he better bottom for joshua or daniel, ASAP!

    • jasoncrew01


      The interviewer being a woman is a total wood killer.

    • The interviewer is a woman. Big deal. I feel bad bad for y’all if you react to women like this in real life too.

    • Joc

      agree with the gay above

      and for me the woman make it better, dont ask why

      keep it going sc

    • SuperDuper

      Yeahhh, I don’t really understand that bit either considering some women like/watch gay porn. If they have women there interviewing the guy, big whoop. She didn’t kill my wood, and I don’t even masturbate to solo videos anyway. LOL

  • muffintop

    Way too “pretty” from the neck up. I prefer guys a little more rugged. It’s probably the eyebrows.

    • ahartford123

      I agree. His body is decent if a little too youthful and underdeveloped…and his face looks plastic. I think that’s it. It just looks unreal, as if it’s been through several plastic surgeries. I’m not saying he has had any work done, and so what if he has, but his face just seems a little too schoolboy-ish for me.

    • muffintop

      Ah, that’s the word, “plastic”. I was having a hard time coming up with a good word.

  • island guy

    Coleman has model, good looks (beautiful blue eyes) and a great body (his bubble butt is to die for). He is certainly the all-American jock. Seeing him jerk off was very hot — hope he returns for more action.

  • Patrol

    Very beautiful skin (a rarity in porn) which enhances everything, and a Fratmen-worthy bubble butt!

  • invisibleman

    Get this guy, Brandon & Marshall in a threesome

  • Gorgeous.

    • swim400

      I agree gorgeous. Would like 2 c him unshaven though.

  • shaman36

    and now sean cody hires themselves their very own full blooded serial killer lol but like i’ve said he does have quite the ass on him. I’ll give him that

  • Daniel

    I’m a little creeped out by the face. Slightly serial killer ish.

    • samson

      I think you’re responding to his large forehead.

  • intoxicated_andy

    fuck yes..

  • Jerome

    Coleman, please just sit on my face

  • tandagay

    One hit wonder. He won’t be coming back ever. Would love to see him with Joshua though.

    • swim400

      He is perfect and does not need 2 think about tats or piercings. Pure midwest deliciousness.

    • dio

      he’s clearly gay and being passed off as straight. He’ll be back.

    • whitestealth

      @dio – You seem very certain about this. You have said it twice. It would be interesting to go back and look at your other predicitons / outcomes. I have given up predicting with SC (although I did this time, it seems!)

  • niftyguyatl

    Hot. Would love to see him back. Btw, I noticed his vid is number 1498. I wonder if Sean Cody will mark 1500 with an extra special update. Would be cool to have a group scene with the best guys from the last 500 scenes.

    • DaddyYankee

      The fans have been asking for years Sean Cody to upload a mega orgy scene. I’d like to see a big bareback fuck-fest with six guys at least: Brandon, Jarek, Joshua, Calvin, Landon and Peter.

    • swim400

      U have to include Jamie, Jeffery and Nick.

    • samson

      If that happens, in order to satisfy JUST the fans posting here, it would have to be a 300 man orgy.

  • jag2power

    Nutcracker thighs and glutes for sure. Tasty.

    • jag2power

      In addition, I agree re: the butt, butt why wasn’t it fully displayed in the photos or vid? Just glimpes and guick passovers. SC get them to play w/their pink (or brown) buttons, will ya?

    • trex

      The absence of good ass shots and ass play is one of the great mysteries when it comes to Sean cody. Even when the new models are openly gay they don’t give us any good ass shots. I think its a holdover from when they were still trying to convince everyone that their models were all “straight” and asking a straight guy to spread his cheeks would of course send him out the front door. I wish they would stop the charade and make the spread ass cheek shot a standard feature of all solos.

  • elmtree

    I like him. Hot, tat free body, bubble butt, cute, questionable sexuality…I’m good with him.

    I say questionable sexuality cuz he never motioned females when talking about sexual things…only “people” or “they”. He seemed a little too fond of himself during the vid but I’ll forgive him… :)

    • von schlomo

      Good points and a fair appraisal. He’s more than decent, better than most on SC, but not the 2nd Coming. Someone said he’s equal to Brandon…Oh, I think not! Another mentioned his “underdeveloped” body. Huh? lol He’s got a great body, esp legs, calves and ass!

      He certainly doesn’t need to play with his ass, but it’s unforgivable that his ass isn’t on proper display in these previews. What’s up with that??

  • gaisle

    Most hot guys doing solo in SC isn’t coming back, hoping this one will come back for more, I miss Marshall

  • mf1

    Dat Ass!! He must be able to sit on the most uncomfortable places and don’t even notice

  • jazz

    OMG YES! He is gorgeous and that ass is BEAUTIFUL! Those shots of him swimming naked in the pool were breathtaking. I can’t wait to see him with a dick in that ass. I’m hoping Jarek and Marshall do the honors, not go mention the obligatory pairing with Brandon.

    • DaddyYankee


  • ChicagoBoyRN

    Just nice to see a handsome NEW face on SC! I hope he stays and do M2M bareback!

  • Mike

    No complaints: He looks really good to me. If he were on Fratmen, we’d say, “Great looking guy. Too bad he’s on Fratmen.” SC has a Fratmen type, and I hope he comes back.

    • swim400

      He is 2 good 4 fratman. The days of Chase, Casey, Jayden, Damon etc. r long gone. we now have guys with tats.

    • jazz

      How could you leave Shay out of that list? Oh how I long for Shay to return and do some full on gay porn. I know he’s “modeling” now but whatev.

  • matongsai

    Those eyes make him look drunk.

  • Pinky

    OMG! I will foresake all other sites if Coleman is brought back for a hot duo scene. Would be even hotter if his scene partner is Deron. That’s my only wish this year for X-mas, SC.

    • kd

      OMG Coleman w/ Deron that would be amazing but it ain’t gonna happen. We won’t see Deron again and probably won’t see this beauty again either. But he is a beauty; maybe a little too vanilla for my taste but that body is to die for. That picture of him coming out of the pool w/ that amazing ass is incredible. He has an ass on par w/ Brandon’s and I can’t imagine how hot it would be to pair them up. His ass is perfect but so is his cock….. .

  • SuperDuper

    Gorgeous guy. Love the shots of him in the pool. VERY nice ass, nice bod. He’ll definitely work and hopefully he will come back. An ass like that needs to be plowed. If that happens, we’ll be hearing how much he enjoys it. LOL

  • endeeeff

    Nice ass, nice dick, and no garish tattoos. Looks like a winner to me (which means we’ll probably never see him again according to Sean Cody logic).

  • whitestealth

    Handsome face, BEAUTIFUL skin, flawless, nice ass; just like Brandon. I ilke the face shots and the ass shots in the pool. I can’t see that he’ll be coming back, though. Just does not seem the type. Just advertising for his physical training mabye… A good update.

  • 007james

    Great looking guy. Nice way to start the week! I think he’s more than an ‘ass’ guy in my book. Really photogenic, and makes me stand up and take notice ( can you tell I like him…haha) Hope the rest of the week’s updates are as satisfying.

  • clusterfuck


  • dio

    twenty-four head is a little, well, not little, and his eyes are a bit squinty. But other than those he’s pretty damn fine. I’d bet he’s gay and coming back, for sure.

  • Prima Donna…hard to buy the farm story.

  • Bagoas

    Breathtakingly beautiful. Absolutely perfect, especially those eyes. Seems like a really nice person as well. With those looks, I’m sure he has enjoyed many advantages in his young life. His thighs are amazing. I’m only sorry that Corbin Fisher didn’t grab him first.

  • Auggy

    He’s hot but he’d be so much hotter if he actually had body hair.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      IMO the smoothness only adds to the appeal.

  • Rio Dong Janeiro


  • Jonny Marzetti

    NIce! Great bubble butt, hot body, and kind cute. And CF finally introduced a true hottie today — Smith! So it’s a helluva of a Monday for new guys! Wish Coleman and Smith were on the same site so they could get naked together and do the fuck-bunny thing. Interesting that they are both supposedly football players.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      *kinda, but hopefully he’s kind too.

  • kristompel

    great legs…bubble but! wow…love him…but to me Brandon is still the best…perfection.

  • KingSize

    OMG DAT ASS!!!!!!!

  • adowhat

    Yes sir! Handsome, hot, and that ass!!! Hope him and Joshua get to play

  • TheSagaOf


  • danieldenial

    Team jake

  • Sushi

    Get addition, I hope he comes back, but all the hottest guys have done solos and never returned. That ass is begging to be fucked hard and long.

  • Orion Hunter

    Scratching my head over all the overheated praise for this guy. He ain’t ugly for sure, but I don’t see all the “gorgeous”es “model looks”es and “handsome”s that everyone else is seeing. I wouldn’t kick him outta bed (that ass would have to be the price of admission tho’), but I wouldn’t post him up at the bar or on the dance floor either.

    Plus, some of these pics look photoshopped to within an inch of human parody (dood almost looks like a mannequin in some).

  • KingNick456

    I’m an ass guy so 8/10 for me

  • Nice look. They beat CF this week for sure.

    • QueerJock

      not hard to do these days

  • QueerJock

    They have to get there story together. The write up is wrong: he did not say he was a quarterback. He played defensive back and linebacker (looks like a defensive player). Also he’s not a surfer from SoCal. He’s a ‘corn-fed’ ‘clean-cut Midwestern boy’.

    Can’t say if he’s queer. He likes to web cam with ‘people’ he doesn’t know: doesn’t say which sex.

    A nod and a wink to David Hockney.

    Hope he returns. Fuckin’ gorgeous stud with a boner that doesn’t quit! Totally load worthy. No rubber no problem. I’d die a happy faggot with my tongue buried in that ass!

  • DaddyYankee

    After two days no new scene… strange.

    • niftyguyatl

      Would be cool if vids 1499 and 1500 were a two part, multimodel orgy. I wonder sometimes why a site like this doesn’t mix up the formula more often. The series filmed at the Palm Springs house, the ski cabin, even Hawaii were nice to watch because they added some variety.

    • DaddyYankee

      I wish you’re right mate!

  • alexan00

    Why the fuck is there a girl talking in the background. What a turn-off that was.