CorbinFisher: Aiden, Harper & Tanner (3-Way Suck Fest)

Aiden, Harper & Tanner (3-Way Suck Fest) at CorbinFisher

Aiden, Harper & Tanner (3-Way Suck Fest) at CorbinFisher

Aiden, Harper & Tanner (3-Way Suck Fest) at CorbinFisher

Aiden, Harper & Tanner (3-Way Suck Fest) at CorbinFisher

Watch Aiden, Harper & Tanner at

Some new guys get lucky and get welcomed to campus with a blow job. Tanner gets blown by two of our biggest stars – Harper and Aiden!

Tanner is some delicious-looking, sex-on-a-stick! Tanner is a bit of an exhibitionist, and has had fun jerking off on camera before. But he’s never done anything like this. When Tanner’s not working (or working out) he lives for basketball. He’s been playing since he was six years old, and says it’s been his life since then.

The only sport Tanner likes better is (oh, come on – you know the answer!) is sex! He’s good at it, too. Of course, Aiden and Harper are no slouches at that game. When Pete asks who gives the best blowjobs, Aiden is the first to raise his hand.

The guys make out, and from there, it’s truly a good ol’ fashioned suck fest. I’m not QUITE sure Aiden gave the best blow job – Harper was right in there, sucking away like his life depended on it. Tanner’s pretty competitive as well.

Still … there are some moments in this that totally made it for me – When Harper and Aiden blow their huge loads over Tanner’s face and chest, drenching him in cum, I thought we might have to call this “Tanner’s Bukkake!”

Tanner blew his load into Harper and Aiden’s waiting mouths and seemed like he timed his spurts just right to give them each a helping of hot cum.

I’m kind of glad we limited it to blow jobs – I’m not sure I could have taken the three of them fucking! But if everyone insists … I’m willing to risk my health and film it ;) …

Watch Aiden, Harper & Tanner at

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Sam says:

Finally an update with Aiden and Harper and all they do is suck? WTF?

Neobamboom says:


Pinky says:

@Sam My thoughts exactly. The only scene I’ve wanted from CF… and it’s oral only.

Was Marco chewing gum, while clearly not giving a fuck about anything but his pay check, like he was in the trailer thurout the scene? Marco is hot and has an ass for days but he isn’t going to be enough to turn things around @ CF. I can already see his FIRST TIME! being a total let down.

Cubankid says:

I would much rather they double penetrate Harper sexy ass.

manu says:


bmg says:

I’ve already seen Marco from Fratmen kiss and suck several times on that site, and with hotter guys. The only reason for Corbin Fisher to take him on is to get him to fuck/get fucked. I’m definitely down to watch that, but I’ll pass on this one.

FeydRautha says:

Wow! He looked much better on Fratmen…

His abs are gone and the ass is obscured by the back fat.

CarlosEduarc says:

This is not on the “tease” level anymore. That’s trolling already.

I like his back fat. It makes his ass doesn’t look so unreal. But look at Harper he isn’t in Ripped body shape either.

Ted says:

Giving an opinion is not “Trolling”, even if it’s unpopular!

That said, I am glad one model I like is freed from the Hell that is the fratpad porn! And being in this scene means they’re already ready to skip the solo, plus Tanner gets a facial (don’t think I’ve seen that on FM) no complaints from me what so ever!

CarlosEduarc says:

I meant that Corbin Fisher is trolling us.

jazz says:

WTF is the point of this? Unless there will be a part 2 – 3 way FUCKfest.

elmtree says:


This seems like a waste…bummer. But, I guess its better than a solo update.

von schlomo says:

Man, Tanner (Fratmen Marco) has one big, sexy ass!! I can’t wait to see him getting pounded. At 5’5″ he must be one of the shortest guys Corbin Fisher has ever had. Finally Corbin Fisher has scored a real hottie, even if they had to pluck him from the competition.

Juan Diego says:

CF has enrolled many short guys. Recently you can remember Skye 5’3″, Carson 5’4″, Mason 5’6″, Diego 5’6″ and Doug 5’5″.

von schlomo says:

I guess, if many is less than 5% lol

CarlosEduarc says:

Almost all Corbin Fisher models are 5’7” tall. There aren’t too many tall guys at CF.
But i think that even Marco being short there’s no guy on Corbin Fisher that is on the same level of beauty.

adidas28 says:

I know people will quibble with the oral-only aspect of this, but as far as Corbin Fisher “intro” vids go, this is fiiiiiiine by me.

Also, Aiden is hot, Harper is hot, and Tanner is hot. So…this HOT, damnit!

Jonny Marzetti says:

Totally agree! This is light-years ahead of some lame solo, even a hot-guy solo. Love the way Aiden always tastes and swallows the goo like a cute muscled puppy-boy.

dio says:

CF finally gets 3 decent-to-great-looking guys together in a scene and it’s a 3-way-BJ. Really?! Ugh. 3-way FUCKfest would have been much better! Hopefully, there is a ‘part 2’ coming up where they continue on to the fucking.

dio says:

Tanner & Ashton Fratmen ACTION ‘reunion’ in the future, YAAAAAASSSSSS!

the 11th pic, w/ Tanner’s ass… lawd haa mercy!

CarlosEduarc says:

Ok so now show me one guy at Corbin Fisher that is good enough to top Marco.
I think Reece could have been a really nice to top to pound Marco’s ass for the first time. But he isn’t there anymore.

Southbay says:

I love Harper always. Tanner/Marco is hot and a nice addition to CF. Hope he goes all the way.

007james says:

I always like cock worship and licking & sucking better than butt fucking. So this is my kind of update for sure. 3 way=plus plus,plus.

cinamann says:


Mike says:

Me, too.

Jonny Marzetti says:

“I always like cock worship and licking & sucking better than butt fucking.”

To me it’s ALL good, when it’s the right people and done in a hot way. Sex variety is great, and that can be manifested either as having scene A focus deeply one activity and scene B on another (i.e., the case here with suckfest), OR scene C mixing together lots of different kinds of action/elements — especially when they mix it up unpredictably instead of sticking to the usual kiss-suck-rim-fuck-cum formula.

CarlosEduarc says:

For me oral scenes are really good. I don’t mind if it’s just oral. And with Marco it’s even better.
Well that’s good cause IMO There’s no model good enough to top Marco at CF.

I don’t know what happens with everyone. Everybody thinks that only buttsex is real gay sex.
BJ is sex for me like French kiss is too.

CarlosEduarc says:

One more thing.
When i discovered that Marco weren’t a Fratmen anymore. I was got really mad cause he lost the chance and we lost the chance to see him getting fucked by Fratmen Dmitry or Fratmen Cole on a FP duo not on a FS duo.

Jonny Marzetti says:

“BJ is sex for me like French kiss is too.”

Absolutely, even if Bill Clinton denied it.

simonessmann says:

happy for this onlye because we will soon be able to see Marco get fucked bareback (but before maybe he’s gonna fuck some ugly dawson bareback YUCK)
and true, he’s the only cute guy now at CF.
oh, forgot ZEB.
Would love ZEB & MARCO together

Dorse says:


Missing Zeb (always)!

EveArden says:

Zeb is the gold standard. Absolutely.

muffintop says:

Of all the places Marco could have branched off to, it just had to be CF. Really?

simonessmann says:

I guess Granma Dawson put some extra money to make sure Marco would end up at Corbin Fisher so he can be fucked by Marco


Marco should have gone to SEANCODY but he is not tall enough nor enough muscular i guess

Rio Dong Janeiro says:

Please let’s not mention Granny. You say his name three times and he’ll pop up like the Candyman.

Rio Dong Janeiro says:

I expected more from Marco.

simonessmann says:

yeah but the thing HOT in this scene despite the fact that there’s no fucking is that marco eats their cum !!!
and that’s kinda hawt

Jonny Marzetti says:

Hot scene — especially for a solo substitute — and I can’t wait to see “Tanner” topping, or better-yet bottoming.

gaisle says:

These 3 are fucking HOT, thanks Corbin Fisher for a great update…

Daniel says:

What is the effin point of a SUCK fest?? Especially when you have someone as hot as Harper involved???

jugde6 says:

That Tanner thing is super hot. Those three guys made me think about previous suck feast at Cf´s. The good old times, hot guys who are really into each other, sucking each other´s dick. That´s what the thing is about. Three hot whores enjoying themselves

Patrol says:

As a Fratpad cast member, Marco was one of the most limited. He would go through entire two-hour shows barely moving a muscle, cracking a smile, or changing the camera angle (it’s like FaceTime without any talking). This is not his fault; some people are just not born to be a great showman. Watching his shows – to the extent I could endure them – I often wondered what he’d be like in a non-talking hardcore scene, because there’s every chance his physical beauty would make him a star.

His first Corbin Fisher scene is promising. Thankfully, Aiden and Harper are his scene partners, though both of them are so seasoned by now I kept expecting penetration to happen. The cumshots look great even though there’s not much cum-eating.

simonessmann says:


CALIFORNIA just OUTLAWED bareback sex, now Sean Cody and CFare going to be forced to return to their previously formula with condoms :(((

Sushi says:

Well Sean Cody is in the San Diego area, but didn’t Corbin Fisher move from Florida to Las Vegas? They’ve never been in California. But yes, that law did pass.

CA says:

That law is for LA County only.

Jonny Marzetti says:

If the laws are enforced, they’ll just film somewhere else. Many — probably most — gayporn viewers prefer BB, but the vast majority of straight porn viewers simply will not tolerate condoms in their fuck-films.

Sushi says:

This should be called the 3-way snooze fest. Jesus! All this hottess and all they do is suck. What a waste!!

CA says:

I’m excited to check this scene out and see what all the “Marco/Tanner” hype is about. He’s def. one of the best looking guys we’ve seen all year.

For all the “this is it” complainers, this was a replacement for a jerk off scene. I love hof Corbin Fisher is being more creative with intro vids. Said it before, it’s the only thing they’re doing better than Sean Cody these days.

Maybe Corbin Fisher should jump the middle man and just hire the recruiter for Fratmen, since he/she clearly knows how to pull them in over there.