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SeanCody: Stu

Stu at SeanCody

Stu at SeanCody

Stu at SeanCody

Stu at SeanCody

Stu at SeanCody

Stu at SeanCody

Stu at SeanCody

Watch Stu at

Stu is 19 years old and he’s definitely the epitome of “easy going.”

He was a little quiet when we first met, but within twenty minutes he was talking and laughing like we were old friends.

Stu loves to stay active. In fact, he says that he needs to be doing something different all the time. Currently he’s working at a gym.

“I work at the front desk,” he said. “I basically greet people when they come in.”

In the summer months he also works as a lifeguard.

“I’ve been a lifeguard since I was 16,” he said. “I love it.”

He doesn’t know what he wants to do in the future, but he has a few possibilities.

“A skydiving instructor,” he said. “Or teaching little kids to ride dirt bikes. Something active…”

I was really surprised when Stu got naked for us. He has a super nice, muscular torso, hot hairy legs, and a really beautiful cock!

Watch Stu at

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  • Cubankid

    What a hunk he makes the last four solos look like crap, I hope he returns soon and I hope they pair him up with Marshall.

    I would love to se a Flip Flop scene between the two:)

    • jockzzz

      How about Stu with Ron and Jayden! All new cummers threesomes!!!!

    • TrueWords

      I don’t think Marshall is coming back….

  • DaveAtom

    What a great guy!!! So cute, really handsome and really looks easy-going. This guy is a kepper.

    • TrueWords

      great body…inviting smile….sexy butt…good definition…

  • Hendricks

    Thank god. Please bring him back and don’t do what you did to us by letting Sheldon go!

  • Very cute!

  • Southbay

    Happy Thanksgiving to us! He’s so hot. I love those big nipples of his

    • elmtree

      Very nice Thanksgiving gift! Love his build, especially his smooth upper body and hairy lower…I’m a sucker for that. Great smile. Just very nice overall!

    • WTF

      Ditto on the nipples!!

  • Mak

    Pretty good all around, would like to see that cute ass get plowed.

  • scottnyer

    this dude is Fratmen worthy. Very hot dude! Love.

    • Cphotee82

      Don’t say that!! You will be to blame if he jumps over to that awful site after this first video!!! He’s perfect: please come back.

    • swim400

      Yes he is perfect and should stay where he is. when is his next video?

  • samson

    That is some hot Stu.

    BTW, Marshall became an escort and Sheldon appeared in videos for another site. I doubt that either will return.

    • Ero

      What site did Sheldon appear on?

    • tandagay

      /// This comment has been removed ///

      -The Moderator

    • samson

      Thunder Arena Wrestling and My Friend’s Feet

    • von schlomo

      Thunder Arena Wrestling was prior to his Sean Cody debut….maybe the foot fetish site as well. If he doesn’t return it’s not going to be because of that.

    • TrueWords

      Seancody must not be paying the reporting HIGH prices for scenes as other performers have stated??????

  • moondoggy

    He’s way too boyish for me, but damn if you’ll EVER hear me complain about him again, especially if he ever fucks. The nipples alone — come on!!!!!!

  • dio

    this is probs the worst ‘beef’ Stu I’ve ever had. ;-P

    i like his chest + nipples + smile, but other than those I’m not feeling this guy, at all. Esp. the buzzcut, as per. TBH, I think he would actually be really good-looking w/ his hair growed all out.

  • EJ

    Absolutely zero deductions for ANYTHING! If he doesn’t come back in more clips I’m going to be very disappointed.

  • jazz

    OK he’s cute and all but I thought we were gonna get an explosive sex scene to counter the double stuffing of Connor at CF…

    • elmtree

      Connor’s in a vid and that’s a bad thing? What you talkin bout Willis?

    • jazz

      No, not that it’s bad. But CF made a “bold” move and now it’s SC’s turn, and a solo vid is not getting it.

    • moondoggy

      lol @ elm!!

    • samson

      What made you think that? And how do you know the next scene won’t be that very thing?

    • I Am Jake

      It’s like you be stupid enough to think Sean cares what the litigious fucks at Corbin Fisher do….

    • NineHorseTop

      Jake, not only that, these guys (from the wb) also think every model, director, producer from every studio comes here to read what they have to say the moment their next scene gets posted online–it’s like they think they’re watching “dailies” or something and their providing feedback to the studios. as if. smfh.

      All i gotta say about Stu is: Work. It. Out. Bro!!! He’s gonna make some bttm studs very, very happy that’s for sure!! Damn!! Whomever he chooses as his next boyfriend(s) will definitely be the lucky one or ones. They don’t know who they are yet, but one someday, some gay will be sayin: “I’m Hittin’ Dat!!”

  • Daniel

    What a sexy chest.

  • von schlomo

    Yeah, he’s pretty and all, but where’s BRANDON??!!

    • swim400

      Here r some other SC models, in no particular order: William, Troy, Phillip. Nick, Gavin, Jess, Jamie, Stu, Myles, Mitch, Daniel, Calvin, Jarek, Brodie, Kurt, Harley, Sheldon, Logan, Lance, Ethan, Jeffery, Coleman, Carl, Jayden, Grant, Ron, Calvin, mitch.

  • bob80

    He’s GORGEOUS. Too hot to come back? I know he’ll probably never bottom but I can always hope.

  • jag2power

    He had me @ hello.

  • PornJock

    Beautiful. Boyish face with a man’s body. Like a really young Chris Evans.

  • Looking at porn on Thanksgiving, you poor unfortunate souls. LOL

  • GuyHaines

    Hamdsome. As mentioned, beautiful nipples. And I’m loving those hairy man thighs.

    • topher

      I agree with all that you wrote. The smidgen of hair on his cute butt is a plus too. It would be a big mistake if SC tries to sell him as anything but an adorable bottom, hopefully as insatiable as Jamie, but with much better looks and body. I could never accept Stu as a top.

  • Sushi

    Yummy! I hope he returns!

  • Probed

    This guy is perfect for a real life fuck bud. Perfect body – not too puffy, not too huge and perfectly toned everywhere (even his ass). Hot face, very nicely groomed body and his dick is the perfect size. In porn I love to see a big dick, but in real life an average dick is best. So, he gets my vote for perfect fuck bud, lol.

    • Mike


  • Probed

    oh, I forgot to add, very hot nipples! :) His pecs are also a very hot shape :) Can’t find something about this guy that I don’t like :)

    • Mike

      Yes, again!

  • EmpireState

    I’m not into oogling high school students, but Stu’s hot, I’ll give him that.

  • TheSagaOf

    Oh my God, yes.

  • darkthunder1983

    As a nipple man, I must say that this man’s nipples got me hard quick.

    • Helluva Bottom Carter

      +1. I noticed almost immediately how nice they were.
      Still, Brodie’s are the gold standard in this category, methinks, especially with his amazing chest.

  • agenttexas

    So sexy

  • muffintop

    Killer body, yummy cock, fuzzy butt and legs are nice. Pretty handsome, if a bit young-looking. I think he will look even better with a years to “ripe”.

  • Jonny Marzetti

    Nice. Would look even better with more hair on his head.

  • jockyboy

    very cute! and awesome body! hope we get to see him back really soon. think we’ll get another, special Thanksgiving update tonight?

    • j_ppoh

      i hope so!!!

  • adowhat

    Erhmegerd I like. ALOT. Cuh-yoot youthful face, great torso, very fuckable cock…one I would want to take regularly. And I don’t mind that he is a little hairy. ;-)

  • CA

    He’s delicious. I want more please :-)

  • Arglebargle

    Absolutely beautiful. SC’s outdone themselves with Stu. Beautiful everything on this man. Amazing! I’d love to see him with Jayden or Brandon. He’s a definite keeper!

  • island guy

    As my Thanksgiving day ends, I have another thing to be thankful for — Stu’s wonderful video. Wow! This 19-year old has everything: cute face; spectacular body (my preferred type of build– not overbuilt); beautiful cock; large balls, and a big load of thick cum. Thanks, Stu.

  • samtomez

    Very cute! Dude needs to come back, but he’s hot so this will probably be the last time we see him. Hope I’m proven wrong.

  • j_ppoh

    only a solo for Thanksgiving?

    • samson

      I wonder if the Pilgrims thought the same thing.

  • manu

    He is too pretty to have sex

  • RonaDog

    Wow, he better come back, he serves a my Taylor Lautner fantasy

  • CA

    Stu is working with a 99% approval rating on WB! I dont think even the ever requested Sheldon had such a positive response.

    Dio seems to be the lone decenter of the group.

    • Patrol

      99% approval rating, with 99% of commentators reporting?

      What an adorable, near-flawless guy. If he and Ron from last week ever share a scene, it would be a real eyegasm.

  • clusterfuck

    Clusterfuck approves, even of the hairpants and especially the pepperoni nips!

  • swim400

    Most of the reviews r positive. What r the chances of him returning?? R u there SC?

  • hollydick

    flawless ☺
    make him back !!!