COLT Studio Group: Bum Rush: Scene 4 (David Sweet & Jason Visconti)

Bum Rush: Scene 4 (David Sweet & Jason Visconti) at

Bum Rush: Scene 4 (David Sweet & Jason Visconti) at

Bum Rush: Scene 4 (David Sweet & Jason Visconti) at

Bum Rush: Scene 4 (David Sweet & Jason Visconti) at

Bum Rush: Scene 4 (David Sweet & Jason Visconti) at

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A full-body massage is just what an athlete needs to stay loose. Hunky masseuse Jason Visconti goes the extra mile in loosening up muscle-boy David Sweet. Reaching under the towel Jason makes his horny intentions clear, giving David’s hot ass some extra attention. As Jason comes back the head of the table, David is curious about what’s inside those bulging trucks. Jason’s hard cock springs out of those trucks as David gobbles up every juicy, uncut inch. From foreskin to balls David slurps it up.

After getting Jason’s cock all worked up, David bends over the edge of the table, eager for a hard pounding. Jason obliges as he slides his big meat deep in David’s tight hole, splitting his ass wide as the dick drilling begins. David gets up on his side and slings a leg over Jason’s shoulder, opening his hole wide to take it even deeper.

Jason drills and fucks like a machine until his swollen balls ache for release. Pulling out he finishes off his load, shooting hot wads of creamy cum on David’s throbbing cock and balls. With his ass still reeling from the punishment, David finishes himself off with a nut busting load.

Ass pounded, balls drained, that’s what a good massage is all about.

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Nucleosynthesis says:

Is that bottom from sean cody? Wtf happened to his head

darkthunder1983 says:

No, David’s been on Colt before. I’m sure he’s been on some Euro sites but not Sean Cody. Always thought of him to be cute but, wait, is that one of the Visconti triplets? Really? Guess he’s decided to break away from the other two.

jinger says:

@darkthunder: About time we saw them, or at least one of them, do mainstream porn. They’re not getting any younger.

darkthunder1983 says:

Aw, I just realized that David’s gotten a tattoo now. He should have stayed tattoo-less.

souse says:

The bottom has a beautiful face but taht hair cut in unbearable to watch

Johnny2x4 says:

David’s pretty sweet! The top, just no!

Orion Hunter says:

Jason Visconti is almost unrecognizable here (especially without his two brothers tagging along). David Sweet looks, um, tasty (except for that “skinhead interruptus” scarecut).

moondoggy says:

I remember when Colt was about having THE most attractive men ever. It was like a burly version of Fratmen, but with more fucking. By their original standards, this is eye-poppingly bad. Deeply regrettable.

Daniel says:

Love David Sweet. Not too crazy about the new shaved hairstyle.