Colt Studio Group: BIG BUCKS (Tom Wolfe) (Scene 3)

BIG BUCKS (Tom Wolfe) (Scene 3) at

BIG BUCKS (Tom Wolfe) (Scene 3) at

BIG BUCKS (Tom Wolfe) (Scene 3) at

BIG BUCKS (Tom Wolfe) (Scene 3) at

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Like a BIG BUCK emerging from the woods, Tom Wolfe is in his element when he is outdoors and BUCK NAKED. Finding a shady spot among the trees we set up an oversized couch and invited Tom to sprawl out and enjoy the scenery. While lounging naked and feeling up his hard, fur covered muscles; it isn’t long before this stud starts getting all worked up. He takes his thick-cut cock in hand and strokes himself to a highly aroused state. His hands explore his tight hairy body and his round muscled ass. Tom finds his fingers drawn down below for a hot probing of his furry man-hole. Needing a release Tom straddles the couch’s armrest and grinds his lubed up cock against the smooth surface. Fucking his fist he erupts a searing hot load, spewing his seed like a BIG BUCK in the wild.

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  • Loa

    I think he’s perfect..

    • carey579

      Really? His face really annoys me.

      Colt has had models light years better than this.

  • elmtree

    Hot man with a hot ass. Wish there were more ass shots here. Yum.

  • jag2power

    I’ve seen better from this studio, but since he’s laying there on the sofa in the woods..might as well get the dick wet.

  • swim400

    If only I could be that couch and worship Tom.

  • manu

    I saw some bts photos of him bottoming, what happened to this movie??
    A solo without assplay is a waste.

    • elmtree

      What? Him bottoming? When? Where?

    • landreau

      He didn’t bottom. The pic that was posted had him sitting on another guy’s lap — but that was the extent of it. In fact, that was just a promo pic — and I don’t think his ass even comes close to another guy’s dick in the film. It looks like he does at least finger his ass in his solo, so that’s something. I doubt there are many more videos coming from Tom — because he retired earlier this year. Great body though — very old school masculine — and a great ass!

  • bob80

    I want to cuddle him so hard!

  • Daniel

    Creepy face.

    • richie

      It looks photoshopped? I still would though.

  • Raihan Delano

    I hope a big buck better than this.