Drill My Hole: Johnny In A Box (Johnny Rapid & Charlie Harding)

Johnny In A Box (Johnny Rapid & Charlie Harding) at Drill My Hole

Johnny In A Box (Johnny Rapid & Charlie Harding) at Drill My Hole

Johnny In A Box (Johnny Rapid & Charlie Harding) at Drill My Hole

Johnny In A Box (Johnny Rapid & Charlie Harding) at Drill My Hole

A large and mysterious box containing an incredibly life-like sex doll replica of Johnny Rapid has finally arrived and Marcus Ruhl is hard at first sight. Set in the 1950’s, “Johnny in the Box” is the story of a hot young bachelor and his sex doll.

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  • jasoncrew01

    This is weird.

    • carey579

      This is DAMN SEXY! Johnny’s ass is the perfect aphrodisiac :) HOT

    • carey579

      OH and finally some Storyline! Gay porn needs more storyline like straight porn. Adultery, bosses, babysitters, teachers, students, in-laws,servants, weird scenarios like this or whatever, there must be storylines to make it more interesting! I LOVE THIS

  • I feel like I’m in the bloody twilight zone.

  • ks310 just gives more and more examples of how obvious it is they are NOT a company started by gay people. They were started by a straight porn company.

    The fact that they have elevated Johnny Rapid to a “star” of their site is so telling. GAY MEN DONT LIKE THAT LOOK. The pretty little twink is such a niche look in gay porn that very few like.

    I hate more and more.

    • CarlosEduarc

      Wait, do you mean that Pretty Little Twinks are apart from the mainstream Twink isn’t it?
      Cause i’m pretty sure that 90% of gay guys likes twinks and so other type of dudes too.

    • zombieland

      Speak for yourself, dude.

      Johnny Rapid is my favorite pornstar, I think he’s very hot. Also, I could care less if MEN is run by straight people. As long as they’re showing guys fucking, that’s all I need to keep watching.

    • swim400

      so agree. love Johnny.

    • jinger

      Pretty little twinks are the best.

    • littlebird

      Lmao, looks like someone’s argument is about as strong as a two legged table.

  • shaman36

    oh hell no lol no thanks

  • Bradster

    This is so unappealing.

    But at least he’s not doing the fake gang-rape shtick.

  • CarlosEduarc

    I can buy the idea of Johnny in a box but not all that make up upon him. That make up makes him look gross. And he is getting too hairy to be a cute twink.

    Anyways, we don’t need to take so seriously asking what is too creepy or not.
    Just take a look at japan. This is cool.

  • manu

    What’s up with the title??:| It’s Johnny Rapid and MARCUS RUHL.

  • insipid

    I guess this is better than him being raped. I’ll admit that i find Johnny atractive. The way handles him, not so much. I think he- and we- would be happier if Corbin Fisher or Bel Ami found him first.

    Oh well.

    • zombieland

      Corbin Fisher and Bel Ami are boring as fuck, imho. It’s the same vanilla sex and the same generic pretty boys. Johnny is better off away from those bland companies.

    • Jonny Marzetti


    • carey579

      So agree with you zombieland!

  • jag2power

    Interestingly weird.

  • pubert

    This is the dumbest fucking thing I have ever seen. I guess paying that gaping human hole Johnny is cheaper than buying a Real Doll.

  • darkthunder1983

    If ever there was porn that made me laugh, it’s this! LMAO

    • darkthunder1983

      Whoa, and who’s the delivery guy? He’s kind of cute.

  • whatwhat

    This was the final straw for me with, I just cancelled my account.

    I mean really I just want to see guys fucking and at least seem to be enjoying it, the “plots” many of which seemed centered around rape, the complete lack of chemistry between any of the scene partners and it seems like they try and keep them wearing as much clothing as possible while still having sex.

    They have some hot guys working for them and the frequent updating was appealing but at the end of the days it just tons of terrible, uninteresting porn.

  • humanoid

    I must admit it’s such a stupid fun…. at least they tried something different and it worked…

  • bloody mary

    Johnny Rapid is a fucking clown. Hahahaha.

  • Joe B

    I think he’s a little cute. Twink but a cute twink. Besides, the producer was creative!

    • swim400

      Creative story line and not just a scene.

  • gaisle

    Johnny must not have any reaction in the scene, Marcus is HOT


  • BloodandFire

    At least this is something different than the “oh I’m a homophobic straight frat boy but for whatever reason I might be bicurious tonight” or “Oh no, don’t rape me in this prison shower!” routines that love to film.

  • hewolf


  • Dustin

    This is sad and creepy.
    More creepy than sad.
    It’s still pretty sad because that guy must be SO lonely.

  • tadnarsa

    Johnny rapid is beautiful, a gorgeous, handsome guy that I always love to see, a treat to my eyes. I love his healthy, vibrant, youthful, sweet looks. He has the most cute and handsome facial expressions that display the emotions and intensity of the scene, whether being penetrated by another guy in the showers to total sexual satiation. His prison seens are great, does really great being the bottom there being abused by the guards.

    • zombieland


    • Colby Parr

      Agreed x 2.

    • pubert

      It doesn’t sound like you’re attracted to men, TBH. Because Johnny looks nothing like a man. Maybe a child or a chick.

    • kewl

      I couldn’t agree more. I hope he stays safe and doesn’t become another Joey Stefano.

    • Mike

      I think Johnny is hot. Love his cock and ass.

  • Jonny Marzetti

    Actually, as weird as this scene is, it’s more watchable than the usual shit where they have Johnny getting gang-raped by 5 not-very-interesting guys who pull his lips a foot apart, etc. But I really would prefer to see Johnny at a site like SC, CF or BA. He’d make a great yank addition to the Kinky Angels. Would love to see him guzzle cum.

  • lennylenny

    I just can’t shake the idea that I’ve seen this same basic concept in a bad horror flick or two.

  • carey579

    ks310 Stop the generalization and go fuck yourself! Johnny is THE STAR of, the perfect twink. Gay guys like him, otherwise why would his scenes have the highest views?

    • Probed

      This is more of question of what the guy is. Generally speaking, most tops like cute boyish twinks. Most bottoms like manly older men (bigger than them). So, I’m guessing ks310 is a bottom, likely a twink.

  • moondoggy

    *eye roll* … I love that you have to wear a condom to fuck a doll. Sorry, but Pinnochio is NOT giving me wood or making anything on my body grow longer.

  • jag2power

    Actually, y’all Johnny is showing a little talent as an actor in this one.

  • Sushi

    Johnny….grow your pubes back.

    • Mike


    • BloodandFire

      Yes! Johnny’s bush was one of his best selling points.

    • zombieland

      He’s hottest when he doesn’t shave, I love his bush, but I do understand why they shaved him clean for this scene.

  • souse

    I have to agree that this is a little weird but its pretty innovative so props to for doing sth different

    And that delivery boy is really hot

  • Neo_

    This is fucking dumb. What’s hot about this? Stupidest shit I ever seen in porn.

  • Fabius

    I have to give it to, they published the first scene with Marcus I don’t want to watch despite Marcus. Johnny looks as dumb as ever, perhaps even dumber. And if you follow the storyline, the question is why do you need a condom when fucking a doll? And I still wish someone would please kick Johnny to the curb. He is useless, boring, overrated.

  • clay

    The Brazzers of gay porn. That is all.

  • dio

    the premise is weird, as per, but it’s actually not that bad. I was impressed by whatever they did, because @ times Johnny Rapid really did seem like a doll… Marcus Ruhl is looking soooo. daaaaamn. goood. His chest looks amazing, here.

    anyway, considering the response to this scene… this will likely become another ‘Johnny Rapid series’ of sorts, with different guys buying and fucking their own ‘Johnny doll’ LOL

  • Daniel


  • manu

    well it’s nice to see trying to innovate a little , and I can only applaud this!!
    Although I wish the doll was Marcus RUhl ( that wouldn’t change much from his usual performances , but you see…his ass is bigger :))

  • Grant Urwish

    Perfect, I love it, plus it’s hysterical. What a Christmas present eh!

  • james08908


  • Orion Hunter

    Seems like the producers over at MEN are influenced heavily by themes found in a lot of Asian porn. I guess imitation is the sincerest (and most lucrative) form of flattery.

    This *might* have been a little more interesting (and probably more challenging) if they had Marcus playing the doll role and had Johnny gleefully impaling/pleasuring himself on the “dick-in-a-box.”

    • Orion Hunter

      Or better yet, Johnny shoulda been fucking the life *into* the Marcus-doll. I probably still wouldn’t watch, but at least that would be more visually/sexually interesting imo.