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SeanCody: Brock (II)

Brock (II) at SeanCody

Brock (II) at SeanCody

Brock (II) at SeanCody

Brock (II) at SeanCody

Brock (II) at SeanCody

Brock (II) at SeanCody

Watch Brock at

“I can’t wear suits that aren’t custom made,” Brock said with a bit of a smirk.

“Why’s that?”

“I bust through them! Every time!”

“Where?” My eyes started to wander and really take in how stacked he was!

“Every seam… It’s usually the ones on the shoulders and thighs that give out first!”

Brock is a massive piece of man. He’s 27 and working out has always been a big part of his life.

“I’ve just always wanted to be a big guy, even when I was little,” he said. “I would just try to lift, throw, or bench anything I could get my hands on!”

We decided to measure his muscles to see how big he really was.

“How big do you think your arms are?”

“Last time I measured them they were around 18 inches…”

He was right. His huge biceps measured 18 inches!

“49 inch chest….” I said. “Holy shit that’s huge!”

After that, Brock really wanted to measure his dick.

“It’s been a while since I’ve measured down there.”

He grabbed the tape and went to work.

“7 inches by 6!”

“That’s pretty good!”

He started to blush… I love when the big beefy ones get bashful!

Watch Brock at

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  • Southbay

    Idk about him

    • Neobamboom

      2bhonest, I prefer him over Jess.
      real men> girly men

    • ahartford123

      He needs to take it easy on the roids before he slippery slopes into freakish Zeb Atlas Hulk-monster territory.

    • VegasRich

      You know you can get big without taking roids? Why does everyone automatically jump to the roid accusation when they see a big guy? This gorgeous piece of man meat shows none of the typical steroid signs.

    • swim400

      no way over Jess.

    • EmpireState

      He’s on par with the physically larger “Small Cock Brock,” who had curly black hair; however, this version actually has a cock to match his size.

    • tandagay

      I think if they pair him with Hugh in a flip/flop scene it would be the hottest thing ever!

  • Zalaeo

    I’m scared he might crush me with his thighs.

    • jag2power

      That’s exactly what I’m hoping. ;)

  • dio

    wow… talk about ‘too much of a good thing’ lol I actually think he would be really attractive if he just weren’t so… big. Everywhere (except… >.>).

  • jockyboy

    Handsome face. A bit too buff, but let’s just be happy he’s not bloated like some of the other guys who are “getting big”. And no body acne…so no steroids I’m assuming.

  • the last dodo

    Handsome face all right, but just too bodybuilder bulky for my taste.

    • swim400

      agreed way 2 bulky.

  • bluinjewin

    I’d date him. Looks like a good cuddler.

    • dio

      oh, he’ll cuddle you good, all right… TO DEATH.

  • Beetlejuice

    The ass needs some squats. But he’s good-looking. I’d like to see him fucked by a smaller guy.

  • Ero

    No shit.. He IS huge. A bit too big for my taste, but I wouldn’t mind seeing him return and transfrom into a power bottom. :D

    • jag2power

      Oh shit, if that happened…I’m done.

  • Nucleosynthesis

    Is that even human anymore?

  • Cubankid

    Fail… SC has lost a lot of momentum since Jess return update, the scenes and solo vids have been horrendous and the same goes for this guy..

  • Hottoddy

    He’s so top heavy. I wish his calves were bigger to match he rest of his body.

    • moondoggy

      I’m guessing he’s tried based on the rest of him. Calves have different muscle fibers than the rest of the body, so just training them with heavy weights and low reps does not work. You basically have to spend twice as much time on them, and even then people are often just prone to small calves. Trust me, they’re my fetish, so I know more about them than most.

    • chaostudd21

      As an experienced lifter and gym enthusiast, I can tell you that calves are mostly genetic.

  • Bloody hell?!! If I met a guy this size I would probably piss my trousers.

    So bloody cold this morning! I need a scorching hot update, not this :(

  • muffintop

    Wow. Big and beefy in every way. I love it!

    • endeeeff

      Me too! Nice fat cigar of a cock too. I’ll take him!

  • bigben

    The last three solos have all been uncut. Trend?

  • marcus carls

    Well, I like him.

  • Dominique

    I don’t care how big he is or how good he looks, if he dosent blow a good load. Fuck him! Hes a dribbler…. Next!

    • launchlover

      I usually say thumbs up or down on the cumshot, too – but this guy is built beautifully, he has a great looking cock and a nice face. I might go for him!

    • dio

      @Dominique, can’t argue w/ you there… except for the good-looking part. I can forgive as lot, depending on how attractive I find the guy. LOL

    • sweetspot

      Not bad looking but way too big. I’m not so sure about “no drugs.” Why such a tiny cum shot? Big disappointment. Not worth bringing back.

  • topher

    For me it’s hot when a decent looking body builder gets fucked by top with a big cock. The thought of Jess pounding and breeding Brock is definitely nut busting material. BUT, Brock is probably only here for this solo to finance his trip to Mexico to get his yearly supply of steroids, and we won’t see him again.

    • muffintop

      Aaaaaand there it is. The obligatory muscles = steroids comment.

    • dio

      @muffintop, well, it’s not like it’s totally outside the realm of possibility… dood is ridiculous. LOL

  • chaostudd21

    He is really cute,
    and his body is amazing! The booty could use some work though

  • Ted

    Not too bad, question is will he be back..

    • Loa

      Define bashful in gay porn and that’d tell us.

    • dio

      @Loa, no fingering/hole shots? x-D

    • Loa

      You can tell. Hah! His face is handsome imo but i doubt he’ll be back.

    • swim400

      hope he does not return any time soon.

  • Oh Boy

    I like most of him, but shaven armpits on a guy is a pretty instant turnoff.

    • 1+

    • -1000 Bushy and long armpit hair is the most grotty thing imaginable.

  • Arglebargle

    No thanks. Stick with the panthers, stay away from the apes.

  • jinger

    Face isn’t bad, the rest is smoking hot, please use this guy.

  • richie

    Yeah he’s very big but nice smile, big hands and for once it’s good to see clean, decent finger nails!!!

  • Rictor

    Please be a bottom!!!

    • jinger

      Please be versatile

    • moondoggy

      I’m reminded of Christian, who was not used NEARLY enough. I love love love a big muscle bottom, though Christian had the added virtue of being hairy.

    • moondoggy

      LOL … I suddenly heard Alicia Silverstone in my head going, “The buzz on Christian is that his parents have joint custody.” Clueless fans, anyone?

    • FeydRautha

      Versatility’s always best IMO. Especially in a porn performer.

    • Hendricks

      @moondoggy great movie!

      I would like to see him come back. If he were to fuck someone, I wouldn’t want the guy to be a twink like rich but a matching muscualr guy like jordan or christian (you’re right, where did he go?). If he were to get fucked, then have someone like miles, jess, or peter to do it. (possible match: jess and peter anyone?)

    • elmtree

      Totally agree MD….its a shame Christian was only used in two vids. Complete waste of a big muscle bottom.

  • Daniel

    I can’t see him on SC.

  • Mak

    Dang, I’d be worried about getting crushed under this guy. Pretty cute though.

  • kana_sai


  • Jerome

    YUMMMM, i love thick, beefy men. Oh those thighs :)

  • jag2power

    Ok, made a few replys and now my statement. Love him! Love the body builders and yes as stated above more squats so that ass would be kind of a struggle to ravage.

    • richie


  • adowhat

    Good looking guy for sure just not what I want to jack off to…

    • that pretty much says it. the ultimate test. i won’t bother to look at this (same with the duo before) just knowing a creamy money shot ain’t gonna shoot out of me no matter what. I’ll save up for the next duo with high expectations and then flip over to CF download backup library if this trend continues.

  • desmond4

    Now that’s a hunk. I want him. Please come back for some action Brock :)

  • jazz

    Wow is all I can say about this guy. Can you imagine them trying to pair him with Brandon?

    In other news, Jake Steel posted a pic to his Twitter that literally brought a tear to my eye. His handsome face…what happened? Is he off his meds

    • dio

      well, there’s the bad lighting + he appears to be hitting the gym hard (crazy muscle definition… I approve!), so I wouldn’t fret until he posts a pic with at least decent lighting. LOL

  • pubert

    The roids are strong in this one.

  • DaveAtom

    Not my type. His bulky body is too much… Big, big muscles is gross imo, the proportions are lost (with hotness)

  • Mike

    Not interested.

    • swim400

      so agree

  • porndog

    Nice! And he looks all natural, not chemically (cough) enhanced. I hope he comes back. SC needs a muscle-bound model like him to add some diversity to an otherwise cookie-cutter roster.

    • FeydRautha

      Yeah, muscle-bound is a good way to describe him. Though I hope it isn’t literal in his case – so muscley as to restrict movement.

  • samson

    When you take steroids, don’t your dick and balls shrink? This one doesn’t take steroids.

    • jazz

      I guess that is not always the case. See Zeb Atlas…

    • FeydRautha

      I think Atlas might be injecting silicone into his dick. Plus there’s the insane amounts of photoshopping RSS does in their promos.

    • samson

      Thanks, but I’d rather look at another piece of evidence. I won’t even glance at Zeb Atlas.

  • FeydRautha

    1. He has a pleasant, handsome face.
    2. The dick’s above average – so he’s not overcompensating in that regard. Uncut’s a bonus, too.
    3. I’m afraid his size will get in the way of the sex (if he ever comes back).

  • Juan Diego

    Brock + Brodie = Pure Fire

    • jazz

      I was thinking Brock + Brandon but ok…

    • jag2power

      How about all three? Line up Brandon’s fine ass with Brock’s so Brodie can tongue them to death.

    • swim400

      I would not do that 2 Brandon or Brodie.

  • Can we get Jess/Brandon already???

    • jazz

      Torrie, girl hush yo mouth! You made my heart skip a beat!

    • swim400

      can’t wait

  • loloste

    Okay ,not that I’m judging or anything ,but I prefer more normal looking guys ,or at least less massive looking guys .He looks like a beef ,I mean literally .I don’t know how one could be turned on .He’s just so … bulky .That so doesn’t look like SC ,more like all those beefy guys we usually see elsewhere ( DiMaggio ,Saint ,Atlas ) ,and that’s everything I don’t like ,but that’s just me ^^

    • not just you loloste

  • PornJock

    Wow, he could be my husband. He’s huge but looks completely natural, not all roidy.

  • PornJock

    Oh and he’s just so cute and clean-cut looking too. That seals the deal for me!

  • sweetspot

    He may be cute and clean-cut, but he sure does sound dumb. Maybe the drugs have affected his brain.

  • VegasRich

    He is absolutely adorable. Boy do I hope he returns. But please no Jess!

  • Jonny Marzetti

    Killer bod + “OK” face = worthy addition.

  • Malcolm

    THis is why Sean Cody is the top studio today. They consistently getting the best-looking, buffest, masculine jocks. No competition. Brock looks like Mike Branson’s little brother or son.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Yum, Mike Branson! Brock’s OK, but when I think what SC could’ve done with a young MIke Branson….slurp!

    • elmtree

      OMG…Mike Branson and that incredible cock of his = perfection. He cock was utter perfection. And he was manly and adorable at the same time. Be still my heart.

    • samson

      Sigh… Mike Branson was one of the hottest guys ever. I miss him.

  • Ike

    The ONLY thing that could save this guy is body hair.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      IMO the smoothness is one of his best attributes. I crave man-FLESH, not man-fur.

  • island guy

    I acknowledge Brock’s dedication and hard work from when he was a kid to build his muscular physique (this has always been his goal) and congratulate him on his success. It’s clear (confirmed by the many positive comments above) that many guys like muscle builder guys. Personally, I do not find muscle bound guys attractive — I’ll choose a muscular but ripped guy. Nevertheless, (following my philosophy of not criticizing any guy who has the courage to share his most personal side by jerking off for us), I”ll say that Brock has a beautiful uncut cock and has an endearing personality. Thank you, Brock.

    • well said @island guy…include me in all your sentiments

  • badulover

    Not much to lookat in pictures, but that voice and bod make me wanna cream

  • Corvallis

    It’s admirable of Sean Cody to be an equal opportunity employer and hire fat models. Maybe they think that diversity is good, but they won’t be getting any business from me with overweight models like this guy Brock.

    • Ero

      Fat? You’re kidding right?

    • samson

      I think he means a model with a fat cock.

  • KingSize

    FUCK ME!!

    • agenttexas

      he’s not that are you looking at the same guy

  • Rio Dong Janeiro

    I like! Yum, yum!

  • Nick McCord

    Leave it to skinny, out-of-shape, anti-gym, lazy, muscle-hating twinks or tubbies to assume they’re the authority in precisely pin-pointing every muscular guy is on steroids. So pathetic how they use (hot) Zeb Atlas as their template for ALL muscle guys, like Aiden of Corbin Fisher or Trent on Fratmen.

    Brock is amazingly gorgeous and handsome! And his physique clearly denotes he worked naturally hard to achieve his hot muscular look, not by juicing! You muscle-haters are clearly envious of what you don’t got for yourselves physically, and probably will never have in your own bedroom (unless you pay for him). Guys like Brock should be the ideal and sexy norm across all gay porn! Those lesser-built uggos rampant on most gay porn sites are more of an eyesore than anything arousing or sexy.

    I hope Sean Cody has Brock come back, pairing him with an equally hot muscle hunk.

    • loloste

      Ooh I sense you’re offended dear ! No one hates Brock .People just stated their opinions .It’s perfectly normal to prefer more ” normal ” looking guys .Boys with physiques you see on the street ,more relatable .Not everyone dreams of Superman or Captain America or Hulk .Why should his physique be the norm ? Men come in every size and shape .His happens to be what I don’t like ,but it doesn’t make him any less of a man ,I just don’t find it appealing to me .People are entitled to their opinion without spreading hate like you are .Just because one doesn’t like all beefy ,bulky looking guys ,doesn’t mean they envy them .They’re just not appealing to everyone ,geez !!! No need to get all worked up ^^

  • badulover

    Boeuf. HOT. Big dumb jock = instant jizz. Would love to see this one tripped up.