ActiveDuty: Axl & Sawyer (Flip-Flop)

Axl & Sawyer (Flip-Flop) at ActiveDuty

Axl & Sawyer (Flip-Flop) at ActiveDuty

Axl & Sawyer (Flip-Flop) at ActiveDuty

Axl & Sawyer (Flip-Flop) at ActiveDuty

Axl & Sawyer (Flip-Flop) at ActiveDuty

Watch Axl & Sawyer at

As we mentioned previously — Axl is back!

And, what perfect timing! He returns to Active Duty exactly on the one-year anniversary of his debut — back on Jan. 18, 2012. (Ok, so we’re two days off — don’t hold it against me.)

Ever since Axl stepped foot in front our cameras, he was a hit with you guys. There’s always that something extra special that sparkles in his eyes that says “I want this.” The passion that he exhibits in his scenes is off the charts — when you see him in action, I think you’ll agree.

Watch Axl & Sawyer at

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  • Neobamboom

    That White Supremacist really loves cock.
    Sawyer looks amazing, especially his ass. If only he was working for another studio. Corbinfisher or SeanCody would have been nice.

    • Trepakprince

      Yes, white power indeed…

    • Bob-omb

      Apparently he got his 14 and 88 tattoos covered up a while back. Hmm.

  • adowhat

    Both are hot, so this looks pretty good. Some good material after what seems like a slump from AD.

    • von schlomo


    • Sushi

      Agreed. Both these guys are yummy, and a flip is always appreciated by me!

  • rags

    What’s that new tattoo on Axl’s hands say, “grandmother chase”? No lo comprendo.

    • Neobamboom

      He’s tattoo are no only tasteless but hideous as well. major turn off.

  • Cubankid

    Axl maybe a racist but he sure knows how to take a dick.

  • samson

    I honestly don’t care if he has racist tendencies. Axl and his cock are fantastic.

  • RodneyC

    Some gay for pay country boy’s personal, political, or cultural views don’t concern me. What concerns me is that ass, and that ass is fantastic.

  • MissUnderstood

    I like Sawyer but hes looking a bit out of shape from his earlier work , and I don’t like axl at all and can’t understand the attraction . And Kaden was at one time a very good model before he got so out of shape and he he’s not much of a director , his getto voice works my last nerve

  • jag2power

    Sawyer is beautiful with an awesome ass. Don’t know if Axl is what others have stated, but the irony -if true-is astounding.

  • Jonny Marzetti

    Sawyer’s pretty hot. Axl, as usual, is kind of homely. I just don’t get why others don’t see that. But he looks somewhat better this time because for once he’s not making that stupid expression where his eyebrows point down toward his nose.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Come to think of it, that stupid Axl expression from other scenes has his eyebrows pointing down on the outside, not the center. His forehead crinkles when he does that, too. There’s nothing sexy about it — quite the opposite, it just looks goofy and accentuates his facial negatives. As in the first pic here:

  • dio

    i liked Sawyer better with the longer hair… I guess it was too jarring for subscribers, and AD made him cut it? LOL Anyway, he’s still cute w/ a hot body. I wonder if CF would ever consider swiping him?

    Axl’s voice is so deeeeep and sexay.

    i’m so over AD bullshit/fake fucking, too. I mean Sawyer ‘pulls out’ and he’s limp as dead limb. WTF? Also, why are all the BB scenes done in some dimly-lit room with bad quality cameras/guys? I seriously can’t.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Some professional sites try to pretend they’re amateur. This is an amateur site that tries to pretend it’s professional.

  • Hunter

    I haven’t been able to use an AD video for masturbation material in a very very long time. Ya these guys are cute as hell but all of this looks way to cutesy and playful with no actual heat or aggressiveness involved. They take great photos but that’s about it.

  • Hunter

    Oh ya and as far as the whole white supremacist thing goes…..I like it! Sounds like it would make one hot fuckin armature site. As long as they are as hot as that small one .

  • Southbay

    I love Axl. His smile and his ass are to die for

  • chaostudd21

    Wow, covering yourself in MORE ink, eh Axl?
    You do know that no studios will hire you when you look like a hells angel.
    Get comfortable buddy because AD is it for you.

  • jonesy

    this is porn, who cares what these guys are like in real life…. all that matters is that they’re hot and i get to masturbate looking at their dicks and asses.

  • Daniel

    Something about Axl just turns me off.

  • Bob-omb

    It’s a good thing Axl’s a good performer, cuz otherwise he is literally so freaking cute that I can barely look at him. God.

    Good thing those tattoos are reducing my crush a bit! Jesus Christ.