RandyBlue: Drew Blaze

Drew Blaze at RandyBlue

Drew Blaze at RandyBlue

Drew Blaze at RandyBlue

Drew Blaze at RandyBlue

Drew Blaze at RandyBlue

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Drew Blaze just came out a few months ago. His rugged good looks crossed with his newfound hunger for men has made him a performer to watch out for. Drew started out camming for us, and I always love it when a cam model breaks out and does a solo video. He already knows how to work an audience and give them what they want. This boy was ready to go before we even started shooting. There was no shyness, no nervousness, he just wanted to get hard and start showing off. The only nervous one was probably the camera man, because Drew kept letting his gaze penetrate right into the camera. He is begging for us to touch him. He teases us, asks us if we want to suck his big hard dick. Of course we do. How can you not look at his chiseled torso, full lips, piercing eyes and hard throbbing cock and not want to devour every inch of him. After a couple of rounds of beating his meat he lies back and starts to show off his hairy hole. Next he pulls out a FleshJack and shows off how he likes to fuck a butt. He jams his rock hard dick in and out of the flesh jack until he starts to get close. He keeps teasing us, he asks if we want to see his him nut. And then he delivers. He shoots gallons of cum all over the coffee table and gives a final look to the camera that begs us to lick it all up.

Watch Drew Blaze at

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  • Cubankid

    Poor RB, they will always be third best behind CF & SC. If they hop on the BB train find hotter guys, I think they will have a chance.

    • dio

      all RB would have to do, to compete, is do a better job with the sexing (in general) and filming of the sexing (in general) and go BB to compete. RB’s stable, IMO, is pretty solid (in general) and especially in comparison to SC/CF/CM.

      but, they won’t go BB because they serve as ‘counterpoint’ to SC/CF/CM, and are in a prime positron to pick-up all the guys that would rather not do BB, but fancy this career path…

    • CP3PO

      You’re totally right cubankid.

      Dio: LOOOVE your new avatar!! :D

    • dio

      aww, thanks CP3PO. =)

  • kyle

    That is true. RandyBlue needs sexier guys

  • jinger

    I think he’s dreamy

    • samson


  • tomtomson

    Yuck!!! Is that supposed to be a porn actor??? seriously??

  • dio

    um… no.

  • shaman36

    Such a shame what happened to those great performers like cayden ross

    • elmtree

      What happened to Cayden? Love him!

  • moondoggy

    I loathe chest stubble.

    • von schlomo


    • swim400

      I lothe the ink.

  • endeeeff

    It’s amazing what a high-resolution camera can bring out in a person.

    On the live cams, he doesn’t look this…lifeless. I don’t know what it is — the eyes seem glazed over, the muzzle of stubble is wrong…it’s just not working for Drew “420” Blaze.

    That first picture on the couch makes it seem like he’s doing this against his better judgment. The regret is written all over that pouty face.

  • kyle

    Add me on kik

  • Daniel

    Totally not RB material.

  • litper

    He’s hot!

  • Orion Hunter

    Great body. I’ll leave it at that.