SeanCody: Benson

Benson at SeanCody

Benson at SeanCody

Benson at SeanCody

Benson at SeanCody

Benson at SeanCody

Benson at SeanCody

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“I love rugby,” Benson told us. “I play every day.”

He’s an exercise science major who wants to be a personal trainer or physical therapist.

“I want to work at a gym,” he said. “I love the idea of helping people.”

Lately he’s been doing a lot of competitions, including a “tough mudder” run or two.

One thing that he was very open about was the fact that he’s been with another guy.

“It was actually a couple of weeks ago after I broke up with my girlfriend,” he explained. “I decided I wanted something new!”

“Did you come in his mouth?” I asked.

“Yes,” he replied.

“Did he swallow it?”


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  • Loa

    He’s cute. His nose reminds me of Liam Payne. Looks like he’ll be back.

    • swim400

      I want him back soon please.

    • FTLRSW

      OOOOooo Me too…..very nice :-D

    • HDU insult my Liam like that!

  • jackson555

    Love! Cute with great body, please come back!!

  • Sushi

    Total queer boy. He’ll be bottoming in his next vid.

    • Daniel


    • swim400

      as he should. all hot updates today from RB, CD and NDE.

    • Scottoh23

      As a Seancody member I had to download this video and I’m glad I did. Benson is just a dreamy guy and his interviews were cute however I’m surprised that alot of that didn’t get edited out. Clearly he was either really nervous or making it all up! I laughed at his jogging after the intense pushups. He was jogging with his wrists and hands down, talk about gay-looking. All in all a very cute video, he’ll definitely be back and I cannot wait to see him with another guy and get fucked. Since after all his favorite body part is his ass which he claims to really work hard to perfect! I also loved his cum shot, that was some primetime cum, white and oh-so pearly! I’m not a huge cum fan, but hot damn him cumin was HOT!

  • SuperDuper

    Hell yes. He’s pretty hot IMO. I already saw the video, I truly hope he comes back. Nice bod, and he’s already had fun with a guy so yeah, he’s ready. :D

    Nice ass on this one. ^^

  • dio

    aaaaaaan just like that SC brings everyone back to reality. He looks, um… slow. His dick + ass are crazy, tho. Eh.

    • SuperDuper

      Nu uhhhhhhhhhh!!! :D He’s hot. I think you’ll warm up to him in a duo scene. ^^

    • dio

      i kinda doubt it. I mean he would NEED to be ridiculously dynamic (I’m talking Curtis levels amazing performer) for me to even give a single fuck, tbph.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Reality bites.

    • Beetlejuice

      His ass is nice and thick. That’s it. I wouldn’t miss him if I never saw him again.

  • gaycockluvr

    Finally a great solo!!! This guy is hot from head to toe. That ass is just delicious.

    • swim400

      so agree.

  • jtforever

    watch the interview. I threw up in my mouth a lil bit

    • dio


    • Jonny Marzetti

      Did you swallow?

    • jtforever


  • Southbay

    He’ll be back for sure

  • Hendricks

    He’ll probably get some face criticisms, but I like him. Cute and should be back for some hot gay action.

  • kana_sai

    He’ll be back…for a blowjob vid. I mean, it’s pretty obvious. Other than that, it’s a no.

  • jaysanjay

    he looks fun and playful. i liiiike

  • DaveAtom

    Decent update. But I’m not that impressed. Maybe if some hot guy fucks him hard

  • DaddyYankee

    Not bad. I like him, let’s hope to see him again.

  • stevienowonder

    I don’t like him. His body is rather strong but that face is queen.

    • myron

      Can we retire the queen/gayface crap? It’s stupid.

    • stevienowonder

      How could we ?? It is a fact.

    • myron

      That you’re being stupid. No disagreements there.

    • stevienowonder

      Still a queen. Regardless if I am stupid or a genius ! :-PPP

  • Jonny Marzetti


  • porndog

    Phew! 1st pic was a huge NO. But he got way better as I scrolled down. He’s cute, with a nice body, bubbly-ish booty, and nice wanger. Certainly has juicy lips. SC could do worse, and has before, but he’s not bad.

    • elmtree

      Your post pretty much sums up my exact thought process. I’m down for more…

    • moondoggy


    • swim400

      so totally agree.

    • dio

      it’s kind of sad that SC’s come to this: ‘SC could do worse, and has before, but he’s not bad’. Talk about how the mighty have fallen… U_U

    • darkthunder1983


      I felt the same. When I saw the first pic, I wasn’t impressed. Then I went to SC and looked at his other pics and I’ve warmed up to him.

  • myron

    Wow, so progressive and amazing for Sean Cody to reveal that fact about him. Doing such a service for the gay community. Remember the good old days when SC actively tried to force their models in the closet?

  • Cubankid

    Not intrested, and his voice is annoying as hell I don’t know why, but it is.

    He does have a nice body tho, and his ass isn’t all that bad not to mention he screams bossy bottom lol. Let’s see if SC dare to bring him back.

  • hollydick

    hum, I like him ! hot bod, big dick, no tattooes ! hope he’ll return !!☺

    • swim400

      that is a big + no ink.

  • Alex S

    He’s – at the least – better than the last solo guy.

  • jag2power

    Nice! Ass, dick, lips–oh my!

  • daws001

    Yes. I will marry you, Benson. Fuck he’s cute.

  • theanonymous

    I WANT HIM!!!!!!!!!!

    SeanCody…I swear if you don’t bring him back to bottom, I will encourage everyone to unsubscribe -.-

  • CA

    He’s sexy, a different face, but uniquely pretty. Haven’t watched it yet, but if this is our bottom option to kiss the likes of Sheridan, Rich and Miles goodbye, I’m all in!

  • adowhat

    I think he is pretty hot, head to toe. A very handsome young man. But this SC and amateur porn so physical beauty is only half the equation. The other half is how well does he perform with another guy…that remains to be seen.

  • Frenchy

    He’s very sexy! Hope he’ll be back!

  • tandagay

    Nope he’ll be back for a Bj vid

    • swim400

      got 2 b more than that

    • tandagay

      Guys that openly admit to have had relations with men before usually do a Bj vid for some stupid reason. Ie: Ashton

    • clusterfuck

      Benson isn’t hot enough to deserve a bj only vid. No big loss if he doesn’t come back.

    • darkthunder1983


      Yeah and Connor Kline aka “Brice” said that he was Ashton’s first… everything. So either Connor or Ashton was lying.

  • The write-up is set up is for a blow job. Love his natural hair especially Benson’s armpits.

  • sweetspot

    I hope he’ll be back for more than a b/j vid. That would be a tremendous disappointment and turn off for me. He’s good looking, got a good but no killer body, a really nice cock, and a great ass. Nice cum shot, too. This solo is good but it doesn’t blow me away. Needed some ass play or finger licking. Overall, I liked him a lot. Would love to see him back as a power bottom. Seems to fit his personality.

  • jinger

    He’s okay

  • Guy

    Love him from the neck down. That ass is definitely worth tapping. Put his face down on the pillow and that ass up in the air and have him fucked hard by a hot top. I’m sure he’s a pretty vocal little bitch of a bottom.

    • rags

      Hold up, what’s wrong with his face? Are we looking at the same person?

    • sweetspot

      I like his face, too. What’s wrong with his face? Because YOU don’t like it doesn’t mean he’s unattractive to anybody … except you.

  • clusterfuck

    Definitely nice from the neck down. Not a total paper bagger but some of those facial pics are boner killers.

  • jasoncrew01

    I like him a lot.

  • Jay

    He’s cute. I don’t see any problems here. I bet he comes back with Tommy.

    • swim400

      Wes or Will

    • Randall

  • jazz

    I just can’t with the name “Benson”! LOL

    • porndog


    • dio

      why? Not digging the Doesn’t thinking of him as Olivia Benson’s embattled, younger bro? Or a white-washed Benson DuBois reboot origin story, where times were so tough he had to do gay porn before he landed the gig as the governor’s butler… x-D

    • dio

      ^that looks bad. LOL What I meant was:

      why? Not digging him as Olivia Benson’s embattled, younger bro that turned to a life of porn to makle ends meet? Or a white-washed Benson DuBois reboot origin story, where times were so tough he had to do gay porn before he landed the gig as the governor’s butler… x-D

    • darkthunder1983


      Don’t be like that. I thought the same thing but I worked with a little 20-year-old named Benson and he was a cutie-pie, both body/face along with personality. Too bad he was straight. Just my luck.

  • Broom Hilda

  • Love a duo scene with Benson and Randall.

  • LOL NO

  • New duo–Jayden up to bat again with Abe this time…