LucasEntertainment: Original Sinners (Jessy Ares & Paddy O’Brian)

Original Sinners (Jessy Ares & Paddy O'Brian) (Scene 5) at

Original Sinners (Jessy Ares & Paddy O'Brian) (Scene 5) at

Original Sinners (Jessy Ares & Paddy O'Brian) (Scene 5) at

Original Sinners (Jessy Ares & Paddy O'Brian) (Scene 5) at

Original Sinners (Jessy Ares & Paddy O'Brian) (Scene 5) at

Watch Jessy Ares & Paddy O’Brian at LucasEntertainment

Despite being subservient to Jessy Ares, when it comes to sex Paddy O’Brian doesn’t take shit from anyone and takes charge of the situation. Jessy rolls down Paddy’s underwear and starts sucking the thick cock between the top’s furry legs. Jessy works on Paddy long and hard dick before spinning around and getting his ass eaten out. Jessy is usually a strong, dominant top but here Paddy is taking control — he bottoms for no one! Jessy bends over and thrusts his ass up in the air like a bitch in heat, and Paddy doesn’t hesitate to let him know who is in charge as he fucks him deep and long in his ass! Jessy may not have a lot of experiencing bottoming, but after taking a pounding from Paddy O’Brian he won’t soon forget the experience!

Watch Jessy Ares & Paddy O’Brian at LucasEntertainment

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  • Dorse

    I cannot not like Paddy.
    Even if he only tops, he is all that.

    • carey579


      But I really didn’t recognise Paddy in this update. I think he needs to shave a bit and go back to a more cleaner look because he doesn’t need any hair like Josh Long or Tommy Defendi whose niche market is just – hair :C

      Maybe it’s also the guy he’s paired with who has the same size/kind of build. I say this time and again, Paddy (as he’s a top) needs to be paired with someone smaller than him, a proper twink. Like his scenes with Darius Ferdynand and Joey Cooper were perfect!

      FYI there is a petition with some hundred thousands reblogs on Tumblr for Paddy & Johnny Rapid to star together in a scene. So PLEASE Men make that happen!

  • Timrod

    I don’t care if he only tops. Paddy is such a macho stud.

    • carey579

      I don’t think there are any other gay pornstars out there (maybe except Rafael Alencar) who have the following that Paddy has. He’s that hot <3

    • Guy

      Rafael Alencar is gross.

    • carey579

      Why does his Facebook page have the highest amount of followers of any gay porn star then? Rafael is fucking hot!

  • richie

    Can’t tell if Jesse has abs, or just ribs :-S

  • Guy

    Paddy O’Brian is just an incredible fuck machine! That big fat cock of his must never be soft.

  • manu

    SInce they told Paddy in teh trailer to “go fuck himself” , I was hoping he would have a dildo scene XD Too bad…

    Jessey ARes -don’t like him at all.

  • gaycockluvr

    Can’t wait til they release the scene where Paul Walker bottoms for Paddy!

  • topher

    I’m not into Jesse. I first saw Paddy in a solo, where he was dressed as a cop, stripped, and then fucked himself with a big dildo. It was hot seeing a sexy man who seemed to be versatile. After that, Paddy was everywhere, playing a disinterested trade fuck machine. The only video of his, after that solo, that I thought was sizzling hot, was the one he did with Jimmy Fanz. Jimmy seemed to humanize Paddy. There was much kissing, and smiling, along with the fucking. I haven’t seen that in a Paddy video before or since.

    • carey579

      I loved that scene with Jimmy but Jimmy’s a great bottom. Most of the time Paddy gets paired with the wrong guys :C

  • elmtree

    There is so much to dislike about Paddy but there is no denying he is SO fucking hot. He looks damn good here…that ass…yum.

  • Daniel

    Kinda over both of them.

  • Fabius

    I still like Jessy. Paddy on the other hand – yuck! I can’t eat as much as I wanna vomit.

  • HonoluluJoe

    Aloha. Beautiful! My two favorites😎