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Fratmen.TV: Fratmen’s Greatest Shots 9

Fratmen's Greatest Shots 9 at

Fratmen's Greatest Shots 9 at

Fratmen's Greatest Shots 9 at

Fratmen's Greatest Shots 9 at

Watch Fratmen’s Greatest Shots 9 at Fratmen.TV

  • darkthunder1983

    I’ll take Big Red in pic #1 any day. Too bad he had such a short time with FM.

    • von schlomo

      Big Red turned my head, too. What’s his name? I’m totally not up on the latest Fratmen.

    • dio

      yeah, he is giving me SC-Curtis teas… I miss Curtis. u____u

    • darkthunder1983

      @von schlomo

      Found it. His name is Jameson. Damn, this boy’s body was hot! Hate he didn’t stay but I’ve been hearing that FM doesn’t treat their models very well.

      On a side note, an old Frat Men alumni is having some “couples therapy”. I’m talking about ol’ Dustin Zito. Seriously, this poor guy should have never got into reality TV knowing that his porn past would come up. Now it’s different if he were Fredrik Eklund of “Million Dollar Listing NY”, aka Tag Eriksson. He is gay so him being in gay porn is really no big deal. But Dustin keeps saying he’s straight and he did gay porn. Even creepier was that Joe Francis and Flavor Flav were looking it up online to see if it was true.

    • von schlomo

      Thanks darkthunder1983!

      Sadly, I don’t have Jameson’s video in my library. :( I’ll have to go look for it. Maybe my friend has it and I can borrow.

      As for Fratmen Spencer, I was never really a fan. He didn’t really appeal to me for some reason. He should have just tried straight porn instead of the mainstream route.

  • swim400

    Some old faves from back in the day when FMtv was relevant to me.

  • Daniel

    2nd pic is utterly hilarious.

  • cepsluvr

    Judging by the evidence presented here, some of these shots are only adequate, certainly not “great”…

  • deedos86

    guys watch the trailer and someone tell me whos the guy with the cumshot number 4 if you have seen his separate video and recognize him tell me