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Lukas Ridgeston at

Lukas Ridgeston at

Lukas Ridgeston at

As part of our 20th Birthday celebrations we commissioned New York Photographer, Rick Day, to capture a special new set of images of one of our most iconic models, Lukas Ridgeston. Lukas has been part o the BelAmi team right from the beginning, appearing in our earliest classics before starting work later as a cameraman and director. So close is the association of Lukas and BelAmi that when we first started releasing condom free movies, we created the line of ‘Lukas Ridgeston’ for this purpose. 20 Years after his first appearances, Lukas still is an outstanding and handsome man. Gone maybe is the softness of youth, but it has been replaced by a manliness that is equally alluring, and of course, his trademark eyes have lost nothing of their appeal. This Is a special 2 part image only update. In this first set, Rick Day has chosen to portray Lukas as a kind of urban cowboy. Wednesday’s set will be more bedroom themed

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  • pink spider

    LEGEND. *weeps*

    • carey579

      HE – IS – FUCKING – SEXY!

    • carey579

      I just PRAY (and I’m an atheist) he will stick to topping all those little Bel Ami bitches!

      Seriously there are no macho tops in Bel Ami anymore!

  • CP3PO

    I die.

    • jinger

      We’re doomed!

    • cher

      same die

  • dio

    like a fucking BOSS… he really makes BA’s current ‘best of the best’ look like elephant men. I simply can’t.

    a TRUELY anticipated comeback!

    • moondoggy

      I had no idea Spongebob Squarepants was so into gay porn!

    • souse

      If you didn´t knew he was into gay porn… welp your gaydar works like shit xD

    • dio

      his pants are only square because that’s the shape of his butt. ;-D

    • Spongebob is gay!

    • darkthunder1983


      And Patrick is his life partner.

  • sophmore

    I remember the first time I saw him on video. Unbelievably beautiful young man. Now he would be considered an elder gay ( haha) by some but I’ll still take him gladly!

    • dio

      i was a wee babe messing around online when I seen him for the first time. ‘So pretty…’ I thought to myself.

  • Bob-omb

    Okay, I don’t follow Bel Ami at all so I have no idea how often Lukas pops up, but WOW. This made me flashback to my first porn – a VHS tape I bought off of eBay – and Lukas was the first guy on camera.

    His body isn’t my type at all, but JESUS is that impressive. And his dick looks bigger than ever, I swear.

    • dio

      it’s been years since he’s done any sexing in front of the camera… his comeback is supposed to be this year, tho!

  • gaycockluvr

    Showing bitches how it’s done!

  • trex

    Lukas is still gorgeous, but most of the pics are spoiled by ridiculous and unnecessary photo-shopping. Lukas does not need to be digitally enhanced.

    • moondoggy

      I don’t think anyone has ever said anything here that I agree with more! I saw these pics elsewhere yesterday and ranted on the phone with a friend for almost five minutes. What is the point of bringing back a 40-year-old man only to photoshop him to try to make him look 20? News flash: This man is fucking beautiful FOR REAL. The only thing Photoshop can do is get in the way.

  • Dorse

    God, he still has it. Every bit of it. In spades.
    And that cock is taking no prisoners.

    • Sure_Thing


  • WeaponX

    he still looks good but those pictures are ridiculously airbrushed and enhanced

    • cepsluvr

      What a shame. Wouldn’t it be hot enough to see him as he is?

  • jasoncrew01

    my jaw actually dropped

  • bananas15

    God I hate Rick Day and his obsession with photoshopping his models.

    Lukas is still beautiful, though.

  • Mean Gene

    Hot Damn! Lukas is all grown up and still capable of making (many of) us swoon. Thank you Bel Ami!

    • swim400

      so agree. Lukas is still a fave.

  • pink spider

    He needs to make a comeback one day. Even if it’s just a one-off scene. Make it happen BA! :’)

    • darkthunder1983

      Might be hard. I think he’s married.

    • dio

      what are y’all talking about? Lukas Ridgeston IS making a comeback, some time this year! There was an announcement about it and everything last year.

    • pink spider

      Oh wow really?! I had no idea! Very exciting.

    • CP3PO

      Dio, if you’re wrong; I’ll hunt you down. ;)

    • DIO, once you failed about Lukas`s comeback, hide that no one can see you! I`ll hunt you down and will tear you to pieces! PROMISE!

    • swim400

      I know he makes personal appearances but a cum back???

  • Southbay

    Pure perfection!!!

  • stevienowonder

    Back from the dead to do what ?? Yet another boring scene ???

  • caldron

    The god of time also prefers him. Grogeous as always. But his dick has darkened. And he has admitted he is gay?

  • DaveAtom

    This guy had been in my personal pedestal (along with Julian Armanis, Sebastian Bonnet, Ion Davidov,…) since tons of years ago, when classic Bel Ami was awesome. He’s just beauty at its best (agree with the photoshop issue thou…)

    • jinger

      Julian Armanis and Ion Davidov, just mentioning their names gives me a hard-on :P

    • dio

      Claude Cocteau + Chance + Max Orloff

    • jazz

      @ Jinger – +1

    • elmtree

      Major +1 regarding Max Orloff! Pure perfection no matter what name he used.

    • swim400

      Kris Evans.

    • darkthunder1983


      Damn fucking right! Max Orloff (Jan Dvorak) was a fantastic top and dick just exploded when he bottomed for someone!

      I also liked Karl Tenner but he didn’t get much play.

    • darkthunder1983

      Oh, and Alan Connery, too!

  • jinger

    Can’t wait to see him get it on with Bel Ami’s best.

    • Bradster

      can you imagine what happens if they paired him with their resident reject Luke Hammill?

    • souse

      Oh god plz no, not the european Dawson..

  • kana_sai

    Oh the unspeakable things I’d do to him…..

    • dio

      the things I’d do to him are totes speakable… ;-D

  • dio

    Claude Cocteau + Chance

  • Loa

    Just like a fine wine.. The older it gets, the better.

  • cooper32

    He looks amazing. is he gay?

    • darkthunder1983

      I thought he was but I’ve seen some blogs state him as bisexual.

  • Fazz

    Still got it, more than ANY Bel Ami model! No one can compare to him!

  • flachowski

    Nobody misses that hot, blond, MMA fighter Robin Michaux? :( Please George Duroy, bring Robin Michaux back………………………………………………………..

    • darkthunder1983

      I do. What happened to him? And I’m missing my Derek, too!

      I also miss Johnny Rhitts, Troy Allen, Justin Boyd, Elias Kudrow and my boo Jason Knightley but no one’s going to remember them.

  • james08908

    He still looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAWTTTTTTTTTTTT…..he should still be in front of the camera not behind. Lukas and Pavel Novotný Ohhh God legends….wish they fucked on camera once

  • Daniel

    Everyone else can just pack up and go home because this kids is the boss.

  • floodboy

    He looks a lot more defined than what he used to be, and it’s not becuase of the excesso of Photoshop. He used to be a lot beefier. And, yes, his cock does look bigger!!! I wonder what the hell happened. But, anyway, he still looks gorgeous and I can’t wait for what’s next.

    • darkthunder1983

      Don’t you know? The man’s been preparing for the moment to usurp BA from the twinks!

  • Ike

    Granted that there’s a lot of photoshop and painted on abs goin’ on here, but WOW ANYWAY.

  • darkthunder1983

    This is one of the few updates I’ve ever seen where them majority of comments are positive save for one hater.

  • cepsluvr

    Looking forward to part two…

  • Icarus

    This photoshoot makes his face look so strange. I can’t with the editing but obviously he is like a good looking man lol

  • tomtomson

    Oh man, those eyes and that jaw line!!!

    I hate it when his dick doesn’t show foreskin. How very American market….

    he’s ageing very well indeed.