EnglishLads: Rich Willis Fucks Dan Broughton

Rich Willis Fucks Dan Broughton at EnglishLads

Rich Willis Fucks Dan Broughton at EnglishLads

Rich Willis Fucks Dan Broughton at EnglishLads

Rich Willis Fucks Dan Broughton at EnglishLads

Watch Dan Broughton & Rich Willis at EnglishLads

This is a shoot of the first time Rich Willis fucked a guy, it ended up coming online out of order in Rich’s progression of naughtiness! This was at the time he had only just had his cock sucked by a guy, today he is on our fast track course and his reactions are brilliant as he gets wanked, he is out his comfort zone, as he is sucked his pulse is pumping out of control, his cock goes up Dan Broughton’s ass… wow that feels amazing! Well, that was just what Dan said, but judging by what happened to Rich after a little fucking he had to pull out and look at that cum shot, he has one amazing stream of jizz that flies far and splatters onto the duvet and the following squirts all end up dribbling down Dan’s ass; Rich’s cum on Dan’s hole shoots Dan over the edge, as cum his hole, he jizzes to! Straight guys doing gay things for their first time always make the best films!

Watch Dan Broughton & Rich Willis at EnglishLads

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  • dio

    not EnglishLads sneaking a peek of some dick in their preview screens?

    this must be really old, because Dan has less ink, and he doesn’t look as… wrung out. LOL

    • EmpireState

      Yeah, they film and sometime release photos first, then the video months later. RIP, Dan’s hot, inkless body. Also, Rich Willis is cute!

    • carey579

      Who cares about their penises!?!

      The boys of EnglishLads are so hot! More from this site please!

  • Bradster

    Gorgeous guys.

  • swim400

    Wish Rich would cross the pond and appear on SC or CF.

    • Johnny2x4

      Yup, he’s hot. Some guys on this site just go to waste!

  • J Pew Pew

    cute guys

    • jinger


  • Sushi

    Both these guys are so cute looking here, I was really up for some teaser footage, and then NOTHING. What a fucking tease.

  • chad

    How does EnglishLads get subscribers? Their teasers/previews offer nothing. What, I’m supposed to trust that it’s any good.

  • TheSagaOf

    So cuute. <3

  • jag2power

    I want my lover to pick me up and wrap me around his neck and then we will proceed to the bedroom and pretend we are doing something when in reality we aren’t.

  • hollydick

    hell yeah cute, but the problem they are all Uncut :(

    • Daniel

      That’s your problem.

    • bananas15

      Ha. Yeah, the horror of one’s penis being the way it was intended from birth.

  • Daniel


  • raihandelano