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Arne Coen is one of our newest photo models from Hungary. Boyish good looks, fantastic body, big dick and great ass, Arne has it all, so we decided to make this set of images a little bit bigger than normal for you.

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  • adidas28

    That’s a pretty great-looking twink, there.

    • elmtree


    • jinger


    • carey579

      Very pretty indeed.

      But my heart breaks he’ll probably never be fucked by a proper hunk/daddy/bear top but paired with another twink as always at Bel Ami :C

  • moondoggy

    I despise that haircut, but that’s fixable. Nothing else on him needs fixing.

    • darkthunder1983


  • jazz

    Nice dick!

  • Southbay

    Gorgeous all around!

  • dio


  • jag2power

    A piece of candy, for sure.

  • Auggy

    Beautiful body, suckable cock, pretty pink hole, and lovely balls as well. As gorgeous as any other Bel Ami Man. My only complaint is the way he’s posed in each photo make it look like he has no-neck.

  • carey579

    He looks like the model Nils Butler imo. Very clean cut looks, boyish/twinkish.

    I’m fantasizing a scene between him and Jake Cruise <3

  • Raihan Delano

    Nice ass and nice dick too

  • swim400

    Cute guy.

  • hollydick

    flawless ! oh my ♥

  • Daniel

    Can’t with the face. Neck down only.

    • Raihan Delano

      Him the the face looks handsome and neck down too

  • Hottoddy

    I’ll take one.