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CockyBoys: Ty Roderick & Gogo Harder

Ty Roderick & Gogo Harder at

Ty Roderick & Gogo Harder at

Ty Roderick & Gogo Harder at

Ty Roderick & Gogo Harder at

Ty Roderick & Gogo Harder at

Ty Roderick & Gogo Harder at

Watch Ty Roderick & Gogo Harde at CockyBoys

You may remember GoGo Harder as the eccentric New York City Boylesque dancer who had never done porn before his hair-raising solo debut last March. His stunts included prolonged hand stands, fire eating, and dance numbers fit for the circus. Now he’s finally doing his first hardcore scene with CockyBoys, and we couldn’t think of a better guy to break him in than Ty Roderick.

Ty might seem like a shy guy at first, but after a while you learn that he’s always thinking. And when he first met GoGo, he really started to get turned on. Being the exhibitionist that he is, GoGo loved showing off a collection of underwear for Ty just as if he was performing on stage at one of his Boylesque shows. The show drew to a close with Ty and GoGo’s lips locked as they both stripped off all clothing and prepared for the “grand finale.”

Since we’re so used to seeing him as a dancer, it was interesting to watch GoGo transition into a porn performer right before our very eyes. He really knew how to take Ty’s big cock, too, which is a talent all on its own. And judging by the sounds he and Ty were both making, it was definitely not a show to be missed!

Watch Ty Roderick & Gogo Harde at CockyBoys

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  • wingfield

    Gogo harder…

    • carey579

      He is rather ugly like the standard Cockyboys tattoed and hairy models.

  • adidas28

    Gogo Harder?


    In a sea of reeeediculous porn names, that’s got to be the most ridiculous. Well, I suppose it’s memorable. Unfortunately, to me anyway, it’s more memorable than the performer.

  • jasoncrew01

    Holy shit, that name! LOOOOL!

    • jasoncrew01

      Seriously though, it’s nice to see Ty smile. It looks good on him.

  • Jonny Marzetti

    The guy in the right in the top pic looks naturally awfully, and it looks like he’s trying to make himself look even worse in every way possible, starting with one of the worst hairstyles imaginable.

  • ragou19

    Hmm, wouldn’t mind seeing his tattoos jack off for us.

  • burghboy

    GoGo needs to do just that and GO

  • TheSagaOf

    Ty Roderick is so fucking hot.

    • swim400

      yes he is.

    • swim400

      delete my comment, forgot about all those distracting tattoos on both guys.

  • bloody mary

    Ty is mega hot. I clicked on his name and he’s definitely grown and matured throughout his time in porn. I hate his back tats, but I dig his thigh tattoo.

  • Orion Hunter

    Took me a minute, but I finally boarded the Ty Roderick luv train. And aside from a coupla “unfortunate” choices – stage name and ‘do – Gogo, while def not drop-dead, is a nice addition to the Cockyboys’ stable.

  • nanduyv

    that name! gogo faster sounds a tad more appropiate

  • Raihan Delano

    Agree fucking hot

  • Daniel

    Gogo Harder? What dumbassery.

    • Raihan Delano


  • myron

    lol I like it. go gurl, or gogo gurl!

    ty is hot but none of scenes I’ve seen him in have done anything for me